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It is a significant feature in trip hop music, with Portishead being a notable bands using it.

It can also be dated back to other genres such as funk and jazz.

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I think it was the Hammond Organ.

the doors use one and the charlatans listen to them and you'll see its the oscillatating organ sound.. Jamie65 added: A Hammond Organ is any organ made by the Hammond Organ Company, or it's successors, the Hammond-Suzuki company. However, the term "Hammond Organ" is generally used to refer to that company's organs that use a motor-driven generator assembly in conjunction with additive synthesis. A big part of the sound usually associated with the Hammond Organ is the Leslie Tone cabinet, which is a combination of an amplifier and one or more speakers with motor-driven baffles to provide a tremolo effect. Leslie was originally an independent company, but they were later bought by Hammond. A Google search will give you links to much more information.

Spiritual is not a genre. Religious would be the genre used to describe this kind of music, movies or other.

He used an Hammond Organ (888 800 000, Leslie fast no scanner, perc 4') recorded into a Mellotron

Gospel music is a spiritual musical genre. Some instruments used in gospel are the tambourine, organ, piano, drums and bass guitar.

For some history do a search for Ballparks Organ Music and Chicago. (Links are not accepted on Answers) Chicago was also the home of The Hammond Organ Company, and there may have been some promotional connection between the Cubs and the Hammond company. The organs were built beginning in 1935, and it was important to the company's marketing that their instruments could be used for venues in addition to churches. (No documentation of this, but I know a few details about Hammonds)

what are stock characters and how they are used in this genre

Hey, Ray Manzarek used a lot of keyboards during his time with The Doors, his prime ones being the Vox Continental combo organ, the Gibson G101 [also reffered to as the Kalamazoo k101] and the Fender Rhodes Piano Bass for his left hand. He also used other organs such as a Farfisa for a couple of songs, a Hammond organ, and a Rhodes Piano for songs including Riders on the Storm. Hope this helped!

I man, organiste used to play on vox continental or other vox organ (Like Rey Manzarek from the doors)

Technically, you can play any kind of music on a pipe organ, but they are most commonly used to play classical and religious music (such as hymns).

Frederick Kilander is a physicist. He developed the mathematical algorithm and physical modeling technique used on Elvio Previati's Hammond organ clone model known as the KeyBDuo and its sister product in the USA known as Diversi DV-Duo Plus organ. Another tidbit: Diversi is also the name of the street in Chicago where the original Hammond organ company was located. Sign me ...... Delaware Dave Actually the street name in Chicago is spelled "Diversey." Also 4200 West Diversey Ave was the home of the Hammond Organ Company. Not to be confused with Hammond Suzuki. The name Diversi in Italian means "Different." At the early beginning of Diversi Dave Amels of Voce was involved. Voce in Italian means Voice... Diversi / Voce - - - Different Voice. It also should be noted that Diversi found the software the Mr. Previati is using and Mr. Previati uses the Duo and Solo model names that Diversi established. Signed, Divsersi Organ.

They used: A grand (probably Steinway) piano An electric bass A (probably 12-string) acoustic guitar A harmonica A hammond organ Drums Soprano Saxophone And vocals by Roger Hodgson

I just used genre in a sentence.

The sense organ that is used for reading are the eyes.

are you kiding??? a hammond B-3 is THE world renowned organ that featured in addition to it's solid wood cabinet, dual stacked keborads and multiple stops, a cabinet speaker with the Leslie on top. That is the spinning horn in the top of the cabinet that gave it a distinctive sound. EVERYONE used it from church's to the rock bands of the 60's and 70's up through today. Take a look at the Allman Brothers pictures and see what they are playing...

The origin of the word "genre" is French. It is believed to have been first used in the late 18th century. It originally meant "a style, sort, or kind." Its usage in English started around the mid 19th century.

Your organ in the brain used for smelling.

"Genre" is a common noun; it can be used as a subject, a predicate or in a phrase. I classified the books based upon genre.

any organ that is used to effect insemination.

Theoretically, it could be used in any genre. The harp most often appears in classical music, though.

I used to have an electric organ. The skin is a human being's largest organ.

His Genre used to be rock, but recently, he turned pop. Glad I could be helpful ;)

The organ used to hear is the ear.

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