Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn – they’re all great channels to promote your event… but not all organisers know how to use them to their full potential.

Here are eight fabulous examples of Eventbrite events utilising social media marketing to the max (and for more top tips on using social media to promote your event, check out the chat on the EventTribe forum).

1. The London Gin Festival


The organisers of the London Gin Festival have mastered the art of the pastiche to promote their event. Being timely and topical, and taking inspiration from the release of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie, they produced their own ‘One Hundred Shades of Gin’ book cover.

Poking fun at those annoying error messages that pop up on your computer, they created their own, asking if the – no doubt exasperated – user would like to have a gin and tonic!






Even more amusingly, they invented ‘International Kiss A Gin Day’ (an alternative to ‘International Kiss A Ginger Day’) and encouraged followers to post pictures of themselves kissing bottles of gin, using a specially created hash tag. The best photo was awarded with a bottle of gin, naturally.

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2. Sherlocked: The Official Sherlock Convention

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.50.38

Massive Events, the organiser of Sherlocked, have done a great job of keeping their audience on tenterhooks by gradually releasing information about the event. They started promoting the event before even having a date or venue, but told fans to ‘keep the end of April free’.

When they did announce the date and venue it made a great impact, generating 1,231 shares on Facebook and nearly 1,000 shares on Twitter. Later they released details of their official website and then the speakers and VIP guests who would be attending the event.

To further engage fans they recorded a teaser video with star guest Mark Gatiss, the co-creator and writer of Sherlock, who also plays Sherlock’s sidekick Holmes. In the 30-second clip, Gatiss told fans he was very much looking forward to meeting them at the convention. Cue excited fans!

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3. Play Blackpool

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.27.04

Replay Events, organiser of annual video gaming expo Play Blackpool, used its blog to announce the launch of its Replay Gamer Awards. It asked readers to vote in a number of categories include Best Game, Best Film and Best Album and gave voters the chance to win tickets to the expo, as well as other prizes. They took the opportunity to add those who voted to their mailing list, meaning they could send them subsequent email about the event, but they also used it as an opportunity to create content for their social media channels.

Although the winners of each award category would ultimately be chosen by a panel of judges and announced at the event itself, Replay Events announced the results according to readers’ votes. They did this over the course of a week, announcing a different category each day, accompanied by some shareable illustrative graphics.

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4. !Audacious

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.59.09

!Audacious is a religious expo organised by !Audacious Church, Manchester, with the tagline “It’s not just an event, it’s a lifestyle”. The church were clearly struck by divine inspiration and decided to focus on the music of its in-house rock band to help spread this message.

They created an album ‘Rise’ and to launch it, organised a performance that was streamed worldwide. Reaction was garnered using the hashtags #‎audaciousrise and ‪#‎rise. The online activity was so successful that the album reached number 2 in the Christian and Gospel iTunes chart. Fans will no doubt now be looking forward to seeing the !Audacious Band perform live at the event in July.

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5. X Music Festival

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 13.09.14

X Music Festival is taking place in Edinburgh and Cardiff, with acts including DJ Annie Mac, Sigma, Ja Rule and Clean Bandit. The organisers have effectively grown their social media following and ticket sales by using a range of incentives.

As the event line up was being announced, the organisers released obscured images of the artists and acts. Fans were challenged to guess the identity of one such performer in order to win VIP weekend tickets. In another post, 300 fans had to like and share the image before the organisers would reveal the identity of the performer pictured. The fans could also earn £5 off a ticket by doing so.

Meanwhile, followers were invited to become ‘X Music Festival Ambassadors’ by selling tickets to their friends in order to earn a free ticket for themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 13.08.51

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 13.09.37








6. Total Warrior

Total Warrior clearly know how important great imagery is when advertising their events. These pictures show great in-action shots of participants, and highlight exactly what you could be getting involved in, if you went to the event.

There is an element of FOMO involved, when you see how excited and engaged people are at the event, and when you add the challenge element to this, you really feel like you want to get stuck in and sign up.





7. Burger Bear

What is evident by Burger Bear’s posts is that they know their strength and they are not afraid to use it; this strength is of course their burgers. You only need to look at one of their burger pics to find yourself drooling over them. Whilst they know their burgers are the reason you are following them on social media channels and the reason you turn up to their events, it is also the personality and the energy of the founder, Burger Bear Tom, that attracts you do this brand.


He gets that people don’t necessarily buy from brands but from people. Burger Bear Tom show himself as being fun, likes to get involved, and dresses up in fancy dress any occasion he can.

8. Jersey Live

The guys at Jersey Live use the strengths of the different platforms and use these to their advantage. On Instagram they’ve made use of apps like Instagrids, to really show off the festival. If all of this was in one image, the scale and impact would be lost.

On Twitter, where people are scrolling through at speed, they have great a gif quickly highlighting some of the main acts that will be playing at their event. In an instant you register the festival name and the name of the artists, and spend the next few seconds seeing who else will be headlining. They also create posts showing off the individual headliners, like Disclosure. This unique gif they created was retweeted by Disclosure, which would have got them a lot of impressions. If they had merely tweeted saying Disclosure were playing, they wouldn’t have got this retweet.

In conclusion

As you can see, creativity is the key to really successful social media event marketing. Be topical, take inspiration from other media sources such as films, books and TV commercials and ride on the coat tails of another established movement. Use pictures, video, music, competitions and any other expressive medium you can think of. Incentivise, reward and recognise. But most of all have fun, and the rest will follow!

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