After keeping their pregnancy a secret for nearly the entire 9 months, tattoo artists Ryan Ashley and husband Arlo DiCristina announced the arrival of their bundle of joy on Saturday, May 16, 2020. The healthy baby boy has been named Atheus DiCristina. He was apparently in a hurry to meet his talented parents as he arrived several weeks earlier than anticipated. But he is a healthy little boy and his parents are bursting with joy and wonder as they become a family of three.

The big news of Ryan and Arlo’s upcoming little one was just made public last month in April, and right on the cover of Inked magazine. Ryan was gushing in her praise for the magazine on their first collaboration and allowing her to speak in her own words about the journey she has been on while pregnant. She also stated her heartfelt thanks for the photographer for the amazing photo spread chronicling her growing baby bump and helping her to feel beautiful and confident in her new body. She also went on to thank her “imperfectly perfect Tarzan” husband Arlo for sharing the journey with her.

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We first got to know Ryan Ashley Malarkey in season 8 of Ink Masters in 2016 in which she went on to win the season. She is the first woman to win the franchise competition and grand prize. She appeared on the cover of “Inked” magazine at that time as well, speaking about how it felt to win in general and in particular how it felt to be the first woman to win the honour. Ryan continued with Ink Masters for the next three years, hosting two seasons of a spin-off show called Angels and served as a judge in another spin-off, Grudge Match. Ryan’s alma mater is the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and her fashion training shows in her extraordinary designs. Her signature style is black-and-gray designs filled with exquisite lace detail, beadwork, and ornamental jewelry.

Ryan and Arlo met at a Club Tattoo event held in Las Vegas and announced that they were together in the October 2018 issue of Inked. About a year later, the two decided to get married. They were married not long afterward at their home in Grand Junction, Colorado, in a private ceremony. So, again on the cover of Inked magazine’s January 2019 cover, their marriage was announced, with Ryan stating she was proud and humbled to be married to such an inspirational and hardworking and influential artist.

Arlo and Ryan’s baby boy was born at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction, not too far from their Elysium Studios where the couple lives and works. It has been a whirlwind for Ryan the past several years. First, she appeared on and won “Ink Masters” season 8, returned to working and perfecting her skills as a tattoo artist in New York. Then meeting, falling in love and marrying Arlo, moving to Colorado. And now she is a mom! Congratulations!

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Source: Inked Magazine

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