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Avatar 2: What Is The Story? Detailed Plot Explained

James Cameron’s Avatar went on to become a historic movie that not only achieved critical acclaim but smashed all box office records. While the existing record might have been challenged by The Avengers Endgame movie, the makers are sure that the sequel movie will again gain the the title soon enough! Let us take a look at all the details of the upcoming Avatar sequel movie.

Avatar 2 Is Already In Works After A Prolonged Wait! Here’s What We Know.

After a rather long wait, the sequel Avatar movie is finally in works. Given the creative vision and the technical enormity of the film, the shooting is taking a good amount of time before hitting theaters. The sequel film is slated to release on 17th December 2021.

Director Will Be Coming Back Back For All The Upcoming Avatar Movies!

Moreover, James Cameron will be returning back to helm the sequel as the director. Cameron was the sole scriptwriter for the first movie, however, this time he has also roped in Josh Friedman as well. While not much is disclosed about the plot yet, Cameron has teased the idea that the sequel movie will showcase a whole new habitat along with a new the world as well. Take a look at this social media post showing the sets of the sequel movie! It sure looks intriguing enough.

Keeping the last film in mind, this sequel will also focus on Jack, Neytiri, and their family along with the children. The location will be more around the mysterious oceans of the planet Pandora. It seems like an unknown adventure is waiting to be unveiled in the upcoming movie.

Kate Winslet Is All Set To Work With James Cameron Yet Again!

While the familiar characters will be returning for the sequel as well, some new actors have been roped in as well. These actors include Titanic star, Kate Winslet with whom, James Cameron has worked before. Even Cliff Curtis is joining the cast this time. Cameron has quite a vision planned ahead with more new technology on the way. We can’t wait to catch the movie on the big screen this time!

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