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15 Best Readymade Multi vendor Marketplace Software And Scripts

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The main vision of all online sellers is to have a perfect and reliable multi vendor website that is because it is capable of generating high profits and also it can be easily managed. People are getting comfortable in purchasing the products of their need in any online store.

Around 65% of the population are surfing the net and spend most of their time visiting all leading e-commerce sites. This proves that there is a vast need of having a multi vendor marketplace platform for any online business.

What is Readymade Multi vendor Marketplace Software

Readymade marketplace software are ready to use software that gives you an instant solution. The readymade marketplace software can be deployed in a quick time, since it has all the required features as built-in features. it is quite economical and very user-friendly. Even a non-techy can manage it.

Why Readymade Marketplace Software is taking advantage of building from scratch

There are many reliable reasons why people prefer to buy readymade marketplace software for their business use.

Scalability: One can easily deploy the readymade marketplace either on cloud or on any reliable premises server that can make the platform totally scalable. So entrepreneurs who have the plan of extending your business can consider readymade marketplace software wholeheartedly.

Customization: Although the scripts are already developed, it can be easily customized as per the business needs. So none of the functionalities is impossible with readymade marketplace software.

Built-in features: this software will have all the necessary features like shopping carts, payment integration, product filters, marketing tools, etc. This will be useful for any start-ups who don’t have enough knowledge about the E-commerce platform.

Economical: developing a customized multi vendor platform will cost high but if you go far a readymade marketplace you can find it very economical. Especially if you are a start-up then it is highly recommended to go for a readymade marketplace platform.

Let us analyze in deep about the top 15 Multi vendor Marketplace software.

1.    Zielcommerce - An Ultimate Multi vendor Marketplace Software

Streamline your business with Zielcommerce, a self hosted multi vendor marketplace platform. One can gain a tailored shopping experience through its multilingual feature. With Zielcommerce, you can grab the attention of multinational audience with its effective content management system and can escalate your sales and revenue.

The exclusive mobile app of this marketplace software will help you to attract more mobile users to your marketplace platform and can easily get you greater conversion. You can have a stress-free business with this marketplace solution. Have built this marketplace extension with an extreme user-interface and flattering UI & UX.

Zielcommerce multi-vendor script comes with unique features as mentioned below:

  • Zielcommerce is a highly scalable and perfectly secured marketplace platform that gives the high-end market solution.
  • It is a one-time payment software that is totally economical for any start-ups.
  • One can easily manage orders, update tracking numbers of the order, update the inventory and many more with Zielcommerce multi vendor platform.
  • Customers can save their products in their cart and can be checked out later at their convenience.
  • Keeping marketing of the business in mind, the software is developed to be SEO-friendly

Customization – 100% customizable.

2.    Arcadier -a Perfect Readymade Multi vendor Solution

Arcadier is a genuine multi vendor marketplace platform that is capable of generating high profits and also every user can efficiently manage the software. Arcadier is a perfect choice for users who are planning to go globally.

Give your audience an awesome shopping experience with this unified multi vendor software that is completely impeccable. This multi vendor marketplace platform is perfectly flexible and highly scalable to use.

Arcadier has played an outstanding role in the multivendor marketplace business with its salient features:

  • A perfect vendor portal with real-time editing.
  • Mainly designed to serve agencies and SMEs
  • It has content import/export features. And it is enabled with back-end options of the complete control on admin over the sales and all other factors.
  • This multi vendor marketplace platform has shopping cart, Fee/commission management, online Store builder, Category management all at one place.

Customization: Yes, Available.

3.    Genstore -  a Trustworthy Multi vendor Marketplace Extension

A complete personalized online store that satisfies all the current online market scenarios. Genstore is quick to launch multi vendor marketplace software and supports you to run your online store effectively.

Understand the market and get acknowledged with this renowned multi vendor marketplace software. Reach your audience with high pride as you own a great and reliable marketplace platform.

Genstore has become one of the best multi vendor platform because of its additional features:

  •   Genstore has a unique seller dashboard
  •   It also has a robust admin panel.
  •   Freelancer, start-ups, SMEs and Enterprises can get benefited by this software.
  •   It is perfectly compatible with all devices.
  •   Genstore has its own forum where you can report your queries and doubts.

Customization: Yes, available.

4.    VivoGigs - a Secured Multi vendor Script

Vivogigs is a customizable multi vendor software and users can keep updating the software according to the market change. You can embrace your customers by providing them the multi vendor solution.

Give your best to your customer with this popular multi vendor marketplace platform and retain your customers with all the comprehensive features of this marketplace extension. Maximize your returns with the in-built marketing tool that is available in this multi vendor script.

Vivo gigs delivers numerous features and proves itself a good multi vendor platform:

  • A perfect entertainer’s marketplace software.
  • Dedicated platform with all social media integration
  • Data Caching improves the performance of your online web store.
  • Enhanced power search and email notification.
  • Top reviews and rating system and also users are enabled with predefined payment modules, and can customize the payment solution as per the business needs.

Customization : Available

5.    IXXOCart - Well Protected Multi vendor Marketplace Service

IXXO Cart is a perfect business to business trading ecommerce marketplace. This multi vendor marketplace platform mainly increases the business agility by providing a reliable automated process. 

IXXOCART, a well-framed multi vendor marketplace solution is developed for any type of business model and can get you a genuine audience to your marketplace platform. Stay relaxed and let your marketplace software work on your behalf and get you profit.

IXXO Cart with its marketplace script offers many features to its users

  • IXXOCart is a standalone application that delivers all necessary features that are to be in an E-commerce platform.
  • Create and manage your e-commerce product catalogue at ease.
  • It provides an ideal environment for vendors and also the service providers to sell the products online.
  • Its high performance network always make sure that the multi vendor platform is always online.

Customization: available

6.    CS-Cart - A Reliable Multi vendor Marketplace Extension

CS-Cart rules the digital market and users face a new level of experience in meeting their day to day business operations. CS-Cart is robust multi vendor software with maximum features suited to run your marketplace globally.

Gain the attention of your segmented audience through this attractive marketplace extension and make your brand to be easily recognized by all. CS-cart will support you in delivering the products at right time and increases your marketplace platform’s credibility in a short time.

CS-cart has become a multi vendor solution by possessing the additional features like:

  • 100% open source and very flexible marketplace software.
  • 80+ payment and shipping built-in services are available
  • It has a convenient content management system and also a pack of marketing tools.
  • It maintains a perfect user experience across multiple devices.

 Customization: yes, it is possible to customize.

7.    Acenda - An Exceptional Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

Acenda is easy to interact and explore multi vendor marketplace software. The beautifully designed dashboard lets you to analyze your sales and revenue in single click. You can also earn lifetime ownership, once you own the software.

Ensure your customers about their privacy is well maintained in this marketplace solution and buyers can rely on the platform in sharing their information. The marketplace extension is perfectly secured with a high-level security protocol that keeps the marketplace software far away from hackers.

The benefits of Acenda multivendor solution

  • Acenda is a cloud e-commerce multi vendor platform that supports the entrepreneurs to build their web store.
  • Beautifully designed device responsive with extraordinary e-commerce themes.
  • It can help both B2C and B2B users with its features.
  • It is easy to launch and intuitive interface.

Customization- available

8.    Retaxis - a Valuable Multi vendor Marketplace Extension

Retaxis lets you enjoy the user-friendly web and mobile app through which your customers can buy your products online. You can also be benefited with the preferred payment method of Retaxis. Also, Retaxis supports more than 15 payment gateways.

Delight your customers with this never-ending multi vendor solution and have complete control on lead generation and maximize your conversion rate effectively. As you focus the major audience your marketplace website traffic will automatically increase and you can expect good returns.

Retaxis has proven itself to be the best multi vendor marketplace platform with its advanced features:

  • Trustworthy readymade marketplace software for Food, Fashion, Electronics, medicine or accessory industry.
  • Perfectly SEO-friendly and you can easily promote your business.
  • Coupon codes ad in-store promotions adds value to the multi vendor platform.
  • One can easily manage the COD or prepaid orders effectively.

Customization – Available

9.    Oorjit  - a Leading Multi vendor platform

The best multi vendor marketplace platform that has multiple revenue channels. The marketplace software inherits all the buyer and seller focused features and also gives high-end flexibility and massive scalability.

Defeat your competitors with this unbeatable multi vendor marketplace platform and attract more buyers by using extraordinary marketing strategies. With perfect content that is available in this marketplace software, you can easily grab the attention of buyers.

Outstanding features of the Oorjit multi vendor marketplace scripts:

  • A highly scalable enterprise E-commerce platform.
  • Its customizable framework supports B2B & B2C business models in an effective manner.
  • Exclusive Deals and Coupons are provided in Oorjit that will surely delight your customers.
  • It has CMS enabled that allows you to create a dynamic website.

Customization – Available

10.  Volusion e-commerce - an Incomparable Multi vendor Software Solution

Volusion ecommerce is one of the top multi vendor marketplace platforms with superb community support. The ecommerce software is perfectly developed by experts. All you need is to spare a few minutes to install the software.

Enjoy your business with this fully-automated multi vendor marketplace platform as you can stay calm and watch your marketplace software functioning most of the operations without your intervention.

The true features of Volusion ecommerce multi vendor platform

  • This multi vendor platform is quick and easy to operate anywhere and anytime.
  • This really has a highly responsive theme.
  • The multi vendor marketplace software has a very resilient user-friendly mobile app that helps you track all the activities.

Customization  - Available

11. Yo-Kart – a notable multi vendor marketplace platform

Yo-Kart is one of the popular multi vendor marketplace software that has gained the attention of the entrepreneurs in recent days. It possesses all the necessary functionalities that are essential for a multi-vendor marketplace solution.

Yo-kart provides an excellent shopping experience to its users. This multi vendor marketplace software is available as a mobile app that can get the attraction of mobile users. This marketplace platform increases the customer engagement and makes your online store more live and active.

The strong features of yo-Kart multi vendor software

  • Highly collaborated with an SEO optimization tool
  • Yo-kart owns a great interface that makes it a unique multi-vendor platform.
  • This multi vendor software has a highly appreciated user experience. 
  • Yo-kart comes with one-year free technical support that delights its customers.

12. X-Cart – An open-source multi vendor software

X-cart can be useful for both small and medium scale businesses. Through a single shopping cart, the customers can purchase this multi vendor marketplace platform. Shipping protocols can be set by the site admin that will be helpful to deliver products that are ordered with this multi vendor software.

All management operations are done through an automation process that gives the owner of this multi vendor marketplace software a peace of mind and the admin can focus on the marketing and the promotion part alone. The rest will be taken care of this magnificent marketplace platform.

The true highlights of this multi vendor marketplace platform

  • Hassle-free accounting and a secured multi vendor solution.
  • Advanced features like promotions, special offers, reporting, and analytics are available in this multi vendor solution.
  • Experience a handy store management

13. Cedcommerce– a full-fledged multi vendor software.

Cedcommerce multi vendor platform transfers the single online store to multiple vendor marketplace. The sellers can have a clean track of their sales and revenue. The product management is simple and easy with cedcommerce multi vendor platforms.

Cedcommerce has gained a lot of positive feedback from its users and users find this multi vendor marketplace software to be the most user-friendly marketplace platform. Through word-of-mouth this multi vendor software has acquired more number of users in a very short time.

The challenging features of this multi vendor marketplace.

  • Fully integrated to handle third party payments and deferred payments
  • No technical skill is required to install this multi-vendor software.
  • Cedcommerce is completely mobile-friend marketplace software.
  • This marketplace platform includes online and 24/7 support.

14. Spreecommerce– an intuitive multi vendor solution

The spreecommerce multi vendor platform comes with the range of extensions that facilitates the users to have customized features concerning their business needs. The inbuild SEO optimization helps the marketplace software to be easily ranked in search engines.

Spreecommerce has given more attention in delighting customers. This will help you to cover your complete target audience group and make them visit your multi vendor marketplace platform and you can easily retain them with the help of the advanced features of this marketplace solution.

The unbelievable features of this multi vendor solution

  • A reliable dashboard for the sellers and the admin.
  • The commission structure can be fixed by the admin of this multi vendor software.
  • The customer review system helps to uplift the quality of the service of this multi vendor marketplace solution.

15. Cocorico – a recognized multi vendor software.

Cocorico is recognized as a perfect multi vendor platform by a large community of developers. It provides all specialized features that are highly required by any startups.

This multi vendor marketplace software has its own goodwill in the market as it follows a standard of protocol that will facilitate the user in finding and buying the product easily. Buyers can share their products through social media login features and can get the feedback about the product from their friends. Thus cocorico has gained better support as it has served as a perfect multivendor solution.

The quality features of this multi vendor marketplace platform

  • An eye-catching design and user-friendly admin dashboard
  • This multi vendor platform offers you to create subscription or membership plans for the vendors.
  • You can add unlimited products and also unlimited vendors.
  • This multi vendor marketplace platform is super flexible and easy to setup.


Looking for ways to succeed, every online seller strives to be aware of all cutting-edge technologies. We hope that you have gained some informative knowledge about the leading readymade multi vendor marketplace platforms. Personally check for the customer reviews about all the above mentioned platforms and select the perfect one that suits your current business.

All readymade marketplace are easy and ready to implement. Choose your multi vendor marketplace platform and start your online store. Finally all you need is to love your work and love your own online web store. Focus on your sales and customer satisfaction and rule the digital market.


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