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Tobey Maguire: Jake Roedel



  • Jake : Woman, I have killed fifteen men.

  • [discussing rumors of their engagement] 

    Sue Lee Shelley : So do you wanna marry me?

    Jake : No, not too bad.

    Sue Lee Shelley : Good. That's good news, 'cause I wouldn't marry you for a wagonload full of gold.

  • Pitt Mackeson : Why you little Dutch son of a bitch. You do what I tell you or I'll kill you.

    Jake : [pulls his gun a few inches from Pitt's face]  And when do you figure to do this mean thing to me Mackeson? Is this very moment convenient for you? It is for me.

  • Jake : It ain't right, and it ain't wrong. It just is.

  • [Camping out, Jack Bull Chiles and Jake Roedel discuss Jake's finger, which was shot off in a skirmish] 

    Jack Bull : My father's under the dirt to stay. Like that's gone to stay, too.

    Jake : My finger?

    Jack Bull : Mmm-hmm.

    Jake : Well, so it is. And it makes me notable by the loss.

    Jack Bull : You sound pleased... as if that finger'd been pesterin' you for rings.

    Jake : No. It was a fine finger and I'd rather have it still, but... it was took from me and it's been et by chickens for sure. And I say, what is the good side to this amputation? And there is one.

  • Jake : Well I believe that man would marry stone to stone if there was a chicken at the end.

  • [Jake Roedel contemplating the Lawrence raid] 

    Jake : It's just bad luck citizens finding out just how bad luck can be.

  • Jake : I say what is the good side to this amputation and there is one.

    Jack Bull Chiles : Name it, Jake.

    Jake : Well, you say one day some Federals catch up to me in a thicket. They would riddle me and hang me and no Southern man would find me for weeks or months and when they did I'd be bad meat pretty well rotted to a glob.

    Jack Bull Chiles : That's scientifically accurate, I'm afraid. I've seen it.

    Jake : I'd be a mysterious gob of rot. And people would say, "Who was that?" Then surely someone would look up and say, "Why it's nubbin fingered Jake Roedel." Then you could go and tell my father that I was clearly murdered and he wouldn't be tortured by uncertain wonders.

    Jack Bull Chiles : And that's the good of it?

    Jake : Yes sir, that's the good.

  • Southern Gentleman : That's Pitt Mackeson, ain't it? I here he'd soon as kill a man as mash a tick.

    Jake : My, what a scary fellow he is.

  • Pitt Mackeson : Read us this letter, Dutchie.

    Jake : That's somebody else's letter.

    Pitt Mackeson : Was. I wanna hear you read it.

    Jake : I don't think I'd care too.

    Pitt Mackeson : Oh is that so? Well I think that if you think a little bit more, Dutchie, you'll think you do wanna read it me. Right now, too.

  • Jake : Where you headed?

    Pitt Mackeson : Newport.

    Jake : Hell man, there's two hundred Federals in Newport! We just rode through 'em. You can't go on in there!

    Pitt Mackeson : Wrong, Dutchie. I am going in there. I'm for certain sure going in there. I want a drink, and they have drinks in Newport.

    Jake : They'll kill you, you best stay clear out of there.

    Pitt Mackeson : I don't think so Dutchie. I don't reckon I'll clear out of where I was born. You see that there was my hometown, and I reckon I'll go on in and have me a drink there.

    Jake : Turner, you too? They'll kill you sure.

    Pitt Mackeson : What a horrible fate! Oh what a horrible fate! Oh boy you got me now Dutchie, oh boy you got me now.

  • Jake : I've been thinking, Jack Bull, a wedding is a peculiar thing.

    Jack Bull Chiles : No more peculiar, Jake, than slavery.

  • Jake : One mother's very much like another.

    Pitt Mackeson : Remember one thing, her boys will kill you if they can.

  • George Clyde : Rodel... You want my bacon?

    Jake : Yes, I could eat it.

    George Clyde : Well, I'll shit it out by the oak tree in the morning, you just go and help yourself.

  • Jake : [to a love-struck Jack Bull]  There happens to be a war going on everywhere but between your two ears, you dumb ox.

  • Sue Lee Shelly : [breast feeding]  You always gonna stare like that?

    Jake : Long as I can.

  • Evans : [finishing his haircut]  There ya are, Dutchy, you're 21 again.

    Jake : I'm just now 19, Nort.

    Evans : Is that so.

  • [last lines] 

    Jake : [farewell]  Daniel Holt...

    Daniel Holt : Jacob Rodel...

    Daniel Holt : [big wave and rides off] 

  • Jake : I thought you said you wouldn't want me for a wagon full of gold, cuz I'm a nubbin-fingered runt of a Dutchman. I remember you saying that.

    Sue Lee Shelly : Well, I guess I lied.

    Jake : Are you lying again now?

    Sue Lee Shelly : No. I wouldn't lie to you, Jake.

    Jake : You just told me you lied to me before...

    Sue Lee Shelly : Well that's different, that was romance.

    Jake : Now is what?

    Sue Lee Shelly : The truth. This here now is the truth.

  • Jake : [Sue Lee and Jack Bull are making out in Jack Bull's bed]  Oh for crying out loud, We're sitting right here show us some mercy!

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