What did Beethoven name his third symphony?
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What did Beethoven name his third symphony?

the Eroica symphony

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Thereof, why did Beethoven alter the name of his Third Symphony from Bonaparte to the Eroica?

Beethoven violently erased Napoleon's name from his manuscript—so forcefully, in fact, that he erased his way right through the paper, leaving holes in the title page. So this revolutionary piece of music that was originally to be The Bonaparte Symphony became simply Eroica—the heroic.

Additionally, when did Beethoven write his 3rd Symphony? 1803

Herein, who did Beethoven dedicated his Third Symphony to?

Napoleon Bonaparte

What is the form of the first movement I of Beethoven's Eroica symphony?

The first movement, in 3/4 time, is in sonata form. The movement opens with two large E-flat major chords, played by the whole orchestra, thus firmly establishing the tonality of the movement.

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