We Asked People What Cringe Movie Scenes They Regretted Watching With Their Parents, Here's What They Said
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    We Asked People What Cringe Movie Scenes They Regretted Watching With Their Parents, Here's What They Said

    "After the opening scene of Not Another Teen Movie I had to calmly eject the disc and walk out"

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what awkward movie scene they watched with their parents that they wish they hadn't, and there were some real cringe moments! Here's some of the best stories:

    1. A sensual pottery session is not something you want to be watching whilst sat next to your mum.

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    "I went to the cinema with my mother at the age of 10 to see Ghost. It was one of the first films in the UK to carry a 12 age certificate but neither of us feared that any of the content would cause us any squeamishness. Then the pottery scene began and to this day I cannot hear the Righteous Brothers on the radio without dying a little bit inside."


    2. Monsters Ball is not the best father and daughter friendly movie.

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    Lionsgate Films

    "I watched Monster's Ball with my Dad. If Heath Ledger's character shagging a prostitute in the first few minutes of the film wasn't bad enough, the long intense sex scene between Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton was the super awkward nail in the coffin!"


    3. Dennis Hopper shouting profanities does not make the best evening in with your dad.

    De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

    "I made the mistake of inviting my father to watch Blue Velvet, the scene where Dennis Hopper is inhaling the gas and yelling “Daddy wanna f***!” made me have to get up and leave the room! We never discussed the movie again."


    4. Watching crime fighters go at it when you're sat next to your dad is not the one.

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    "My dad took me to see Watchmen for my 19th birthday, thinking it was just a regular superhero movie. I practically melted into my chair when that sex scene happened on Nite Owl’s ship, I was NOT expecting that to happen, especially as it was quite graphic! I went bright red and could feel my dad shifting uncomfortably in the chair next to me, it was insanely awkward! We couldn’t look each other in the eye after that for a while!"


    5. Any film that features spanking should not be watched with your mother.

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    Lions Gate Films[

    "I watched Secretary with my mum as a teen. Whilst watching the spanking scene both our eyes were fixed on the screen, pretending each other didn't exist or that I was horny as hell for James Spader."


    6. If watching *ordinary* sex wasn't bad enough, try watching fish-man sex with the family.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "The Shape of Water sex scene...BOY am I glad I'd watched that movie before and knew exactly when to leave lol"


    7. Naked Ryan Reynolds isn't as good as it sounds.

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    20th Century Fox

    "When I watched Deadpool with my Dad I really didn’t expect the very explicit sex scenes. Sitting next to my Dad in the packed cinema felt like torture. I could hear people laughing and appreciating naked Ryan Reynolds! As attractive as Ryan Reynolds is, I really wished he’d kept his kit on!".


    8. Sometimes turning the movie off is the only option.

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    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "When I watched Not Another Teen Movie, during the opening scene where Janey gets caught masturbating by her whole family, I had to calmly eject the disc and walk out. After that and we never spoke of it again."


    9. Borat is definitely *NOT* nanna friendly.

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    20th Century Fox

    "I saw Borat with my mom at the cinema and it was fine, but when it came out on DVD my 70-year-old grandmother walked in when Borat and his assistant were wrestling each other naked and she screamed."


    10. There's nothing like an unexpected sex scene to really ruin watching a movie with the family.

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    Barunson E&A

    "In the film Parasite when the Kim family is hiding under the table in the Park family’s home, Dong-ik and Yeon-gyo have sex on the couch, without knowing the Kim family is right there. I had loved the movie up until that point but during that scene I had to spend a good 15 minutes in the kitchen pretending to get a glass of water."


    11. Orgy is definitely not a word you want to come up when watching a movie with your parents.

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    Warner Bros.

    "Eyes Wide Shut, the orgy scene. Yuuuuupp."


    12. This was not the family bonding experience they might of hoped for.

    Apatow Productions

    "I watched The King Of Staten Island with my mom, uncle, and grandfather. There was one graphic sex scene at the beginning of the movie, we all just sat there in silence as awkward tension filled the air, until my mom muttered 'well this isn’t appropriate'."


    13. Family movie night will never be the same again.

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    Warp X

    "We sat down for 'family movie night' to watch Donkey Punch, which was described as a modern day Jaws. In reality, it was practically a porn film with a loose thriller plot. It was so awkward we've never discussed it since."


    14. Sometimes it's not even safe to watch a cartoon with mum.

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    "I was 21 when Sausage Party came out. My mom and I have a good relationship and we went in knowing that it was rated R. What we were NOT ready for was the food orgy at the end. I have never been so uncomfortable in my entire life!"


    15. Some things are way better left unsaid.

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    "When I was 13 I went to see Vanilla Sky with my dad. There's a part in the movie where Cameron Diaz vehemently exclaims to Tom Cruise: 'but I swallowed your cum!' I remember feeling so awkward sat next to my dad as it happened. To make matters worse, when we left my Dad apologised to me for having to hear the line, It was mortifying."


    16. This person definitely won't be watching for the Step Brothers again any time soon.

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    "I went to see Step Brothers in the theatre with my mom and her new boyfriend, and sat between them. The scene where Will Ferrell's character rubs his balls on the drum kit was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever felt in my life!"


    17. At the end of the day, when things get really awkward all you can do is laugh.

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    Lorimar Productions

    "I rented An Officer and a Gentleman with my mom. I had never seen full frontal male nudity in my life at that point so when Richard Gere was standing there, all boy bits on display I was so shocked. I looked at my mom and she had turned bright red and wouldn't stop staring at the fireplace next to the TV. After a few seconds we both laughed harder than I ever remember either of us laughing."


    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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