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Where did the Puritans settle?


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Puritans: settled in Massachusetts, Cape Cod (Plymouth, New England, Boston, Salem Etc.)


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I think that the Puritans were the first to settle in Massachusetts

The Puritans of 1630 landed at Shawmut.

the puritans where peolpe who helped the english to trade maybe

Which region did the puritans settle while seeking religious freedom 

No. The Puritans came to practice their religion, but non-Puritans were not welcome. If you were not a Puritan, you had to settle elsewhere

The pilgrims settled in Jamestown But the Puritans settled in Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The Puritans left England because of the Religious practices.They settled in Jamestown.

The Puritans didn't suffer like the people of Jamestown when they first settle.

They settled in Massachusetts, United states.

To escape religious persecution

They went to massachusetts for religious freedom

They were being persecuted for their beliefs in England.


the pilgrims, puritans, and the seperatist.

peter miniut and they settled in new England

because the puritans wanted religious freedom so they moved to america and landed in new jersey :)

They wanted to change the Church of England

Massachussets, cape cod, new england

The Pilgrims and Puritans settled in New England because they wanted to build communities based on their own religions.

Massachusetts Bay was settled in 1630 by the Puritans.

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