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You would not believe how those folks eat bread. It is baked fresh every day and delivered to the homes like we used get milk delivered.

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What countries is pasta eaten in as a staple food?

Pasta is eaten as staple food in Italy.

What is a staple food eaten in china?


What is a staple food eaten in Morocco?


What food is traditionally eaten in Spain?

Paella is a really yummy and popular food eaten in Spain!

What is the main staple food eaten in Italy?

Pasta is still eaten by most Italians every day. Fresh ingredients are a staple for Italians.

What is the staple food eaten in turkey?

Bread, cheese, and olives.

What is the staple food eaten in south America?

Sweet potatoes

What are examples of food eaten in Spain?

mexican food!

What Puerto Rican staple food is often eaten with rice?

Pigeon peas.

What is the common food eaten in Spain?

Bread is the most common prepared food in Spain.

What staple foods are eaten in northern Russia?

staple foods are eaten in northern Russia are northern russia staple foods

What is the meaning of staple food?

A staple food is a food that is eaten often and routinely. Staple foods vary depending on region, but supply one or more of the three organic macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) needed for good health and survival.

Are enchiladas eaten in Spain?

It is not a traditional food, but yes can be found in Spain.

Is plantain a fruit or vegetables?

It is a fruit, cooked and eaten in tropical countries as a staple food

What food is eaten on Easter in Spain?

Easter eggs

Is brown rice a high carbohydrate food?

Yes, brown rich is rich in carbohydrates. For this reason, it can be eaten as a staple food.

What is the main food eaten by an Indonesian?

Rice is staple food for indonesians. They eat biryani, chicken, beef, lamb and fish

What kind of food do people eat in Congo?

There are various different kinds of food eaten in Congo. For example, cassava is a staple food of the region.

What foods are eaten in Spain at New Years?

what food does spain eat at new years

What are staple crops?

A staple food is one that is eaten regularly and in such quantities as to constitute the dominant part of the diet and supply a major proportion of energy and nutrient needs.

What are the function of bread?

The function of bread is to provide energy and carbohydrates. As it is a staple food, it is designed to be eaten daily with meals. Examples of staple foods are cereals and rice.

Flamenco is a well-known food eaten in Spain?

Flamenco is not food, it is song and dance from Andalucia in Southern Spain

What food are eaten on Easter in Spain?

Hot cross buns

What is Zimbabwe's staple food?

The staple food in Zimbabwe and for most of Southern Africa is Maize, also called "Sadza". The grounded maize corns are mostly cooked like a porrige and eaten with meat and/or vegetables

What is the staple diet of South Africa?

The staple food of South Africa is pap. It is a thick porridge made from maize meal. Pap is eaten with vegetables or a meat stew.