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The purpose of Gospel Music is to:

1. Uplift and encourage the Body of Christ (Christians).

2. To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music in hopes of bringing salvation to non-believers

3. To entertain Christians and non-Christians alike with positive messages and values.

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The purpose of Southern Gospel music is to stir one spirit in a way that brings one closer to Jesus. The intention is to bring one to a state of worship and love.

The purpose of the "All Music" website is a music streaming website by Fred Hammond that features many genres of music from gospel to reggae, and in-depth information about the musician and album.

Gospel music was started by the christian slaves of the USA.

what are the different types of gospel music

Gospel Music Network was created in 1986.

Gospel Music Association was created in 1964.

Gospel music can be found anywhere. Live gospel music can be heard at churches. Or, one could check out sites that stream gospel music, either for free or for a small fee.

There are numerous award events for Gospel Music artists, including: The Grammy Awards for Gospel Music The GMA Dove Awards The Singing News Fan Awards The Africa Gospel Music Awards The Gospel Music Hall of Fame The Covenant Awards

He contributed to the history of gospel music by opening the first black gospel music publishing company called "Dorsey House of Music".

Gospel music is a specific genre. all gospel songs have there own temp and rhythm, because they are different types. there's upbeat, worship, and slow gospel music, gospel music is its own music because it is not worldly, and has a tempo of 4/4 time. the words are usually about God's love, or what he has or will do for us as his people. Gospel music is very inspirational and spiritual.

Gospel Music Channel is on channel 188. DISH Network does offer customers a few different gospel music options. FWC Music on channel 257 is Live Gospel music or there's also, Gospel Music Showcase on the Daystar Television Network on channel 263. Another channel that may be something you are interested in is, Gaither Homecoming Hour (Gospel Music) on CTN channel 267.

Skillet is gospel and rock. Their music is rock, while their lyrics are mainly gospel. Also, at Skillet's concerts, they will preach the gospel, while playing gospel rock music.

Thomas A. Dorsey's contribution to gospel music is opening the first African-American gospel music publishing company. It was called Dorsey House of Music.

No city is really the birthplace if gospel music. Some consider the birthplace if black gospel music to be Pilgrim Baptist Church in the south side of Chicago, Illinois, because Thomas A. Dorsey, known as the "Father of Gospel Music", was the music director there.

Gospel Music is usually about Sadness or Freedom or some other bollocks

Gospel music usually involves Christianity in its lyrics.

Verity Gospel Music Group was created in 2005.

Gospel Music Hall of Fame was created in 1971.

soul music was influenced by several disparate traditions and gospel music was mainly influenced by African traditions.soul music reached large audiences and gospel music did NOT.. (APEX) i need similarities!!!

There are many places one can listen to country gospel music. One can listen to country gospel music on the radio at channels such as live365 and Last.fm.

The Gospel is the Testament of Jesus Christ.

For Gospel Music... King David, The Book of Psalms For Black Gospel, you are correct!

No its God's music because its not worldly

The group shares their uplifting gospel music with our congregation every Sunday.

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