When the Boys Meet the Girls

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When the Boys Meet the Girls
Directed byAlvin Ganzer
Written byRobert E. Kent
Based onmusical by Guy Bolton and Jack McGowan
Produced bySam Katzman
StarringConnie Francis
Harve Presnell
CinematographyPaul C. Vogel
Edited byBen Lewis
Music byFred Karger
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
  • October 10, 1965 (1965-10-10)
Running time
97 minutes
CountryUnited States

When the Boys Meet the Girls is a 1965 American musical film directed by Alvin Ganzer and starring Connie Francis and Harve Presnell based on the musical Girl Crazy and a remake of MGM's 1943 film Girl Crazy.


A playboy (Harve Presnell) helps a young woman (Connie Francis) turn her father's Nevada ranch into a haven for divorcees.



The film was a remake of MGM's Girl Crazy (1943 film). The remake was produced by Sam Katzman, who made it as the first of five films he did for the studio in 1965.[1] In April 1965 Connie Francis was attached as star.[2]

In June 1965 Jeffrey Hayden was to direct and the stars were announced as Connie Francis, Harve Presnell, Paul Anka, Fran Jeffries and Louis Armstrong.[3]

The title was changed to I've Got Rhythm[4] then When the Boys Meet the Girls.[5]

Presnell played the same role as Mickey Rooney in the original. Presnell said "When we did Molly Brown on Broadway, we had a standing joke whenever I didn't do something right. I said 'Well why don't you get Mickey Rooney?'."[6]

Filming started July 1965.

It was the film debut of Herman's Hermits. MGM were so pleased with their performance they put them in a series of films.[7]


When the Boys Meet the Girls
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
Herman's Hermits British chronology
A Must to Avoid
When the Boys Meet the Girls
Hold On!
Herman's Hermits American chronology
Herman's Hermits on Tour
When the Boys Meet the Girls
Hold On!

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by George Gershwin (music), Ira Gershwin (lyrics) except where noted

Side one
1."When the Boys Meet the Girls"Jack Keller, Howard GreenfieldConnie Francis2:04
2."Monkey See, Monkey Do"Johnny FarrowSam the Sham and The Pharaohs2:33
3."Embraceable You"George & Ira GershwinHarve Presnell2:56
4."Throw It Out of Your Mind"Billy Kyle, Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong & Orchestra2:10
5."Mail Call"Fred Karger, Sid Wayne, Ben WeismanConnie Francis2:17
6."I Got Rhythm"George & Ira GershwinConnie Francis & Harve Presnell3:34
Side two
1."Listen People"Graham GouldmanHerman's Hermits2:31
2."Bidin' My Time"George & Ira GershwinHerman's Hermits2:26
3."Embraceable You"George & Ira GershwinConnie Francis2:12
4."Aruba Liberace"LiberaceLiberace2:46
5."But Not for Me"George & Ira GershwinConnie Francis & Harve Presnell2:58
6."I Got Rhythm"George & Ira GershwinLouis Armstrong & Orchestra1:24


Upon the film's release The New York Times reported that "If the music of the Gershwin brothers can survive a terrible little musical such as "When the Boys Meet the Girls" [...] chances are it could outlast atomic annihilation," described the film overall as "a dull, silly scramble," and described the talents of Francis and Presnell as "strictly middling" and "teamed romantically, they look like Mutt and Jeff, and their vocal wrestling with the grand Gershwin melodies is slippery at best."[8] A contemporary review in Variety described the film as "a spotty comedy film, loaded with often extraneous tunes, also limited to some okay performances and gags," and reported that "Langdon remains the most impressive of the principals; she makes a first rate shrew."[9] Writing for Turner Classic Movies, critic Roger Fristoe described the film as "a very loose reworking of the George and Ira Gershwin musical Girl Crazy," and noted that "the film allows for musical performances from an eclectic gathering of guest stars."[10]


In 1966, the year after the film was released, it received some prestigious awards at that year's Laurel Awards ceremony. Harve Presnell was nominated for a Golden Laurel in the category of Musical Performance, Male for his talented musical numbers. Though he did not win, he was awarded 3rd place. Connie Francis was also nominated for a Golden Laurel in the category of Musical Performance, Female for her musical numbers. She did not win either, but came in a gratifying 4th place.


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