Coin Value: Netherlands 5 and 10 Gulden (Fakes are possible) 1911 to 1917


Netherlands 5 and 10 Gulden (Fakes are possible) 1911 to 1917

Very nice coin! Back in 1912 the Netherlands issued 5 and 10 gulden coins in gold, as follows:

5 GULDEN (1912 only): 0.0972 troy ounces gold
10 GULDEN (1911 to 1917): 0.1947 ounces gold

These coins can never be worth less than the value of the gold they contain. For instance, if gold is selling at $1200 US dollars per troy ounce (it changes every day; look it up at, then the base value (BV) for a 5 gulden is 0.0972 x 1200 = $116 and for a 10 gulden is 0.1947 x 1200 = $233.

In general collectors are willing to pay more than base gold value for these nice-looking coins. Here are approximate catalog values:

worn: BV
average circulated: BV + $10
well preserved: BV + $20
fully uncirculated: BV + $50

Unfortunately, there are some really good-looking fakes of these coins. Beware! The fakes are made of brass and are worth essentially zero.

Coin: 20756, Genre: Colonizers and Colonies, Timeline: World
Created (yyyymm): 201601, Last review: 201601
Appearance: Normal round coin Metallic yellow Letters: Latin
Years: sort: 1911, filter: 1911 to 1917
Image: netherlands_5_gulden_1912.jpg
Original inquiry: wilhemine 1912 5 gulden i have acquired this coin around 45 years ago i recollect that at this time the coin was considered as very rare crown tiara arms shield crest



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