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Examples Of Linguistic Intelligence

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Linguistic Intelligence

What Is Linguistic Intelligence?
Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, and Oprah Winfrey are famous people who have high linguistic intelligence. In other words, they have a deep understanding and appreciation of the rules and functions of language. People with linguistic intelligence are skilled writers and speakers. They can understand the languages and words of others more easily, and can learn foreign languages much faster than the average person. They are able to use vocabulary to express themselves clearly and precisely. They can convey meaning and emotions in their words. They are good at imagery and inciting emotional reactions in others by using their words. They are also good at descriptive language and make excellent storytellers.

"Linguistic Intelligence is a part of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory that deals with an individual's ability to understand both spoken and written language, as well as their ability to speak and write themselves. In a practical sense, linguistic intelligence is the extent to which an individual can use language, both written and verbal, to achieve goals.[1] In addition to this, high linguistic intelligence has been linked to improved problem solving, as well as to increased abstract reasoning."
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This is a multistage mechanism that involves many different areas of the brain. The first stage is planning, where the brain constructs words and sentences that turn the thought into an understandable form. This occurs primarily in the inferior frontal cortex, specifically in an area known as Broca's area. Next, the brain must plan how to physically create the sounds necessary for speech by linking the planned speech with known sounds, or phonemes. While the location of these associations is not known, it is known that the supplementary motor area plays a key role in this