Which of the following might an ethnomusicologist study? O A. Javanese Gamelan music O O B. Twentieth - Brainly.com

Which of the following might an ethnomusicologist study? O
A. Javanese Gamelan music
B. Twentieth century notational practice
c. String performance techniques of the seventeenth century
D. Orchestration

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The following might an ethnomusicologist study

A. Javanese Gamelan music

B. Twentieth century notation practice


  • Ethnomusicology is the music, human make it from culture and social form of people.
  • Folklore music to popular music to musical practices associated with exclusive classes.
  • It enclose distinct methodical and theoretical approaches that emphasize cognitive, biological, cultural, social, material context of musical behavior.
  • Mantle Hood, the American ethnomusicologist dedicated his career to the study of Javanese gamelan music. His instrument is represented well in American academia.
  • Studying traditional non-western music was considered to be uncontaminated by West, in 20th century.  Contemporary and mass-mediated popular forms of music such as rock, Afro-pop, rap, salsa. More well researched classics of Hindustani classical music, Javanese gamelan and West African music.  

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