Angelus Temple | Sunday Service | 9:15 AM | 10 10 2021

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Video Transcript
my chains break at the weight of your need a shelter I was an orphan now you call me a citizen you are my my eyes are call my name He passed me at home, Caroline. We love you guys. We thank you for everything you do for us, for our church, for the city. We look up to you guys here at Christ. We love you and appreciate you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Pastors Appreciation Day. Thank you, Pastor Matthew and Pastor Caroline for all you do. On behalf of the Emancipator Fossil Program, I would like to say thank you to Pastor Matthew and for everything you have done for us. Thank you. Say thank you Pastor Matthew. Uh when I started Pastor Matthew, Caroline. Pastor Matthew. Pastor Carol. We love you so much. We are so thankful that you’re our pastors. Outlast everything. Pastor Matthew, Pastor Caroline. Pastor Matthew, Pastor Caroline Each, Pastor Appreciation Day. But really and honestly, it shouldn’t be just one day. It should be credit 65 days a year. You have done so much. We love you so much. You have set a great example for us to follow. Thank you for believing in all of us. The kids team. Whoo. From the AT worship team, um, we just wanna say thank you Pastor Caroline, Pastor Matthew for everything that you do and happy Pastor Appreciation Thank you, Pastor Matthew and Pastor Caroline for all you do. We love you. Pastor Matthew and Pastor Caroline, happy Pastor’s Appreciation We love you water for all of us just to serve this vision here at Dream Center in Angelus Temple . Thank you for allowing us to be a part and so from DCLS, emerging, and short tradition Thank you, Pastor Madison, Pastor Caroline for all you do. It’s an awesome opportunity to be able to work on your leadership. Thank you guys for the hard work in it that you put in day in and day out. I just wanna say one thing. Thank you for encourage us to just uh stay strong and outlast everything. Have Hey, Pastor Matthew. Hi, Pastor Caroline. We just wanted to let you know how much we love and appreciate you for all you’ve done here at Angela’s Temple , the Dream Center, and personally in our lives. Thank you so much for all your encouraging words all the time, your bold steps that you take in your faith and just for your consistency, always showing up day in and day out and tonight, we just wanna remind you too, you guys are true, legends of the faith. We love you, pastor Matthew and pastor Caroline. Thank you so much for all that you do for us. Have a great Pastor Appreciation Week. Yeah. Yay. on Christ our chief cornerstone other foundation can we build no nor the wisdom of man all over is sinking upon you build and the gates hell and captivity when we bind build your church. Build it from the wing me belong only this I seek just to dwell here forever get over sleepless and also your so yours father is nothing so our love saviors souls everything all captivated I’ll never everything I’ll captivate the same that today. We can experience true life change through the gospel. We thank you, Jesus. Lord, lord, whether you’re watching online or whether we’re in this room today, Jesus, will you meet us here today? Lord, just one look with just one touch. Everything changes. Jesus, today can we experience that as the body of Christ? Can we come together to experience you, Jesus? So, we thank you that today, lord, we will do exceedingly and abundantly beyond we can comprehend or imagine in our midst today. We give you all the honor and glory. In your name, amen. Amen. Amen. Good morning to Angela’s Temple , the Church of the Dream Center. It is so good to have you guys with us this morning. Thank you for taking a little of the time at your weekend and joining with us this morning. If you are new to this place or maybe you’ve been here a couple times or you walked in this place, this is your first time at Angela’s Temple . First of all, we thank you for being here and choosing to be with us but if you wanna know next steps and ways to hear a little bit more about who we are, there’s a QR code at the back of your seat. We have a car that is a QR code that you can scan. It’ll help you know some next steps that will tell you about who you are, ways you can get involved, ways you can get plugged in, ways you can serve, as well as we have an Angelus Temple app and we love you to download that cuz that’s gonna help you get plugged in. We also have Next Steps Class every Sunday because we want you to be able to come to those stores next time and maybe know somebody’s name and we wanna know your name as well. What we’re gonna do something that we do every week here at church, every service and as we hear a life-changing story, we love to hear what god is doing in the in your lives and the lives of those that are going to the various programs and ministries. Right down the street of the Dream Center and this morning, we get to hear from one of my very favorite ministries that we have as a church and that is our family for and so, would you come out, David and Alicia and Isaac? Come on out. We’re gonna hear what god has been doing in their life. So, come on out and thank you so much. Hi, morning church. First of all, I wanna thank god for my salvation and for what he’s doing in my life and life of my family. Um My journey starts. Um I came to the Dream Center 1116 uh 2,000 nineteen. Broken, a drug addict, Uh nowhere else to turn. Um the Jumpster opened up their their doors to me um and upon uh graduating discipleship, uh I moved on to the the connections and while I was in the connections, we were putting in uh applications for the family floor and due to COVID restrictions, we weren’t able to, you know, they weren’t able to uh process our application but god slowly open up doors and now we’re here uh together. Uh cuz uh we serve a god that’s in the restoration business And yeah. Hi, my name is Alicia. I’m gonna try not to cry this time. First, we wanna give god all the glory and honor and praise Um when just before my husband um decided to come into the Dream Center, um I was I was just broken as well and I was giving up hope that change would happen. Um he had been through programs before and um he would come out and we didn’t know where to go from there. Um and it was uh in between the time that I cried out to god that I was done and I couldn’t handle it anymore and he had told me no that I couldn’t give up, hope on him as god hasn’t given hope on me, myself and um it was um not too long after he had said that he was ready and between that time, I had found the Dream Center and I knew it was a place that God had sent for us to go because it had a family floor. A family floor where we can come together. I can build my trust in him. And we can build our lives again. And um we are just um we’re in a good place right now. It’s um still difficult. But you know we’re growing and um we are able to he’s able to get his GED and I’m able to go to work and start school after 30 years of thinking that I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t change. You know, I couldn’t grow anymore in work and and I’m excited. I’m excited for new changes. So good. Thank you so much. Thank you. Awesome. I thought you’re gonna, I thought you’re gonna sing or something. I mean, hey, alright. You may be seated. Amen. What a great testimony. God is so good. Wow. We’re gonna receive the offering right now. I wanna encourage everyone. If you had a to just understand that you’re part of something great. I think many times you forget that you have a part to play in every single testimony. You are a part of the story line of somebody’s hope and somebody’s transformation and uh you hear a lot of terms like discipleship and family floor which is really just housing for families that this church provides for one year, sometimes even longer uh to help people get back on their feet again and that’s a wonderful cause to give to, amen. A wonderful cause to be a part of and as we get Today, I just want all of you just to say, you know what? II wanna be a person that just doesn’t celebrate the miracle. I wanna be a person that’s a part of the miracle. Amen. There’s a lot of people that are wearing jerseys, pulling for their favorite team today and they’re celebrating the success of somebody else but we get a chance to contribute towards the success of somebody else cuz in the kingdom of god, when somebody is winning, we all win together. There’s a way that you can win all the time and that is you you sow into others, you win all the time and uh just wanna encourage all of you to give today. Um thank you for so much for the Pastor’s Appreciation. My wife is in Florida with uh Charlotte Gamble, the amazing uh Dynamo preacher for god. She’s there hanging out with her buddy and uh so she’s there in Florida having a great time after killing it, Night of Dreams. Did such a wonderful job and uh and so she’s there and she’s like, I’m taking the most beautiful walk right now. I’m taking the most beautiful walk on the beach. What are you doing right now? I said Well, sitting on the couch, we had two dogs licking my face What a contrast of life, right? The lord give it and the lord take it away. No, but uh I love my dogs but uh I like I like walks on the Sunset Beach too, alright? But uh no, it’s it’s so good. It’s so good when you just, when other people have joy, when you see it here, whenever circumstance, that’s the greatest way to live your life. It’s just celebrating people’s victories and let’s never get tired of celebrating people’s victories. Amen? If you celebrate other people’s victories, you can win for the rest of your life. You’ll never lose when you do that. Sometimes, um Phil will give me a call here in the second row and he’ll say, pastor, um I’ve been sowing and giving and the lord bless my business and be honest with you, when I hang up that phone, it takes me 15 minutes to unwind for the phone call cuz I honestly, at the place of my life where I rejoice and I actually feel the victory of somebody’s victory as much as my own. Sometimes even more. You know, we are some of you um people know when your kids like do something really really successful. You feel uh more overwhelmed by that, then, if you succeed yourself and it can become the same way in everyone’s life when you see things through a kingdom’s perspective and um you know, as we sing that song, Build Your Church, Build It from the Ground Up. I love that because you know, god’s not afraid to rebuild from the ground up. I mean, oh the world’s going through a lot of changes and every pastor I talked to, they’re down like thirty, 40% especially in places where restrictions are tighter and tighter and tighter um but I tell em all the time. I said, one thing you could do is be faithful. Faithfulness is a victory. I mean, in the victory is not what you see. The victory is what you endure, what you stand, and just keep showing up. Amen. That’s why our new Kamado is outlast everything. I got a sermon next week. I’m actually preaching on that phrase called Outlast Everything. You don’t fight people, you don’t run for any people, you just keep standing, amen? And you just keep outlasting everything. They’ll be like, how those guys standing still? Man, I mean, not everybody wants to buy a hospital, building up a dreams or nobody wanted it but during covid, they’re like, oh, the Dream Center is coming to an end now and uh this is my a good time to buy up some really treasured assets right now, right? And and 100 million dollars, we can sell that building for but you know what? What we just saw here is not for sale. Amen? Change lives are not for sale. Ain’t no sell out. I ain’t selling out the hood. Amen. Come on. Twenty-seven years. That’s right. Let’s give. Let’s give generous. Let’s let’s let’s let’s don’t be sell out. So, let’s give. No, I’m just teasing. That’s my offering message today, alright? Come on. Let’s all give generous and let’s just make a difference and uh let’s just don’t leave and get frayed and say, I’m going to somewhere where it’ll be easier to build a church right now during this season. Oh, man. It’s it’s the easiest place to build is wherever you’re at right now and god is with you. Amen? There’s no perfect place. It’s just where you’re called to be. Amen? Well, I’m preaching right now. Amen. That’s alright, right? I’m preaching the offering. Father, bless the gift today and every giver. pray that they would all step up and do something great for your glory. In Jesus name, amen. God bless you as you give. Mogul app is available if you wanna download the app and give that way. Bring your offering to the front if you want to as well. God bless you as you do your best to give right now. God bless you. I’ll fix my eyes on you beautiful beautiful fix my eyes with joy everything and I’ll never Lord bless the gifts and the giver for your glory. Multiply it for your purposes in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. How many appreciate Brad’s word last week? Isn’t Brad amazing? Come on, man. Man, I love that guy. He’s just incredible. He’s just, what a dynamic voice god has given us and uh we just love you so much, Brad. Thank you. Sorry about the game last night but Alabama. Anyways, lord give it to the lord take it the way. We didn’t do the Roll Tide song this morning. We don’t wanna rub it in but uh Corinthians chapter nine verse sixteen. First Corinthians chapter nine verse sixteen. I got a short message this morning. So, just hang in for like twenty-two minutes. I really believe god’s gonna use this message today uh to minister to everyone here today. I’m gonna preach on real motivation. Because there’s a lot of things that you know, kinda motivate you but they just come and go and they’re not really long-lasting motivation. You see a movie, you’re like, oh that was so inspiring. I’m gonna live by that principle 10 minutes later like you’re back to like eating donuts like I do or whatever but I’m gonna talk about real motivation. We need this during this time that we’re living in. For if I preach the gospel that gives me no ground for boasting, for an assess he’s laid upon me. Woe to me, if I do not preach the gospel, for if I do this, my own will, I have a reward, but if not of my own will, I am still entrusted with the stewardship. What then is my reward that in preaching that I may present the gospel free of charge, so as not to make full use of my right in the gospel. For though I am free from all, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win more of them. To the Jews, I became a Jew in order to win the Jews, to those under the law, I became one under the law, though myself not under the law that I might win those under the law. To those outside the law, I became as one outside the law, not being outside the law of god, law, but under the law of Christ, that I might win those outside the law. To the weak, I became weak that I might win the week and I become all things to all people that by some means I might save some. I do it for the sake of the gospel that I might share with them in its blessings. Now, we have a list. We have heard that sermon preached before. All things to all people for pastors. You know, to justify you know, it’s okay. Nothing wrong with it but like conferences like, you know, we’re gonna change in order to reach this group or we’re gonna put a coffee shop in the lobby because we wanna reach the Seattle people for Jesus, you know, or uh or hipsters for Jesus, you know, like all things to all people that we might reach some and I agree with that. I think it’s important for the church to be adapt uh adaptable and to be changing all the time. Amen. Go with the change. I think one thing that’s frustrating is when churches say, well, we won’t change styles of music. won’t do this. I’m like, you’ve had your turn. You’ve had 40 years of a year away. Let the kids have something they enjoy. Amen. You know, but II think people have a hard time evolving and Paul, I know he was speaking to that and it’s not out of context to preach that he was really wanting the church to uh to evolve and himself to be in begin to evolve as well but uh then so many times the scripture uh is seen as the the component of how we must grow and we must develop in order to be all things to all people so we might reach others outside of our sphere of influence but here’s what’s really happening in this scripture behind all of that is here is a man who is completely letting go of his pride. He is completely letting go of his preferences and his strong beliefs that he has about things that that will never change, that will always be the beliefs, that will always be the truth but at the same time, in holding on to his convictions, Paul is saying, god I want you to strip away anything in my life that’s holding me back from reaching people outside my sphere or people in general. He’s just throwing out every tradition he’s held on to in order to say god, what truly could happen through a man or a woman who’s who’s showed complete willingness to win those that are lost and then he goes on to say that I might win some. He’s not even arrogant enough to believe that he is gonna reach everybody. However, let me with such an awareness that people are away from you but I refuse to be agitated, disappointed by the by the churches that uh I pastor cuz he had many churches and many strengths and many weaknesses and some had idols. They saw and got rid of and he was dealing with those those issues as well and but Paul is allowing his heart to be checked by god to say, god, allow my heart to be in a place where I can reach others. He was saying, let me descend into humanity understand their plight and even if I have to understand their customs and their ways and traditions, Lord, I pray that you’ll do whatever it takes in me to be able to break down those walls. I might reach others. If he was alive today, Paul, he would be frustrated with all the walls that have been built up of what we are seeing in the world. Pitting people, groups against each other, fighting against one another, creating wars, and and and everything from like the vacc versus the unvaccinated. So, they have a horror film, right? You know, it’s like terrible. You know, it’s like and just all these like comments of hitting people against each other, you know, and uh and the church versus the world and all this nonsense and Paul would say, I want you to explore putting yourself into somebody else’s world and he said, but if it’s gonna happen, I’m gonna have to overcome some things in my own life. He said, I want to be all things to all people that I might reach some. We read that scripture, we think that Paul is uh is somehow a great master strategist here. You know, he’s talking about strategy of the church and all that but that’s not what’s happening. What is going on in this scripture? Paul is not speaking to the church in learning how to relate to the world. He is speaking to his own heart and he is saying, I need to be in a place of my life where I want to be all things to all people but if if so, I have been raised in the tradition uh uh of the Jews and I must make sure that I must grow in order to understand the plight of people who are from other groups and I. I must grow. I must put myself into somebody else’s life and I must be responsible enough to say, god, there are some things that are gonna make me uncomfortable as I reach other people but give me the mercy and the grace to be all things to all people and this is what he says. There’s some things that have to happen even in my own life but but here it is right here. He said, but I do it for the sake of the gospel. Listen to holy. That’s huge right there. Listen carefully. I do it for the sake of the gospel. Nothing in life will stand unless you do it for the sake of the gospel. No motivation will endure unless you do it for the sake of the gospel. No business will continue to flourish unless it’s done for the sake of the gospel. Paul was saying, I am all things to all people. I became whatever I needed to be to reach somebody else but there’s some things in that that are just beyond the surface level. I must overcome some grievances in my life if I wanna be all things to all people. I must overcome some bitterness in my life if I wanna reach all people. I must overcome strife and inner turmoil that I have if I wanna reach out and help somebody that’s in need. He says, I wanna do this for the sake of the gospel, not for myself not for my sake, my motivation, and the things I need to do that seem impossible, that you cannot do on your own. I am gonna do it for the sake of the gospel. Here’s why, because Paul knew he couldn’t do it on his own. He knew that uh Paul with his integrity and his moral high ground, um, we would be challenged by other people’s lack of ability to be at that current time where he was. He would have to grow. He would have to understand. Sometimes, you have to get to the place in your life where don’t expect of others, what you expect of yourself. That, that’s problem in life. We expect of others what we expect of ourself. We uphold a certain standard. So, therefore, we expect everybody to be exactly like us but Paul was saying, no. Help me to reach those who do not have the same standard that I do but god, give me the patience to be able to reach those that are away from me in many different ways In beliefs and understanding. This is one of the most humble prayers in all the Bible because this scripture is incredible because the only thing that driving Paul is simply he wants to represent the gospel the right way. He just wants to represent and that’s why we sing that um that song, Build My Church, Build It From the Ground Up. I thought god, that’s it. Because it really doesn’t really matter um to the remnants of COVID and all this what is left of the church. The most important thing is, our people surrendered enough in order to let god build a church that way he wants it to build. I’m not, I’m not concerned about crowds. I know he look back. I don’t even care. All I’m concerned about is every single one of god can do more through a faithful group of people that say, god, who are gonna be bridge builders. We are gonna win the world that he can do with a crowd that jumps just comes to church cuz they like the coffee. Amen. Not for my sake. I want to, I want people to hear the gospel whether they agree or not from a messenger who knows that they that they are loved by this messenger. He said, god, do a work in me. We’re always praying for revival but revival never happens until first of all, it happens into the heart of god’s people. So, the way they become counter culture in a culture that’s filled with fighting and bickering and fear that just every day pounds a nail on top of the head It says, fear more, um hate more, divide more. Revival has always been in those times cuz in those times is when a counterculture always rises up because they act different, they think different, they believe different, and they spend their lives saying, god, whatever I’ve got to do to break down the the the fabric of my belief system. Paul said, I was born of this uh this people group. I was in this race but lord, wanna reach the Gentiles and we’re gonna reach out to this group. I pray, god, help me to be able to reach out and he’s saying, II must do it for the sake of the gospel and then he goes on to say and then as well, I’m doing it for the benefit of those to experience the gospel. This is so beautiful. I mean, when are we just gonna get to our uh place of our lives where you say, everything I’m gonna do, I’m just gonna do it for the for the sake of the gospel. I mean, I’m just gonna forgive. Why? Because for the sake of the gospel, I was forgiven. I I’m gonna love someone else. Why? So, they can love me back. No, I’m just gonna love them for the sake of the gospel. I’m gonna bless those that persecute me. Why? Because uh it it’s a really good thing to do. No. I’m gonna do it for the sake of the gospel. The only thing that will make it, the only thing that will stand is living your life for the sake of the gospel. When I was a kid growing up, I asked my dad, I said, dad, what’s one one truth? You to make it in the ministry all these decades. He said, do everything you can for the glory of god and don’t even think about the appreciation of man. Wow. That’s all I said. That that’s what that was his word. Do everything for the glory of god and don’t even think about the appreciation of man. He said, you do everything unto the lord. There’s longevity in it. There’s purpose in it. You say, pastor, I just wanna graduate discipleship so bad because I want my family to be proud of me. No, no. Just say, god, I wanna finish discipleship cuz I’m doing it for the sake of your gospel. Amen? I’m doing it for the sake of what you’ve done for me and that’s why Paul always dealt with the idea of the simplicity of the gospel. He said, my fear is that we have gone away from the simplicity of the gospel. Why? Cuz there’s power in the simplicity of the gospel and the simplicity of the gospel is a complete dependency upon god. When you’re living under the simplicity of the gospel, you’re simply saying, god, here I am, change me. You’re not waiting for everyone uh uh you know, what’s his name? Uh John Mike Mayer? Waiting on the world to change. He’s still waiting on the world to change. For the kingdom of god, we change the world by saying, lord, change me right now. Amen? The church is an oasis. The church is a place. We are a place of revival. We are a place of renewal. We are a place where everybody is accepted. We are a place where everyone. There’s only one place now in the city of Los Angeles where where everybody could be accepted. Without having to show me your papers or show me your cards. All that. That’s the house of god. Think about it. The only inclusive place we preach inclusion. But the only place that is inclusive now in the city of Los Angeles is a church of Jesus Christ. You know what? It’ll be a cold in hell before they ever come up to me and say, you’re gonna have to have people vaccinated and show cars before they come into the house of god. Absolutely not. Jesus will not say, I’m gonna heal you. Please see your card first. Nah. Well, you come to church but uh show me your papers. What in the world have we come to? Show me your papers. I’m saying that’s not the way our god wants other and then Paul said, look, he goes, I wanna be a person that brings people together, the house of god ought to be a place where where there’s one place left where everybody can have the freedom to be together and that is the house of god. We must be that one inclusive place that does not discriminate or segregate. Segregation is a thing that god never wants for his church to have. Amen. He wants us to be a place of togetherness and freedom Enjoy together and that’s why there’s no signs outside and fear and all that where it’s just taking all that away cuz the times that we are living in god is awaken as church right now and he’s saying, I want everyone of you uh to be instruments of revival. I want you to reach out to everyone. I don’t want you to fight the wars of of this group or that group, Vax or Unvad. I want you to love everyone. Whatever your personal decision is, that’s that’s fine. That’s wonderful. You know, and but just love one another. That’s all god is saying. The problem is we are fighting in America over preferences. not fighting over convictions. We should never fight over preferences as a church. Well, I prefer that person is vaccinated or I prefer that person wears a mask or I, you know what? I, you know what I prefer? Whatever you wanna do. Amen. I think whatever you wanna do is the best thing in the world. Amen. You wanna come in and wear mask? I think people wear a mask are awesome. I think people don’t wear a mask are awesome. I think, I think, you know, as I said before, people that wear Darth Vader Master Church are awesome. I mean, whatever it may be, everyone’s, everyone has different experiences and backgrounds and family members have gone through things but we’re all individuals and Paul said, I must reach out. I must, something must happen to me or I must refuse this division. I was raised under this group that’s very divisive and uh and they don’t like the Gentiles and uh he said, but I, must do whatever I’ve got to do. To cross to the other side and love people. Do not let division get deep into your spirit, folks. Do not let division. Don’t buy it. Don’t buy one Twitter trend. Don’t buy one thing that’s going on. Say, my heart is for everyone. I am a person who’s believing that god is about to restore everything. and he’s about to use. I told you too, sir. So, I’m going like uh I’ll preach it one way and I’ll preach it completely different in the second service. Amen. Ain’t no script with me, man. I’ll bring stuff if I have to. Amen. Well, you know why? Cuz the script hasn’t been written yet. Amen. We’re, you know what? This could be the one place where there’s no division. If you walk in, say, you just, you can just kinda be yourself. Yeah. To worry and look around and be nervous and no, this is gonna be the one place left in LA where people can all feel accepted, where they can belong in order, they may believe. I used to say religious says, religion says, when you believe, we’ll let you belong and religion has done that. Religion has been horrible at doing that. When you believe what we believe, that’s what Paul’s preaching against. He’s like, no, no. II wanna be all things to all people. I wanna understand those churches out there that that they’re kinda flaky that part of my covering. I wanna go to those places that maybe their customs are different and they’re compromising in different areas in their walk. He said, I’m gonna go over there. I’m gonna learn how to be all things to all people and minister to them. I’m gonna be patient with the new church. I’m gonna be patient with the church that has many strengths and some weaknesses. He said, but I want to reach everybody. I want to be an inclusive. I want to reach out and I wanna serve my generation. Yeah. so that I do it for the sake of the gospel and so others might be able to partake in the same blessing that I have. Ain’t that beautiful? For the sake of the gospel. for the sake of the gospel, Paul is like, how did this this um guy that’s really strong in his convictions and he’s got all these preferences about you know, the way things should work and and how it’ll work and you know, his experience with god but he just meets people at their level and says, you know what? I will I will work with you. He stands before kings and uh he even honors them before he rebukes them and uh he’s just he’s constantly in this place of paying. I’m trying to unify. I’m trying to bring together. I will do whatever I can So, for the gospel’s sake, for the sake of the gospel, for the sake of what Jesus, the good news of the gospel. What is the good news? Jesus who died on the cross and gave his life for us for that sake. I give my life. Every day, Paul is speaking against that division and and we have it on both sides of the aisle. It’s it’s it’s everyone. It’s it’s not one side, it’s other side but the world is moving towards an end time. So, I never say this. You know me, I’m not an end times preacher. I’m not even a revelation expert. I mean, I’m I’m like the worst. I don’t I don’t I don’t understand the beast and all that stuff. None of that. But the world is moving towards an all-out fight for division. And we as a church ought to be the greatest unifier. We say, it’s still about whosoever comes. You’re welcome. We love you. Come on. Come on to the house of god and we have Christian people called enough to understand when that happens. When many times during uh uh situations of of of political seasons, we had different um people come and sit and share here and speak and so I my my my philosophy is any political party can come and speak and say, not, I preach a sermon but say hi when they’re running for office. So, they’ll call us and say, this person in this district wants to come and speak and uh say hi to your crowd. I love it. Here’s why I let them all come to church. Here’s why. Cuz a lot of times I don’t believe in everything they say. We’ve had everyone. you can imagine under the sun who’s been to this church wanted to say hi and greet our crowd. I’ve had we’ve had Kamala Harris here. We’ve had hardcore Republicans here. We’ve had everyone but you’ll say, why in the world are you doing this? Here’s why and I and I tell you, every time a every time a political leader comes up here, whether you agree with him or not, I want you to love them. I want you to honor them. I want you to serve them. Here’s why. Because the the only time they might sit into a sixty-five, seventy-minute Holy Ghost fired church service is when they’re coming on the political trail and if we have a chance for sixty-five to 70 minutes for you to be all things to all people and say, okay, you know what? I’m a Republican but you know what honor the Democrat. You know what? I’m a Democrat but honor them. Why? Cuz it’s not about politics, it’s about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I will be all things to all people and even though I disagree, I will love them for the sake of the gospel, not my preferences, not what I believe in for the sake of the gospel. See, for the See, for the sake of the gospel, things different from, oh, I don’t like that person. For the sake of the gospel says, II love everyone. They’re just, they’re just away from god. They need Jesus. We had Caitlin Jenner, man. III know I spoken that a few weeks ago but came to the Dream Center. I wanna come by to see the Dream Center tour. Oh my goodness. You should have seen how many people were mad. I have the Democrats mad at me. They’re saying because Kaitlyn Jenner is a Republican. I’m like, okay. And then I had the Republicans mad at me for taking uh Caitlin Jenner on a tour for so many reasons. and I’m just sitting in the middle thinking crossfire from both sides and you know what? I’m loving it all and I don’t even feel bad. I don’t feel like, oh my goodness, I’m taking shots. I’m like, no, this is awesome. You know why it’s awesome? Because we’re doing the right thing. We are contending for the for the the gospel. We’re not contending for an elephant or a donkey. We’re contending for the lion and the lamb. Amen. I try to figure out something right here. Spontaneous. Just I love, I love it, man. Just not even mad. He says, man, were you, people coming against you? What did you feel? I’m like, I feel great. Cuz doing the right thing carries with it. It’s own reward. Doesn’t need one appreciation for man. The doing of right of reaching everyone carries with it. It’s built-in reward. And we’re just gonna keep doing right. We’re gonna keep loving everyone. We’re not gonna let divisiveness. It’s gonna be hard cuz many things are gonna test but if you, you and I together can just repent of of not being this way in the past as I have been. II have had some shots I’ve taken but if we can repent him and say, god, help us Help us in the middle of a frustrated area to live lives of unity, to bring together, to not be involved in the war of the culture in our battle. Let us be this third group. That’s just kinda floating around, advocating, and bringing people together under the banner of the cross and not turning people away, serving. Paul said, There’s Gentiles over there. They’ve got some interesting practices but you know what? I’m gonna find out. I’m gonna understand. I’m gonna put myself in their world. I’m gonna visit their churches. I’m gonna find out what’s going on and he and and you know what he would do? He’d even talk about the churches and many times he would even praise them before he’d rebuke them. You got this going for you. Uh you’re you’re a very hospitable church. You’re a very generous church. You are very kind church. This is something maybe you need to work on but you always come in with that encouragement and then he would come in with the rebuke that was needed. Why he’s doing everything he could for the sake the gospel For the sake, it’s the only thing that will endure. Why fight for things that we were never even supposed to have in the first place? Why fight for a system that god rebuked us for asking for it? This is good, man. This might be my last sermon. I’m going out of laser glory. Amen. I’m going Tyson Fury right now. Deontay Wilder throwing haymakers everywhere. Amen. but it’s right. It’s right. Cuz we serve a God that brought walk this Earth, put himself in other people’s world, talk to prostitutes, women by the will, by every outcast person of his generation, Jesus said, I’m gonna reach you. Why For the sake of the gospel, for the sake of your salvation. On the cross, thief next to him. Yes, you go to heaven. wait till his last breath all the way to the last, look down to the ground, take care of my mom. He said, and then he just advocated every step of the way. We can’t, we just have to be that whosoever will church. If we wanna see revival happen, we’ve gotta be God’s church. Every head bowed, every night close all over this room. We’re gonna close and sing the song and they’ll be out of here but every person today, That will say, pastor, I just felt like to go in this direction. I really felt, I felt that we need to address division. We need to address that. It’s not about, it’s about everything is evangelism You’re gonna see people around the dream center you don’t like. You’re gonna see people around the dream center that you might even reply to in the past, something negative. but you know what? We’re gonna change and we’re gonna be different. We’re gonna love people. We’re gonna serve and we’re not gonna change what we believe is true. Paul didn’t. He even said in the word but he said, I’m gonna reach out. I’m gonna cross the line and I am going to reach the Gentiles. This is a big, these are big things that uh Paul appear, all of them dealt with. but yet, at the same time, they understood that the only thing that could allow them to overcome the hate, the prejudices, the bias, all the things that were in their life is they had to have a vision for the sake of the gospel. Some things that you can’t have enough willpower or media propaganda to help you overcome. It has to be a supernatural touch of the Holy Spirit that gives you the eyes of Jesus and you start seeing his way. That’s what Paul want. He said, god, give me the eyes to see exactly the way you want the world to be uh to be seen through your eyes. Today, you’ll say, pastor, it’s me. I’m ready. I wanna know Christ is my lord and savior. I wanna be a person of unity. I don’t wanna be a person of division. But but first you would just say I’m lost. I’m away from God. I have a hard time loving, forgiving, even moving on from past hurts and offenses and injustices that were caused against me and but I wanna know Christ, my lord and savior. I know Jesus died for the sake of the gospel and it and it might, you know, there’s so many benefits knowing Jesus, eternal life, and salvation and all these great things but there’s something even better than that and that is coming to Jesus simply to say, lord, rather than coming to you for your benefits of knowing you and being in heaven and for eternity, I come to you and I give my life to you For the sake of what the gospel has done for me. The sake of what you have given me when you died on the cross. For the sake of the cause. I know you’ve reached me but I want you oh God to know that today I surrender out of thankfulness and gratitude that I wanna know you as my Lord and savior today. When I say three I want you to raise your hands. One, two, three. Just say I wanna be saved. Hands are going up all over this room. Everywhere they’re going out. This is amazing. So many are going up. II can’t even count for the the sake of the gospel. I just surrender. Not from my will I want your will to be done in me. Hence, are going up everywhere Praise god. Repeat these words after me. Thank you, Jesus. For dying on the cross, that I will be saved. I repent of my sin. And I give you my life. You died for me. Now, I live for you. In Jesus name, amen. Amen. You know, I want us to do something. We’re gonna sing the song and we’re done. But I want person that commit yourself to be a person of revival in this generation An individual revival. Just every day, say, god, how can I distance myself from the propaganda of the world? How can I tune in to what you’re trying to say to me, god? When you come into the house of god, rather than wait for your perfect song to worship god, say, lord, I’m gonna worship god in a song I don’t like or wherever it may be simply because for the sake of the gospel, for the sake of of of uh I’m gonna bring that attitude, that that place of worship Now, I’m gonna walk in this building and my hands are gonna be raised before I even hear the first lyric of the song because I have surrendered for the sake of the cause. I mean, he’s been some hard times folks. There’s there’s been some times during this season. Man, we’re selling that building for 100 million dollars, attempting proposition. I mean, we have people calling us and say, pastor, um you should just sell the building. Go to a place that’s more favorable uh towards your kind of work. I’m like, nah. Nah, we’re just gonna stay. Amen. Now, we’re just gonna stay. Why? Cuz it’s not about what we want. It’s for the sake of for the for the gospel’s sake. That’s why you do what you do. If you do everything you did because of the seasons or conveniences or time or seasons, you wouldn’t do anything but 10 years from now and we’ll go through this whole shaking of the world and what’s gonna happen? We’re gonna be standing still. Don’t fight, just keep outlasting everything. Next week’s sermon, can’t wait. My favorite of all time, today. I wanna encourage everyone of you, James. Say, I wanna be a person of change. I wanna be a person of revival. I just want us to stand sing this final song and just worship the lord together and let’s just invite the lord to come into the city of Los Angeles. He loves the city and that he would make us uh a great place where everyone feels welcome. Everyone, nobody is turned away. Lepers are gonna turn away. The forsaken are turned away. The the the drunk or the alcoholic or that we just, the more broken someone is, the more we welcome them, god. I pray that we are are welcome will be so powerful that it will change the world in the way that we love people right now. Start Road Live. Just raise your hand. Just worship the lord right now. God’s about to break loose the next 4 minutes of service right has no end things you’ve done before greater greater you will do again there’s no praising boy you can’t break through mountain you can’t move things are possible there’s no broken body inherited who can save things are possible can light it up god of re is overcome or anyone now you’re overcome for anyone every sorrow will crumble you lord what you’re about to do. We receive it. We walk in that spirit for the sake of the gospel. In Jesus name, amen. Sons and daughters, coming home. Thank you, Jesus. God bless you. See you Thursday night. Amen. Go Rams. Oh wait. They’re not playing. Amen.