Antique Fishing Lure Prices



Antique Fishing Lure Prices

A list of prices for Shakespeare, Heddon, Pflueger, and South Bend underwater minnows wanted to purchase

By Gabby Talkington

A selected pricing index for items which are wanted to purchase and the approximate minimum price I will pay for a given grade.  PLEASE NOTE....These prices are for excellent quality pieces and may vary up or down based on condition, desirability, and rarity.  A written definition of excellent is outlined at the bottom of this page.  See GRADING LURES or GRADING BOXES which may help you better understand the meaning of the term excellent and the deviations from that term.

Please call or email for exact quotes which may be higher than shown.  Prices vary with color, condition, grade, markings, age, and desirability.

 Currently Buying: Prices are constantly updated

Look here for a flow chart to determine if your lures are pre-1940...

Shakespeare Lures

Please call or e-mail for discussion and quotes on Shakespeare minnow prices as they vary greatly depending on condition and rarity. I am interested in all glass-eyed Shakespeare minnows. See the statement at the end of the page on my exception to excellent condition relative to early (pre-1912) Shakespeare lures. All these lures and boxes listed are pre-1930's Shakespeare and Rhodes.  Prices vary with color, condition, grade, markings, age, and desirability.

Click here for photos of various Shakespeare boxes and lures

 Prices: Shakespeare boxes

  1. Pre-1910 see-through gem clip or flat plate hardware underwater minnows in the correct labeled wood box: $500- up
  2. Pre-1910, gem clip see-through hardware, high forehead underwater minnows in the correct labeled picture box: $1,200- up
  3. Pre-1930 underwater minnows in the correct labeled gray box: $300- up
  4. Empty pre-1910 picture box, age and condition does matter: $1,000- up
  5. Empty 1912 era wood box with the paper label still on the end: $300- up
  6. Empty gray cardboard boxes with red and green Shakespeare Oval logo and marked for a specific lure: $50- up
  7. Early (pre-1910) gem clip 3 or 5 hook underwater or floating minnows with notched props: $250- up
  8. Later (post-1910) flat plate 3 or 5 hook underwater or floating minnows with notched or plain props: $200- up
  9. Metalized (metal plated) 3 or 5 hook minnows: $200- up
  10. Metalized '00' minnow:$200- up
  11. 3 or 5 hook wood Musky minnow: $850- up
  12. Standard or typical aluminum Revolution w/ no dents: $175
  13. Empty black and silver Revolution, Shur-Lure, or Bucktail cardboard box: $700- up
  14. White or yellow or red Whirlwind: $150- up
  15. Favorite minnow: $200
  16. Tarpalunge with glass eyes: $250 - up
  17. Punkinseed (Shakespeare): $250 - up

Heddon Lures

Heddon lures are tough to price on a list because there are so many variables. These prices are in general for my written definition of excellent condition. Variations will exist for rarity, color, and age. Call or e-mail for specifics on a given lure and model, but only for minnows or items shown on this page or elsewhere on this Web site. For the specific lures I collect and need in Heddon, see and print out the manufacture date list. All these lures are pre-1940 and most are pre-1920's.

Prices vary with color, condition, grade, markings, age, and desirablity.

Photos of various Heddon boxes and lures

Prices: Heddon lure boxes   

Follow underlines to see the lures or boxes

  1. Heddon Dowagiac picture box with correct lure (less for empty picture box) Drawing of lure on top of cardboard box: $1,600-1,800 and up...
  2. Heddon Dowagiac wood slide top boxes: $300- up
  3. Heddon Dowagiac white two piece cardboard boxes with a red or blue bordered paper label on top: $400- up
  4. Down leaping Bass blue two piece cardboard boxes with blue border around the paper label on top: $300- up
  5. Marked, down leaping Bass red two piece cardboard boxes, ask if in doubt: $20- 200
  6. Early 150's, in tough colors, less for later or two piece hardware: $350-600
  7. Early 100's, in tough colors, less for later or two piece hardware: $250-500
  8. Series 0 and 00 minnows in excellent condition: $500- up
  9. 800 or 900 swimming minnow: $650- up
  10. Coast minnow depending on size and condition: $300- up
  11. Correct 150 in the marked wood box w/paper: $850- up
  12. Ice decoy: $500- up
  13. Correct 100 in the marked wood box w/paper (Not for common colors like rainbow or green crackleback): $650- up
  14. Spindivers: $450 - up

Pflueger Lures

I am generally only interested in Monarch's, but will buy 5 hook underwater Neverfails minnows if a good color and excellent condition.  Always looking to buy early cardboard or wood boxes marked for Enterprise or Pflueger Tackle.

Prices vary with color, condition, grade, markings, age, and desirability.

Photos of various Pflueger boxes and lures

Identify Pflueger Monarch minnows

Prices: Pflueger boxes

  1. $500-up for three or five hook gem clip (pre-1910) small cup Monarch's in the correctly marked wood slide top box.
  2. $300-up for three and five hook gem clip (pre-1910) Monarch minnows
  3. $200-up for later three and five hook Neverfail Monarch minnows
  4. $150-up for 3 or 5 hook Neverfails
  5. $200-up for Four Brothers cardboard box
  6. $200-up for red bull dog cardboard box
  7. $300-up for Pflueger Monarch wood boxes
  8. $250 -up for Pflueger contract wood boxes

South Bend Lures

I only collect early 3 and 5 hook underwater or floating minnows in South Bend. They are the ones that resemble Heddon 100's or 150's.  Prices vary with color, condition, grade, markings, age, and desirablity.

Photos of various South Bend boxes and lures

  1. $250-400 for 3 or 5 hook minnows with the box depending on color; price less without box

Price list for certain early miscellaneous lures

NFLCC members, please call or e-mail for quotes...

Contact: phone numbers etc. for Gabby Talkington

My definition of EXCELLENT relative to pricing lures

Photo article on A Field Guide to Grading with examples

Excellent lures means:

  • There are no hook pointers in the paint, and no paint chips at all... none, no touch ups
  • absolutely no hook scrapes, not even a little one
  • no paint off the belly weight, but there may be a ring or crack around the weight
  • absolutely no paint chips, but maybe only a very, very minor varnish flake or two
  • the paint is shiny, but there may be age related crazing or minor fracture cracks in the varnish
  • hooks and hardware are bright and shiny

Excellent minus allows for:

  • Some very minor varnish defects, but no defects to the paint, no touch ups
  • no paint loss other than maybe very minor chips at the tail tip or around belly weight
  • no hook drags on the paint
  • hooks should be consistent with the paint finish.   If paint is shiny, hooks should be too.

Excellent plus means almost perfect:  

 May not have a box with it, but well stored or preserved.

Mint means perfect:

Means untouched just like it came out of the factory with the box and papers.

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