Guardian Chapter 41 -Confessions after parent-teacher conference


During their break for lunch, the brothers indulged in a good meal outside… without He Long.

He Long, who had gone home full of bitterness, for lunch, silently chewed his food. He frowned, completely lost in his thoughts… So the boss is hostile towards him? Because of the signature? 

But that is so childish…

Uncle He passed by, touched the back of He Long’s head with his palm, and urged: “Eat quickly, you are eating slowly like a girl. After eating, go to the parent-teacher conference for Master Shulin, don’t make the two masters wait for you! And take the snacks Auntie Liu prepared, Master Shulin must’ve accidentally left them behind.”


When he saw the familiar bag handed to him, Yu Shulin could only look at the sky at a loss for words.

He deliberately didn’t take the snacks with him when he left this morning and yet …

Wang Zhi curiously leaned in front of Yu Shulin, glanced at He Long, who is sitting upright with a poker face, and whispered, “Shulin, who is this person? They’re so fierce-looking.”

“He’s my cousin, no one else in the family could make it so he came instead.” Yu Shulin opened the snack bag and began to think about what to do with it.

Would he have to go back and forth to share out all of the sweets again? How bothersome…

Of course He Long heard their “whispering”, twisting his body to glance at Wang Zhi.

Wang Zhi was shocked by his stare and stiffly said: “Shulin, your brother who came last year is way less intimidating. For the parent-teacher conference next year, make him come please.”

 “…I’ll let him know.” He grabbed a handful of fruit-flavoured sweets, and put them into Wang Zhi’s hand: “If I remember correctly auntie likes these types of sweets, here take these for her.”

水果糖 (Shuǐguǒ táng) Pic for your stomach (1)

Wang Zhi lowered his head and glanced at the sweets and then thought about how much his mother liked Yu Shulin, feeling sorrowful he replied: “When my mother comes back from the toilet, you are not allowed to speak to her!”

Oh? It seems that the Master Shulin was rejected by his classmates… He Long frowned, reached out to put his hand on Wang Zhi’s shoulder, and said seriously: “Why can’t Shulin talk to your mother… Shulin is a good kid, your mother will like him.”

My mother doesn’t just like him, she loves him more than her own son! This is what Wang Zhi wanted to say, but He Long is so intimidating when he speaks with a stern face, so Wang Zhi just moved his lips like a goldfish, before, he finally turned back, depressed, eating the sweets in silence.

Shulin’s cousin is really fierce… Please, let last year’s brother come next time!
Yu Shulin feels helpless, sneaking a peek at the serious-looking He Long. Then he rummaged through the bag and grabbed a colourful lollipop. He then shoved it into He Long’s hand, saying “Take this and use it to neutralize your terrible aura.”

He Long looked at the lollipop and raised his hand, doubt written all over his face: “Am I scary?” He was obviously a kind person at heart.

“… Just eat it.”

The parent-teacher conference is still held at the same time as last year, There are just more snacks going around.

After the subject specialisation discussion was concluded, Mr Gao took a few parents who did not agree with his decision to the office, and the rest were told that they are free to go where they please.

The classroom suddenly is filled with energy, parents and students alike were chatting with each other enthusiastically.

Yu Shulin grabbed a handful of sweets, hesitated for a while before getting up to pat Li Tao on the shoulder. Stretching his hand over, he asked softly, “Do you want to eat some sweets? Compared to last year, these are more akin to chocolates than sweets.”

…Like last year, the parent seat next to Li Tao is empty.

Li Tao, who is lying on the table, slightly shifted before sitting up. Then he turned his head to look at Yu Shulin’s gentle and expectant eyes, Li Tao lowered his eyes, and a sweet from Yu Shulin’s hand, muttering: “Thank you.”

He actually said thanks… Yu Shulin instantly smiled, and said gently: “You’re welcome, we both have chosen to do science, maybe we will still be classmates after the class divisions.”

“Yeah.” Li Tao nodded and lay back down again.

Wang Zhi almost choked on the melon seeds*, but he did not forget to give Yu Shulin a thumbs up while coughing. He has been Li Tao’s deskmate for a year and yet his relationship with Li Tao is still awful. He didn’t expect that Yu Shulin would be able to talk to Li Tao, this is amazing!

瓜子 (Guāzǐ)Yes, it is sunflower seed but everyone translated it as melon seeds so… Pic for your stomach (2)

Wang Zhi’s mother hurriedly stretched out her hand to pat his back, and said softly: “ How can you be so clumsy? You’re even able to choke on melon seeds, you really should learn from Yu Shulin, he didn’t forget to bring us some sweets, what a wonderful child.”

Yang Sese’s mother also nodded, boasting: “My family’s Sese is not really good at studying, but thanks to Shulin’s care, her grades have become more and more stable. Xiaolong, how did you teach Shulin to be so sensible?”

Obviously, the mothers with strong natures are not so easily affected by He Long’s fierce face, and they continue to talk about “education” enthusiastically.

“I didn’t teach him much, Shulin is knowledgeable about his limitations and so he focuses on improving them through his education.” He Long said dryly, feeling a little nervous in his heart. He was worried that he might not have answered well and that he would ruin Master Shulin’s reputation.

“Shulin, really is such a good boy, Xiaozhi, you should learn more from him.” Wang Zhi’s mother lamented.

Everyone continues to chat happily. However, Yu Shulin’s mind is occupied with worrying about Liang Zhou who is still waiting outside the school gate. After dishing out the sweets, he went to the toilet and called the other party.

The phone was picked up immediately, and Liang Zhou’s voice is so smooth.

“Is the parent-teacher conference over?”

“No.” Yu Shulin replied in a low voice, and said, “Is it too boring for you to just wait like this? You can do something else first, it will be a while before it is finished.”

Putting away the documents in his hand, Liang Zhou looked at the school from across the street through the car window, and replied: “It’s okay, I’ll wait for you to come out.” The film promotion has already begun. He will have to go abroad in a few days and he has to stay there for almost a whole month, so he naturally wants to spend as much time as possible with his brother.

“Well, once the parent-teacher conference is over, I’ll join you right away.”

“Ok.” After hanging up the phone, he cleared his mind and lowered his head to continue reading the documents. Although he has skipped work before without feeling stressed, there are some urgent tasks that must be dealt with as soon as possible.

After Yu Shulin hung up the phone and turned around, he saw Li Tao standing behind him with his hands in his pockets. Seeing him turn around, he gave a cold snort and went back to the classroom.

… He really couldn’t understand Li Tao.

As soon as the parent-teacher conference ended, Yu Shulin quickly ran away, leaving He Long to deal with the parents who were still saying goodbye to each other. He passed through the crowd, ran out of the school gate, found where his brother’s car was parked and ran over excitedly.

Liang Zhou opened the car window halfway, looked at Yu Shulin, who was bent over and bowed his head, glanced behind him, and asked, “Where is He Long? Why didn’t he follow you?”

 “Ah, I was in a hurry to come out, I didn’t pay attention to him…” He scratched his face embarrassed. He was still short of breath as he spoke, further supporting the fact that he had rushed out.

When Liang Zhou saw this, he felt warm, he then pointed to the front seat and said: “Get in the car, let’s wait for him, Auntie Liu just called and said that she has made your favourite ribs*.”

排骨 (Páigǔ) Pic for your stomach (3)

“Really?” He smiled and got up to go around to the front of the car.

“Shulin! Yu Shulin!”

A girl’s refreshing and sweet voice suddenly sounded, and Liang Zhou and Yu Shulin both froze in place.

“Liu Fen?” Yu Shulin looked back and saw someone approaching. Thinking of Liang Zhou, he hurriedly got up to block the half-open car window and said in a low voice: “Brother, close the car window. My classmate is here. She might recognise you.”

Liang Zhou nodded, wound up  the car window leaving but a gap, ready to eavesdrop on the content of the two people’s chat.He felt that the girl’s tone when shouting Shulin’s name was a little… He hopes he is just overthinking it.

When a beautiful girl runs around, they are like a beautiful moving landscape painting, attracting countless eyes along the way.

Yu Shulin looked at her, thinking about both Liang Zhou in the car, and about Liu Fen’s faint affection for him. He felt a bad premonition in his heart.

He swears, he really doesn’t  have puppy love!

After hurriedly running closer, Liu Fen supported herself with her hands on her knees and complained in an affectionate tone: “Shulin, where are you going in such a hurry? You made me run all over to chase…”

“What do you need?” he asked politely.

“I just want to ask why you didn’t accept my penguin friend request.” Liu Fen straightened up, pouting making her even more adorable: “I thought you would like to talk to me more.” As she talked her face flushed and her eyes that were gazing at Yu Shulin were full of joy.

She hadn’t noticed it before but that is that Yu Shulin is good-looking, has good grades, and has good temperament. And the most important thing is… It seems that his family stability is also great. If she could get closer to him that would be great… Other girls would definitely envy her!

She still feels a little shy when she remembers how Yu Shulin was always the first to hand in his homework… It’s so obvious that the reason for this is that Yu Shulin must like her, then, she has no qualms liking him back.

(T/N : … How to get a girl to fall in love with you, The Shulin way, make sure you always finish your HW on time and be the first to hand it over. Ok, got it)

(E/N: This is a fool proof strategy (*≧艸≦) )

“You sent me a friend request?” Yu Shulin looked at her reaction, he could hear the alarm bell ringing in his heart, and replied innocently: “I don’t remember, I don’t use Penguin much.” He said while his eyes kept glancing at the car behind him and then at the school. 

He Long, please come out, help me get out of this situation!

Seeing that Yu Shulin did not dare to look at her, Liu Fen thought that he was being shy, and her heart fluttered. The expression on her face became more bashful, and she stepped forward, wanting to hold his hand, and said coquettishly: “Shulin, the charm* on your backpack is so cute. It is a limited edition from the cartoon movie that was very popular in the first half of this year. I told my uncle to help me bring one back from abroad, but he didn’t get it.”

(T/N: It looks like the pic below, so I chose to use the word charm because this is not a keychain but feel free to comment. Anyway I chose this pic because the description said they are round and cute)

Yu Shulin hurriedly slung his backpack back on his back and he kept his hand firmly on the strap of the backpack. Refusing to let it go: “I guess so. My brother gets all my stuff for me including this charm.” After he came to Liang’s house, everything he used from computer, clothes, shoes and socks, and even something as small as pencils, draft paper, all of them were bought by Liang Zhou.

His brother is really sweet to him… He touched the round, cute charm, and the corners of his mouth slowly rose. It doesn’t matter, he will also treat his brother very well.

Inside the car, the caring brother Liang clenched the document in his hand, his face sinking like water*.

(T/N : 面沉如水(Miàn chén rúshuǐ) means his face are as cold as frozen water)

Liu Fen felt dissatisfied because she wasn’t able to hold Yu Shulin’s hand, but when she saw the smile on Yu Shulin’s face, her heart thumped uncontrollably. She turned her head, taking a deep breath, and continued talking: “You are lucky to have a brother who is so nice to you, I also want a brother who loves me so much.” She said that as she glanced over Yu Shulin’s body as if she is looking at a branded item, and then looked at the car behind him, hmmm that must be worth a lot. Her eyes were full of expectation.

She would be so happy to have a good boyfriend like Yu Shulin.

Yu Shulin got goosebumps and a cold sweat broke out on his back, but he tried to mask it by making a small laugh, he tugged at the corners of his mouth, feeling anxious, he asked dryly, “What the hell are you looking at me for?*”

(T/N: In case everyone doesn’t get it, Shulin is no longer being polite with Liu Fen hence the change of speech, remember that Shulin is usually really polite, even to stranger like Guan Bowen so this is why in this next line Liu Fen is also more aggressive)

“You. Why don’t you understand!” Liu Fen stamped her foot. Why does Shulin keep asking questions instead of asking her to be his girlfriend!

“What the hell? I don’t know…”

“That, that’s…Oh!” Liu Fen glared at him angrily. Just as he was about to say something, the phone in her pocket rang.

“Oops, it’s my mother!” She glanced at her phone, changing her expression, and hurriedly turned her head and took out a beautifully packaged gift box from her backpack and stuffed it in his hand, then she backed away, putting a smile on her face again before saying: “Look at this then I am sure you will understand. My mother is looking for me. I will see you tomorrow, bye.” After speaking, she turned and ran quickly.

Yu Shulin held the gift box, his body stiff.

It’s over, his brother saw him get confessed to…

The window lowered, revealing Liang Zhou’s stern look.

“Get in the car and let’s go home.”

He turned, bowed his head and scratched his face, saying in a coaxing tone: “Then He Long…”

Liang Zhou took a deep breath and tried to calm down: “He can get back by himself!” Well, he failed to calm down.

Yu Shulin felt his hairs on his neck stand up, and he hurriedly walked around to the front of the car, opened the door and sat in the front seat. He then fastened his seat belt, looked forward, and whispered, “Brother, I have wear the seat belt.”

In the next second, the car rushed going hell for leather*

(E/N: This phrase isn’t too common so just in case it means very fast but I’m sure you gathered that from the context anyway.)

He grabbed his seat belt, his eyes widened and he held his breath.

It’s over, my brother is infuriated!

(T/N: Hmm, I wonder what is inside the gift box~~~)




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  1. I actually needed a moment before I figured out why him turning in his homework early would make her think he was into her 😶 Also, I hate that term but she sounds like what people call a gold-digger 😑 Like, she knows nothing really about him but is basically ‘Welp, he’s handsome, has money, and a good family, so I guess why not?’ 😣

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  2. “…I’ll let him know.” He grabbed a handful of fruit-flavoured sweets, and put them into Wang

    Zhi’s hand: “If I remember correctly auntie likes these types of sweets, here take these for her.”

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