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Find the Best Digital and Electric Piano for You

Differences Between Electric Pianos and Electric Keyboards

Electric pianos and keyboards, also known as digital pianos and keyboards, have come a long way. Thanks to technology enhancements, digital pianos mimic the sound and feel of acoustic pianos. If you are thinking about buying a digital piano or keyboard, you should know what you are getting.

A digital piano includes pedals and a base, while a digital keyboard contains the keyboard only. Electric keyboards tend to be compact and portable, and a better choice for a smaller space. In order to get the full benefit of an electric keyboard, you may need a keyboard stand or other keyboard accessories

Keyboard Piano Considerations

Both electric pianos and keyboards are available with a weighted keyboard. A weighted keyboard can greatly impact piano performance and dynamics. When you press the keys on a weighted keyboard softly, the notes will sound quieter. But when you press the keys more forcefully, the notes will be louder. This feature makes the electric piano or keyboard feel more like an acoustic piano.

If you prefer to practice privately or want to keep your focus while playing music, you may want to choose a piano or keyboard with a headphone jack. Noise-cancelling headphones can be a beneficial practice tool, especially if you have roommates or neighbors in close proximity. You’ll benefit from clear sound coming through your headphones while you play, yet they can still enjoy other activities.

You may also want to consider what size digital piano or keyboard you want. We carry electric pianos and keyboards that range from having 61 keys, to 76 keys, up to a standard 88-key digital piano. Whatever your piano or keyboard needs, consider Best Buy.

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