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It Takes Great Self-Control to Shut "IT" the Hell up!

It Takes Great Self-Control to Shut “IT” the Hell UP!

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“If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Good morning, lovely you,

What is going on in that head of yours? Are you having trouble with an overactive racing mind?

Never fear, you just have a case of the “drunken monkey mind,” which is the part of your brain connected to the ego.

When your mind is racing, it stifles your creativity and prevents you from completing your goals and dreams. The monkey mind is incessant and wants to be heard no matter what. It takes great self-control to shut it the hell up! The only way to.control this part of your brain is to pull in the reins and quietly settle things down.

Did you know you can relax and be in reflective mode every day every during a pandemic?

When I write Prue’s Place Daily it is like a meditation. I zone out, and with my thoughts and surrounded by my guides, I start writing. Meditative music helps me to calm down and with my favorite breathing exercise (Deep breath in for 5 counts – hold for 7 counts and breath out slowly for 8 counts – repeat.) I’m ready to write.

Do you ever catch yourself zoned out? It’s kinda cool when you do. Not so cool when you do it driving along the freeway and miss your exit!!

Look around you and be aware of all the beauty in your natural surroundings. The more aware you become, the more time you spend in a meditative mode.

Mindfulness doesn’t mean you have to sit crossed legged and OM out loud for hours!

Don’t make meditation a chore. Just sit down and be quiet, still your mind and focus on something beautiful. Maybe it’s a flower in a vase or a bird sitting on a branch in your garden. Just be still and breathe.

Prue’s quote of the day. “Release all the mind chatter today by focusing on your breath and just relax. Still your mind and live from your heart.”

The sun is shining over here in beautiful New England. Let’s all take a moment and SMILE 😀

Have a great weekend.


COVID-19 3 Essential Things to Keep Your Immune System Strong

COVID-19: 3 Essential Things to Keep Your Immune System Strong

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COVID-19: 3 Essential Things to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Hello Lovely You,

I’m going to jump right in today with a subject we are all concerned about and that is what happens if we contract COVID-19?

If you have been reading Prue’s Place Daily for quite some time, you will know I have spoken often about how essential an anti-inflammatory diet is to your overall wellness. It is far crucial now with the outbreak of COVID-19.

Anti-inflammatory diets and lifestyle changes are paramount to having an optimal immune system. The more inflammation you have in your body, the less likely you can optimally activate your immune system to respond to the challenges, and this includes the seasonal flu and COVID-19.

It is paramount for us all to be mindful of our lifestyle during this pandemic

Are you eating anti-inflammatory foods? Are you exercising daily? Are you meditating and spending time on self-care. We must take extra care of our mind, body, and soul during this pandemic.

COVID-19: 3 Essential Things to Keep Your Immune System Strong:

  1. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet. In a previous Prue’s Place Daily, I mentioned cancer-fighting foods. Are they the same foods you need to help alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19?
  2. Consuming high levels of omega-3 fatty acids will keep your AA/EPA ratio low and reduce excess inflammation in the body. What is the right dose of omega-3 fatty acids? Your blood will tell you. If your AA/EPA ratio between 1.5 and 3, then you are taking enough. Most of us will require at least 5 grams of EPA and DHA per day to reach that ideal AA/EPA range since the average AA/EPA ratio for most Americans is about 20.
  3. You can optimize the innate immune system using high dose polyphenols (water-soluble) They get into the blood to activate the gene transcription factor known as AMPK. How many polyphenols? You will need to keep your levels of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) between 4.9 and 5.1 percent. This will take about 1 gram of water-soluble polyphenols per day, with delphinidins being your best choice. Your doctor can send out for HbA1c test or you can send for a home test. Walmart Pharmacy also does this test.

The more closely you follow an anti-inflammatory diet with the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids and water-soluble delphinidins that can activate AMPK, the better the immune response you will achieve.

Water-soluble polyphenols are found in blueberries and red wine, but you would have to drink about 50 glasses of red wine a day to achieve the required amounts! Water-soluble Delphinidins can activate AMPK and are found in low levels in blueberries or far higher concentrations in delphinidin extracts (maqui berry). Once these water-soluble polyphenols activate AMPK, then it begins to orchestrate your immune system to attack and neutralize the microbial infections like the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and inhibit the symptoms.

As Dr. Barry Sears, says. “This could mean the difference of having a runny nose to being on a ventilator.”

The good news is that we can start today to make our immune system strong.

COVID-19: 3 Essential Things to Keep Your Immune System Strong.

I know there are a ton of links in this post. Take your time and click through because there are great things to learn that will help you to feel confident that you are doing everything in your power to be the best you can be.

We can all start today by making a commitment to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. If you have questions,I have started a chat session at our discussion group. I’ll help you get started.

Love you,

Stress!!! Good or Bad?

STRESS!!! Good or Bad?

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STRESS!!! Good or Bad?

Hello, Lovely You.

When we talk about stress, we tend to talk about only one flavor of it, the bad yucky kind. I mean, how often do you hear someone say, “Gee, I am so stressed right now, and I feel amazing!!” Not often. So it’s clear why we all assume there is only the bad kind of stress.

But there actually is a good kind of stress. And if we listen to it, it can help us avoid the bad kind of stress. But if we don’t listen to it, it can (and generally will) turn into the bad kind of stress. And then we face the possibility of becoming depressed and sick.

When we feel tired, frustrated, or irritated about something going on in our lives, we need to start listening to those emotions. These emotions act as guides and can help us recognize that something is off, not right, or unhealthy for us. This can be a situation at work, at home, or with a neighbor, etc.

I wasn’t always good at listening to my good stress. Before my cancer diagnosis, I often felt like a victim of life. I assumed that I had no control and that I wasn’t responsible for what showed up in my life. Life was crappy sometimes, I told myself, and our job while on the planet was to “just deal with it.

Boy, was I wrong! I now know the importance of listening to my inner emotional voices, whatever they may want to tell me.

Has Your Life’s Engine Light Gone On?

You’ve got to think of stress like the sounds your car makes. Some car owners start to hear a weird rattle noise coming from somewhere under the hood on their way to work. The engine light’s not on, and the car still drives, so they choose to ignore the rattle.

The rattle eventually turns into a grinding noise, but they ignore that as well because, hey, the car is still driving.

Finally, one day, the car won’t start and they think this breakdown came out of nowhere and they throw an absolute fit!! Oh, the injustice of this breakdown!!

Had they brought their car into the shop when it was only making a little rattle noise, they would have been able to fix the problem and prolonged the life and health of their car.

Good stress is like that little rattle. You’ve got to listen to it so you can avoid the grinding and eventual complete breakdown of your mental and physical health.

How to Turn Bad Stress into Good Stress or even No Stress

Many of us have the habit of perceiving our lives negatively. Are you guilty of seeing the glass as half empty instead of half full? If so, it’s important to be honest with yourself and work on shifting your perception of the world and events around you.

The truth is, there will always be heavy traffic and long commutes, noisy neighbors, overbearing bosses, and spouses or partners who are toxic and end up NOT having our best interests at heart. The first step is to remove as many of the obvious stressors in your life as you can.

For the rest of the stress that remains, we must find different ways to think about it. This is really important because if you don’t perceive something as a threat, your body won’t respond by producing and releasing stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. I’ve written about these hormones before – they absolutely wreak havoc on our bodies and our health when we are chronically stressed.

So how do you shift your perception of stressful situations?

Let’s chat in our discussion forum over here:

Keep your thoughts positive and kind.

Love you,

Go Ahead - Lose Control

Go Ahead – Lose Control

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Go Ahead – Lose Control

Good morning, lovely you!

How are you feeling on this beautiful Tuesday morning? You can’t tell but I’m being sarcastic. That’s because we have had almost four straight days of rain here. I know, I know, April showers bring May flowers. But April showers don’t bring sun, and right now I’d like some sun!

I think the weather is a reminder from God that no matter how hard we try, we can’t control everything. And that’s what I want to talk about today. The fact that maintaining control over our lives is an illusion.

At some point, many of us find this out the hard way. For some it’s a health scare, for others a global pandemic or economic crisis. But it seems it does take something major to wake us up from this illusion that we are in total control of our lives.

Control Freaks are Made – Not Born

From the time we’re little we are taught to plan for our future. What do you want to be when you grow up? What college do you want to go to? How many kids do you want? Where do you want to live?

We begin to shape our lives and dream our dreams. And there’s nothing wrong with having an initial plan, setting goals and wanting “good” things to happen to us. We all want to be happy and healthy and successful and have plenty of money to live comfortably.

But what happens when life throws us a curveball and takes us places we never dreamed of or feel comfortable in? Well, we’re not prepared, so we feel like somehow WE screwed up the plan! We must have made some kind of mistake somewhere along the journey because we SURE didn’t dream about failing classes or getting pregnant so soon or being involved in a serious car crash or finding our significant other cheating with our best friend.

If we didn’t plan on these events happening – WHY are they happening and what can we do to navigate them better?

Pssst – You’re on An Ego Trip When You Should be on a Divine One

For many of us, our lives are a MAJOR ego trip. We plan this trip as we would a vacation, micromanaging every last detail.

Have you ever gone on a trip with someone who is an absolute CONTROL FREAK? Their itinerary has been refined down to the second and EVERYONE in the group MUST follow it. There are no side trips or unexpected adventures. Nope, no way, there’s no time for those because those were not part of the plan and they simply don’t fit.

“But we’re only 20 minutes away from a major historical landmark,” you say. “And everyone on TripAdvisor says you HAVE to see this place…”

“I don’t care,” says the control freak, referring back to the itinerary on her smartphone. “We’re NOT going. Now get back in the van!!”

Now imagine YOU in the role of the control freak and God as the really cool friend that is trying to make this trip the best trip EVER. But you don’t even listen to God. You don’t even know he came on the trip with you. All you know is you have CAREFULLY constructed your life, an ego trip, and there is no room for God to plan amazing things on your behalf.

But God often gives us not-so-nice things you say.

We think that because we simply do not, cannot, have the awareness or highest perspective to see the big picture.

Listen, I KNOW what I’m talking about. Do you think 23-year-old me jumped for joy when she was told she had 6 months to live? Do you think I yelled, “AWESOME!” and did a happy dance?

Obviously not. I was scared and very angry. But would current Prue have changed one second of my life’s journey? No. And let me tell you, so very many of the seconds, minutes and hours of my journey have been dark, so very dark. And yet all of that dark has brought me an abundance of light.

Had I been allowed to continue on my ego trip, I would have a vastly different life than I have now. And I am so in love with my life.

It’s Time to Change Your Perspective About Your Life Story!

Whether it’s a book, TV show or a movie, every one of us wants, DEMANDS, thrills with twists and turns. We WANT to be scared. We want mystery and drama and something HUGE for the protagonist to overcome.

So why do we want and expect far less in our own lives?

Why can’t it be a gift to be sent to an unexpected place in our life – one that challenges us and allows us to see behavioral patterns and emotional baggage that are ultimately standing in the way of our unconditional joy?

Who says that we can’t find beauty in ugliness? They’re both right there next to one another.

Who says “hard” is bad and “easy” is good?

Who says the perfect life is the life that looks perfect?

Let Go and Let God

Most of us try to control things for a couple of different reasons:

1. We are scared of the unknown. And we can avoid the unknown if we already know what will happen.

2. We are attracted to a certain outcome and we are CONVINCED this outcome is the one that’s best for us. Even though we really have NO idea.

Facing cancer and your own mortality is a surefire way to learn how to give up some of the control. Yes, I fought for my life. Yes, I searched around the world for answers and medicine I could believe in. Yes, I was an active participant in my own life. As one should be to some extent.

But along my journey, I surrendered to a higher power. I asked God to show me what I needed to know. I asked God to help me recognize the signs that would lead me to my healing.

Essentially, I learned real quick to let go and let God. And do you know what happened?

I learned that when we trust that we are okay, no matter WHAT happens, we can let go and stop trying to micromanage the entire universe.

When we let go, we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities to come our way. Infinite colors to color our life instead of just the ONE crayon that we chose.

When you stop being a control freak and just GO WITH THE FLOW OF LIFE, you can relax and feel calm and peaceful. You can be present in the moment, excited by what will happen next. Who will you meet today? What will happen? What a glorious role you are playing in this holy story!!

I encourage you to stop forcing things so hard and start trying a little bit each day to relax and surrender into the natural flow of life and of God.

This does not mean that you become a lazy inactive slob. No. It means taking action but from a place of acceptance that a higher power “has your back” and knows a heck of a lot more than YOU do!

Go Ahead – Lose Control:

If you find it hard to let go of control – and for some of you you’ve been doing it for so long you don’t even know HOW to let go – do the following:

1. Ask yourself what you are afraid will happen if you let go of control.

Once you know what the fear is, ask yourself if the fear is valid. If you’re afraid your literal trip will be ruined if you don’t see all the sights in the order you’ve outlined, is that really true?

If your fear is my life is over if my husband leaves me, is THAT really true?

Dig deep and be brutally honest here.

2. Ask if it’s any of your business.

You shouldn’t be micromanaging your own life let alone somebody else’s. If you’ve been trying to control other people’s business, chances are it hasn’t been going well so STOP!

3. Ask yourself if letting go of full control would be a relief?

A-ha! You know it would. 99.9999999% of people, when I have asked them this question, immediately have a look come over their face. It’s a look of peace. Letting go is wonderful!

4. Remind yourself that God, your higher power, the Universe loves you IMMENSELY

The world can look like a scary and ugly place at times. That is human error and darkness that corrupts. Sometimes “bad” things happen to good people because the result is something AMAZING!!!!

I am in love with my Dave and the wonderful friends and colleagues in my life right now and I never would have met them and my dear friend who helped me save my life – Dr. Bernie Siegel had my life not taken a scary, unpleasant turn. I would not be interacting with YOU right now if I hadn’t have walked through the valley of darkness first.

Don’t wish for perfection. Don’t wish for easy. Don’t fear hardships and some pain. These are often blessings in great disguise.

Sending much love,


P.S. My dear friend Dr. Bernie Siegel has a beautiful new book out on Amazon. Check it out here:

“When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is:” A Conversation About Life Between Grandfather and Grandson

Come and share your thoughts in the our discussion group.


4 ways to RELAX During Covid-19

4 Ways to RELAX During Unprecedented Times

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Good morning, lovely YOU!

Today we are talking about 4 Ways to RELAX during unprecedented times so you can take care YOU and your family.

I was at the store the other day and so many people looked not only physically tired but soul weary. You could see the sadness in their eyes over their masks.

I understand this is a stressful time for everyone, but as I mentioned before, stress is a bigger killer than any virus. I don’t say that to belittle this health crisis – I say it because I know it to be 100% true.

Chronic stress is probably the number one killer in the world. It causes all kinds of diseases from hypertension and heart disease to cancer. As we all continue to keep a safe distance from one another and wash our hands, it is equally important to make sure we take time to de-stress and relax.

So let’s look at some of the best ways you can get your mind and body into a state of relaxation.

4 Ways to RELAX During Unprecedented Times

1. Learn How to be Calm

When you live in a constant state of stress and anxiety, you forget how it even feels to be calm and relaxed. This is why so many people have trouble falling asleep at night – because their minds and bodies cannot remember how to get into a state of relaxation.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to instantly calm yourself is through your breathing. I highly encourage you to check out the Heart Math Institute. Their breathing techniques put your heart into a state of coherence. You will not only feel more relaxed in the moment, but when you continue to practice these techniques, you may also experience a greater immune system and improved sleep.

2. Release Physical Tension

Our minds and bodies are connected. When we are mentally and emotionally stressed, our bodies begin to hold the tension in our muscles and other organs. It’s so so so important that we find ways to remove this tension.

You may find it helpful to try and do tension release exercises at night before you fall asleep. Go through your entire body, starting at your feet, and tense the muscles for a couple of seconds and then release. Do this, slowly working your way up to your face and top of head. You may find you don’t even make it all the way through your body before you fall asleep.

Exercise is also a fantastic way to release muscle tension. Just be sure to gently stretch after you do it. Not only will your muscles feel better, but you’ll also get a boost of endorphins, which will make your mind and emotions feel better as well.

3. Visualization

We’ve talked about how to relax through the breath, how to relax through releasing muscle tension, now let’s talk about how to relax using your mind. I have mentioned many times about how visualization was one of the tools that helped me fight cancer years ago.

Your imagination is powerful. What you think you become if you do it often enough. So start to imagine scenarios that make you feel calm. Are you at your favorite beach or lake? Maybe you’re at your grandparents’ house where you felt safe and loved. Whatever that place or situation, really put yourself there. Feel the ocean breeze or smell your Nanna’s apple crisp cobbler. Use every bit of your imagination and all of your senses to really experience it.

And, number 4… ways to RELAX during these unprecedented times.

4. Spend More Time in Nature

Now is the perfect time to get outside and feel the sun warm you and experience nature coming back to life. Being with nature can be a form of meditation if you allow it.

When outside, try and let your thoughts go and focus on the sights and sounds around you. I like to find a comfortable spot to plop myself and close my eyes and just listen to the sounds. Listen to the breeze playing my neighbor’s wind chimes, the birds and insects and children playing. Try and expand your hearing… what else do you hear… and what else?

Soon you are so intently focused on listening that all other thoughts will stop. When this happens to you for the first time you may find yourself gasp. Unless you have been practicing meditation for a while, experiencing that moment when your thoughts stop… amazing. Of course, thinking about how amazing it was pops you out of it, but that’s okay because now you know EXACTLY how to get back there. Close your eyes and simply listen to the world around you.

I hope in the coming days and weeks you put these techniques to practice so you can begin to relax more. And once you master these, you can use them no matter what kind of stress presents itself in your life.

More resources for coping with the stress of Covid-19:

Stay Safe. Stay Strong.

Sending light and love…



Are you Going Stir Crazy

Are You Stir Crazy?

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Hello, Lovely You. How are you doing? Are You Stir Crazy?

I’m a little late getting this out to you because things have been hectic with the new Government Payment Protection Programs that are starting today, and new directives on sick pay for employees due to the Coronavirus. I’m also calling every employee and checking in on them. One of our younger employees has set up Fridays at 5:00 Virtual Happy Hour. We all have to dress up today in some sort of headgear! I have a great wig for the occasion!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

We keep plugging away, and every day we are learning more. Every day brilliant scientists are getting closer to more effective quicker turn-a-round blood testing, the use of off label malaria drugs have promise, and dedicated scientists around the world are racing to find a vaccine.

Some of us are doing better than others being isolated at home.

We are staying home and socializing less which can be very challenging for many people. Some of us are able to work from home, so we are keeping to our regular routines and have daily interactions with our work colleagues on video conferencing Others have been forced to stay at home and can’t work from home so they have less virtual social interaction.

What can you do to stop going stir crazy?

Here are five things you can do daily:

Create a Daily Action Plan: Add stuff you need and love to do to your Action Plan. Get into a routine. Get up, have a shower, get dressed, and put on your makeup as if you are going to work.

Read: Make this social hiatus a favorable time by checking out your bookshelf. I bet it has been quite some time since you read any of the books sitting on the shelf or downloaded to Kindle. I know I have many books downloaded that I’m going to enjoy finally reading! There are fewer things more powerful than the written word.

It can be a spiritual or self-help book, the autobiography of someone you admire, or a fictional story you can get lost in.

Great books to inspire you: “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman and Don Miguel Ruiz’s book – “The Four Agreements.”Check out some of my favorite books over here.

If you love to read, set up a virtual book club with friends and family on Skype or Zoom.

If reading isn’t your thing, there is always a good movie, show, or series.

With an unprecedented amount of media content available on streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, you can binge on a favorite show or watch a classic movie and not feel guilty that you should be doing something else! 😀

If video games are your thing, you can fire up your consul and play to heart’s content.

Exercise: With our gyms, YMCA, and the JCC closed, you need to continue a regular exercise routine. I’ve started social distancing walks – 5 miles a day. When I am feeling blue or fearful, I get out in the fresh air.

It’s a blustery, rainy, cold day today so that I won’t venture out on my walk. Instead, I’m going to put on an old dance DVD and kick up my heals!!

It only takes 30 minutes a day of stretching, exercise, yoga, pilates, Tai Chi to reduce stress and anxiety.

Food: Try to eat healthy foods. Prepare anti-inflammatory meals. Keeping your inflammation under control is paramount. Read what Dr. Barry Sear’s has to say about Coronavirus and inflammation.

Meditation/Mindfulness/Prayer: Keep up your meditation/prayer practice and breath deeply often. I say to myself daily, “Already healed. Already done.” Meditations and mindfulness with lower your heart rate and help you to think better thoughts.

Technology: Unplug from the Internet, your phone, and social media during your day. I notice how much my stress is triggered when I’m looking through FB posts.

If you are going stir crazy try new things. You have time on your hands for the first time in years or ever, so unwind from technology and watch a movie or read a book! When have you been able to do these things during the work week before?

Sleep: Good sleep will give your body a mental and physical boost. Rest is the essential natural stress reducer. If you are having difficulty sleeping, please download my freebie audio Sleep Well. Be Well.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong.

We are in this together.

Remember you can meet up and chat here.

Love you,

How to Hear the Universe Whispering

How to Hear the Universe Whispering

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Good morning, lovely you!

It hit me quite recently that there is a big silver lining to what’s happening in the world right now. The Coronavirus has caused the entire world to come to a screeching halt. Now I very much recognize the fear and financial hardship this has caused so many people.

But there is something interesting going on right now as well. Life has become… quieter. The noise of daily life has also been brought to a halt. No more sports on TV. No more loud traffic. No more din of the daily hustle and bustle of life.

This peace and quiet is a perfect time for reflection and for communing with the Universe. The Universe, God, the source, creator, whatever term you feel most comfortable with… IT is always trying to connect with us. But most of us are so gosh darn busy that we don’t even hear the whisperings.

I encourage you to take advantage of this downtime to connect with the spirit to connect with source so you can finally receive the important messages.

Asking for Help

Most of us, at any given time in our life, feel absolutely stuck and lost and like we need someone just to tell us what to do. It’s at these times that we need to start the communication with the Universe.

So how exactly do we go about asking for guidance from the Universe?

The first step is to get absolutely clear on what it is you’re asking. The clearer YOU are, the clearer the answer will be.

Once you know what it is exactly that you need help with, speak to the Universe as you would a trusted friend or advisor. You can do this in the shower, while driving (if you’re still going out) or while walking the dog. Just speak and ask for what you need, “I ask that you help me find ways to pay off this credit card debt.”

Once you ask, the next important thing is to THANK the UNIVERSE as if you have already been given the answers you seek. This is key The saying, “Let go and let God” is about this very concept. Have the confidence of a little child who has asked their parent for a glass of milk. Of COURSE, they are going to give you that glass of milk, you have NO DOUBTS about it, and you go about your business.

And SO LET IT BE! Have FAITH that the UNIVERSE will provide you with what you need and simply go about your business.

How to Hear the Universe Whispering

The only thing you need to do at this point is to allow those messages to come through. As I said, now is a great time because all of us are forced to stop and be quiet.

Here are some things you can do to put yourself into a head and heart space that will allow those messages to come through:

Be in Nature

Spring is here! Get outside and enjoy nature.

Take a walk or simply sit outside on a warm day listening to the birds and enjoying the sun. Try and let all of your thoughts go and focus on the sights and sounds around you. This will help open up communication channels.

Be Mindful of Your Breath

You may be feeling stress with the recent events. Stress closes us up to messages from the Universe. Focus on your breathing to release the stress and to feel calm. Take some time each day to control your breath… breathing in slowly for a count of 5 through your nose… hold it for a count of 5… then release it for a count of 5 through your lips. You should feel instantly calm and relaxed after doing this just once. But repeat it a few times and practice this breathing technique throughout the day.

Limit Media Consumption

Your head and heart only have so much bandwidth for messaging. Save it for the Universe, who will only bring you truth, love, and peace. Keep media consumption to a minimum.

Look for Signs

Our nightly dreams are always our subconscious speaking to us. Our subconscious speaks to us through the symbols of our dreams. The Universe will also speak to us through signs and symbols, so it’s essential to be open and pay attention to your surroundings to find them.

The Universe may speak to you through your subconscious and through your dreams. Keep a dream journal and write down everything you remember each morning. Pay special attention to what you were FEELING in the dream and to anything “odd” or “unusual” that happened that drew your attention.

You may also get messages through animals. This can be through your own pets or through wild animals. Zuzu will often draw my attention to something outside that when I see it, I instantly know it is a message from spirit.

Pay attention on your walks, pay attention to how your pets are acting. Animals are CONNECTED to source and are always happy to help act as messengers themselves!

You may notice that you will start seeing the same numbers over and over again. 11:11, 333, 551, 515, pay attention to these angel numbers as this is a common way we are spoken to.

And finally, synchronicities are a very obvious way the Universe speaks to us. You were thinking of a friend and they call you right in that instant. Synchronicities are so remarkable it is hard to deny that there is something so important about them. This is how the Universe lets us know we are on the right path and to keep going, to keep trusting our instinct.

And what is instinct? Instinct IS THE UNIVERSE at work within us.

While I know this time is very stressful and unnerving for many, I encourage you to use this downtime wisely and get in touch with the Universe.

Much love,

Resources to help with stress during Covid-19

Resources to Help With Stress During Covid-19

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💖Our hearts go out to all the people helping us cope with this challenging time. THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU!

How are you doing?

I’m working from home and taking extra breaks each day to check-in on how I am feeling. It’s a bit of a roller coaster ride with moments of overwhelm and worry, especially with so many of our young team struggling with social distancing working out of their homes for the first time in their life. They live alone and miss their workmates, family, and friends. When those feelings take over, I get up and move my body or head out for a walk. These simple actions help me to change my state and be my happiest, healthiest self.

Right now, taking care of yourself has never been more critical, and I plan to do whatever I can to help you navigate this challenging reality.

Many of us are suffering from anxiety being alone in our homes, separated from our family, friends, work colleagues, clients, and out of our regular routine.

Symptoms of Anxiety: If you have any of these symptoms, please seek professional advice.

  • Feeling nervous, restless, or tense.
  • Having a sense of impending danger, panic, or doom.
  • Having an increased heart rate.
  • Breathing rapidly (hyperventilation)
  • Sweating.
  • Trembling.
  • Feeling weak or tired.

Resources to Help With Stress During Covid-19

The Daily Walk & Talk – This will help you shift your focus toward what you can control. Help you to breathe better, release anxiety, be in gratitude, and eliminate harmful thoughts. Introduction: Daily Walk & Talk

Thought Field Therapy – TFT –

Pranic Healing – Strengthing your respiratory system…

Love Your Affirmations:…

Breathing Technique –…

Sleep Technique –…

I was at a video conference yesterday, and our CEO and COO told everyone that if we see financial difficulties ahead that they will give up their salaries so we can stay afloat longer. They also mentioned how they are giving to others by buying toilet paper and essential items and mailing them to family and friends who are struggling. I’m so proud of what we are doing as a management team to help everyone through this difficult time.

Reaching out to help others who are struggling will help you walk through the fear.

We are in the midst of a challenge, but could this be an opportunity?

Could this time be spent doing things that strengthen you and bring more purpose to your life?

Make sure you use some of the resources provided here to help with stress during Covid-19.

Tell me what you’re struggling with – Join the conversation over here:…

I’m excited to hear what you have to say. We need each other right now, and I’m here for you!

Love you heaps!!


7 Tips to Stay Positive during COVID-19

7 Tips to Stay Positive during COVID-19

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7 Tips to Stay Positive during COVID-19

Good morning, lovely YOU!

I am sitting here with my big mug of tea, watching little ZuZu sleep. Being a cat, ZuZu has no idea about the Coronavirus. There she lies without a care, knowing that when she awakens, she will have treats and toys and all will be well in her world. I do believe she senses that the energy has changed because she is more snuggly and cries far more than usual.

Not many of us are feeling so relaxed these days. You can’t turn on the radio or TV or check your Facebook page without catching a bit of doom and gloom news.

The truth is, the stress and anxiety of this pandemic can be far more unhealthy for most people than the actual Coronavirus itself. It’s crucial that we all take care of ourselves and each other during this time. With this in mind, here are some ways you can keep your mind and energy positive (and therefore your immune system boosted) during this pandemic:

1. Take a Break from the News

Yes, it’s essential to stay aware of what is going on nationally and in your local area, but you needn’t stay glued to the TV or the Internet. The media these days seems to be more about spreading fear than accurate information anyway. So take breaks. Watch something more positive and uplifting.

2. Recognize Your Own Strength

Depending on your age, this is most likely not the first crisis you have endured. There was the financial crash of 2008, other pandemic viruses, and of course, the horrors of 911. Not only have you made it through all of those, but you are also most likely stronger because of it. Remind yourself that you will get through this as well.

3. Have More Laughs

The old saying “laughter is the best medicine” didn’t become an old saying just because. Laughing is truly an elixir for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. And since most of us find ourselves at home, bored, with not much to do (except that spring cleaning none of us WANTS to tackle right now), it’s a great time to get the family together, pop some popcorn, and watch some of your favorite comedies.

4. Be of Service to Others

Do you have elderly neighbors or neighbors who are battling a major illness? No doubt life is even more stressful for them right now. It will make you feel great if you give them a call and check in on them to see if you can help them in any way. Be mindful to keep your distance of course, but see if they need some help with shopping or other errands.

5. Be Grateful

Something you can do with the extra time on your hands is to be grateful for all that you have in your life. If you and your loved ones are healthy, feel grateful. If you have enough food and paper products stocked up, feel grateful. If you aren’t being impacted negatively by financial hardship right now, feel grateful. If the birds are still singing outside and you can see daffodils starting to open, feel grateful.

6. See the Silver Lining

Many of us have been sent home from our jobs; speaking events have been canceled, just about everything is shutting down, and we are told to stay home. You can either look at this as a stressful time, or you can look at it as an opportunity to spend more time with your family and/or focus on something you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t had time for. This could be spending time exercising, working on that book or mission statement for your new business. How often are you told to stay home? Not often or even ever, so take full advantage of this time and use it to your advantage.

7. Support Your Local Businesses

While it is not advised that we gather in groups of over 10 people, many local restaurants and gyms and hair salons, etc. are getting hit hard. If you are lucky enough to be still getting a paycheck, consider buying a gift certificate from local businesses to use later and order food from restaurants online and have it delivered.

I want to hear from you! Tell me over here​ some ways you and your family are coping with this challenging situation. What are you doing with your family? One of my friends who has 3 girls has turned their dining room table into a ping pong table. I heard my friend, Holly is a pretty good ping pong player. Who knew!

How are you spending your time? What are you learning about yourself?

Much love,


What Energy Healing is Right For You?

What Energy Healing is Right For You?

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Good morning, lovely you!

Such wonderful music was given to me this morning by spring songbirds. In an instant, the world outside my window has changed. I am always fascinated and inspired by how seamless the change from death to life is in nature.

My tea is steaming and little ZuZu is napping, and so I’d like to pick up our conversation about energy healing and dive into some of the types of energy healing you may want to explore.

Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list, but these modalities are readily available and can be a good starting point for anyone who is new to energy work.


Used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture involves inserting needles along the points of the body called meridians or energy channels. Don’t worry, you can’t even feel the needle go in. But once in, the needles generate small electric pulses that help to unblock stuck energy and bring pain relief and healing for a variety of ailments from allergies to anxiety and depression.


Related to acupuncture, acupressure is also part of TCM and it also stimulates the body’s meridian system. But in this instance, a gentle pressure is used instead of needles. Acupressure releases blockages and balances energy, supporting the body to heal itself.

Chakra Tuning

Eastern medicine talks about the human body having 7 energy centers called chakras. It is believed that these chakras receive, absorb and express our energy. Our chakras are what connect our mind and our body. When these energy centers are blocked, we cannot connect to our higher selves or to the creator, the source of life and all healing. Chakra tuning uses tuning forks and the resonance of the notes they make is believed to move/unblock the energy so that we may once again connect our body and mind.


You may remember the blog post a couple of weeks ago where I mentioned that some prestigious hospitals around the country are currently using Reiki as an adjunct therapy for many patients. When even traditional medicine starts acknowledging these “alternative” health treatments, then it’s time we all start to pay more attention to them.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of spiritual healing. The healer does not touch the patient, but their hands skim their energy field, transferring the universal energy to the patient to help them restore good health.

Qi Gong

This ancient Chinese practice combines medicine, martial arts and philosophy. Qi Gong uses rhythmic breathing and a calm, mindful state to help guide energy throughout the body. This improves immune function and promotes relaxation, which is necessary for healing to occur. This is a practice you can do yourself, though I recommend you find an instructor in your area to work with at the beginning.

How to Choose the Right Energy Healing Practitioner

I am such a huge believer in energy healing. I know firsthand how it can help our bodies to unblock stuck energy and restore our health. I encourage you to find an energy healer you want to work with and begin your journey.

A few words about finding an energy healer to work with:

Meet with a Few Local Healers to See Who You Feel Most Comfortable With

You want to feel safe and have a good report with your energy healer, so it’s a good idea to call a few and see if you can meet with them in person to ask a few questions.

How do you feel about the space? Is it inviting? Calming? Or is it hectic and messy? Does the energy healer put you at ease, seem professional and respectful, or do they seem scattered and unprofessional?

Remember, we’re talking about YOUR healing journey here, and you’ve got to feel 100% comfortable, so take the time to find the right energy healer for YOU.

Does the Modality Speak to You?

I’ve just gone over some of the most common energy healing modalities, but there are others. You may want to do some further research to find a modality that speaks to you personally. If you feel drawn to a certain modality, go for it.

But, conversely, if you feel oddly resistant to a certain modality, then pay attention. Energy healing is the most natural thing in the world, but if you are new to it, then you may feel uneasy. This is why it’s important to take your time and listen to your heart, mind and body when choosing your energy healer.

Take Cost into Consideration

You will find that some types of energy healing, such as Reiki, may be covered by your insurance, but not all will be. So you’ll need to factor in some costs. Just like most traditional forms of therapies, energy healing will require multiple sessions. If you’ve had health problems for 5+ years, it is unrealistic to think that one session will get you completely healed.

This is important for your health, so be sure to budget. Some energy healers offer packages, which can be an excellent way to save. Just ask if they have any kind of savings they can offer you. Most energy healers I know are extremely loving and kind people who truly want to help, so it never hurts to ask.

I hope that you will look further into energy healing and begin to incorporate it into your treatment plan. Remember, you ARE energy. If you are sick, it means your energy is not right and needs some attention.

Sending love and light…

Change Your Thinking-Change Your Energy-Change Your Health and Life

New Beginnings

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Good morning, lovely you!

New Beginnings. Change Your Thinking – Change Your Energy – Change Your Health and Life.

The crocus are coming up in my neck of the woods. And I am already seeing robins and hearing their lovely evening songs. Spring is here and with it, the promise of new beginnings.

And that brings me to what I want to talk to you about. New beginnings.

You cannot invite new into your life when you are still clinging to the old.

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? I’m not talking about you had fights once in a while and how they chewed annoyed you. I’m talking TOXIC where you were made to feel worthless, sad and exhausted.

Did you find yourself wishing that things would change for the better? Did you read relationship books and try to make some changes around the house, hoping all of those mini efforts would be the thing to fix the relationship?

But they never did. Because sometimes broken things cannot be fixed. Broken things must be discarded to make way for new things that actually work.

Most of us are living our lives with broken thought patterns. These thought patterns never worked, however, they were given to us already broken.

I’m not good enough.

I’m not smart enough.

I’m a failure.

I’m alone.

I don’t deserve nice things to happen to me.

My job is to take care of everyone but myself.

And on and on…

It’s time for new beginnings.

We live with these broken thought patterns and they create every aspect of our lives. And, what do you know, these broken thought patterns tend to create broken lives, which is why many of us have toxic relationships, struggled financially, and faced scary health crises.

Just as we cannot “fix” a toxic relationship by reading a few books, we can never hope to heal from cancer and other debilitating diseases when our broken thought patterns are still allowed to run our lives. It just doesn’t work that way.

Time for new beginnings

To heal, you MUST replace these thought patterns just as you MUST replace the toxic relationship with a healthy one.

Coherence Helps Us Disconnect from the Past

Did you know your brain contained neurological networks that are associated with every memory of your past? The good ones, the bad ones and the really ugly ones?

What happens when we repeatedly think and feel from these bad and ugly memories? They become habitual thought patterns that limit our reality and the infinite possibilities we could choose from for ourselves.

These self-limiting thoughts dictate our lives without us even being aware of it. Like when our computers have been infected with malware. Bad things are happening inside but we’re clueless as to the danger, so we just keep posting to Facebook and Instagram, oblivious to the damage being done.

This is how we become sad, bitter, angry, lonely and sick. Very sick.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza has said, “Our brain and body recalibrate into coherence as we disconnect from the memories of our past. We can synchronize to a possibility in the future when we synchronize our energy into coherence.”

It’s time for new beginnings.

In other words, you’ve got to break up with your old thought patterns just like you break up from a toxic partner!!!

So how do you do this? How do you remove your attention from the bad memories and focus on the possibilities of the future?

I recently saw a Youtube video where Dr. Joe was explaining that through meditation, we can tune into different frequencies that already exist in the field of energy that is all around us and is everything.

All possibilities already exist. A healthy you living the life of your dreams already exists in the energy field of pure potential. You simply have to see it, feel it and attract it to you.

This is NOT woo-woo stuff. This is exactly how I meditated 30 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. I knew I was living only one version of my life and that there were endless versions in the energy field of ALL THAT IS. My particular broken thought patterns had attracted my sick life to me. But there are plenty of fish in the sea. If you don’t like your life, your relationships, your bank account, your health… then disconnect from your old wounds and memories and tune into the energy field to attract whatever your heart TRULY desires.

Your Brain is Like a Gaming Joystick

Why is meditation so powerful? Because it is a way to shut off your brain for a while so you can go STRAIGHT to the source to receive information instead of receiving it from your senses, which often lie to you.

Think of this human life as a very, very advanced game. We now have Play Station and Nintendo and games that are looking more and more like the real world. In these games, you have different pieces of technology that talk to each other to make playing possible. For instance, your joystick talks to the main motherboard and is how you control your avatar inside the game. Without the joystick, your avatar would just stand there, unable to move, run or make any decisions or choices.

There are also virtual reality headsets that connect you to other worlds and allow you to “interact” with the characters and situations you find yourself in.

Well, your brain is a piece of equipment that allows your spirit to interact with this Earthly dimension’s technology. Your brain controls your senses so you can see, touch, taste, smell and hear the virtual world around you. Your brain helps you make choices and decisions, walk, run, etc. Without your brain working properly, you would just lie there unable to do much of anything.

But this Earthly world, while a lot of fun to come and play in, is not the be-all-end-all of existence. If we solely rely on the information our brain and senses offer us, we will be very limited and form limited beliefs.

Our brain can only work by basing everything upon pattern recognition. Our brain literally seeks out familiar patterns that we have previously experienced. This means UNKNOWN information will not be recognized by the brain. All of the infinite possibilities of US are completely lost on the brain, it simply cannot even recognize them.

When we meditate, we suppress brain function, allowing our real mind to access the infinite data that lives in the quantum field. As soon as we still our limited brains, it’s like our receiver can start to pick up all of the stations on the Creator’s radio station. THIS is where our new life, our happy life, our abundant life and our HEALHTY life is currently living. All we need to do is tune out of the broken thoughts and tune into the limitless possibilities.

So you see, when you change your thoughts, you tap into the energy of the quantum field, and you tune into the life you want to be living. Your find your new beginnings.

With this sweet approach of spring, it’s time to forgive your past, let it go and embrace a brighter future. Meditation is powerful because it connects you directly into source, God, the creator, the Big Kahuna!

What would you rather be in charge of creating your life? Old, traumatic memories or the creator of all that is who loves you deeply and eternally?

A no-brainer, no?

Much love,


What is Energy Healing and is it Right for You?

What is Energy Healing and Is It Right for You?

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What is Energy Healing and Is It Right for You?

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

Good morning, lovely you!

How are you feeling on this fine morning? Did you wake up with a lot of energy or a little energy? While you may assume that the quality of sleep you get determines how much energy you have in your body, the reality is, your body is all energy.

Nikola Tesla, a man I greatly admire, knew the truth: physical reality does not exist. Our “physical” senses make us believe that the world around us, including our own body, is a material world. But the TRUTH is, everything is energy vibrating at a different frequency. The rate of vibration determines how “solid” things seem. But nothing is solid – everything is, in fact, energy.

Once you understand what science tells us about our “physical” world, you begin to understand that the people who talk about “energy healing” are not a bunch of nut jobs!!! If I had a nickel for the number of weird looks and eye rolls I have received over the years when I mentioned “energy healing” to someone, I would have enough money to live very well for several lifetimes!

Of course, these days I don’t get the looks I once used to, and I am so grateful for that. I am so grateful that people are starting to understand a very basic and important principle: Your energetic body creates your “physical” body, therefore the condition of your energetic body determines the condition of your “physical” body.

I have known of people who were able to read a person’s energetic body and see something amiss. They would ask a person, “Do you have something going on in your abdomen area?” Because they would see or sense a disturbance there. The person would often say, “No, nothing seems wrong in that area.” Then weeks later find themselves at the doctor because of pain found in the exact location!

What is Energy Healing Exactly?

There is an energy field within and around your body. The Chinese call this energy “qi.” If you’ve studied martial arts or have had acupuncture you have probably heard of this term before.

Some people call this energy field your aura. The person I mentioned earlier who could see things wrong in someone’s energy field saw that person’s aura and could tell things were wrong by the colors. Some people may even refer to this energy field as the chakras.

Regardless of what this energy field is called, it determines the health of your body.

Now this energy field can become corrupt through a number of ways:

  • From the negative energy of others. Just as you can become “physically” sick by catching a cold or flu virus, you can become energetically sick by catching someone’s negative energy. This is particularly true if you are in constant contact with this other person’s negative energy field.
  • Electromagnetic fields. We are surrounded by electronic devices that are throwing off harmful fields that can mess with our own.
  • Traumatic events often lodge in our energetic fields and cause disease. I believe this is what happened after my father was tragically killed by a drunk teenage driver. Months later, I was diagnosed with cancer. NOT a coincidence.
  • And bad daily lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking too much, doing drugs, eating garbage… these can all weaken our energetic field.

The good news is, energy fields can be healed.

And science is now proving this. There are many special types of equipment that have been used in experiments to show that 1) our energy field is real and 2) it can be manipulated.

In fact, many hospitals are now using energy healing modalities such as Reiki, because Reiki has been shown to be effective at treating pain and help with symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Without question, energy healing is a simple and practical way to clear, balance and restore energy and this is the greatest path to true healing.

Who Can Benefit from Energy Healing?

Absolutely anyone can and will benefit from energy healing. You don’t need to understand or grasp the concept 100% to gain the benefits. I also want to mention that energy healing is a complementary modality that can be used in conjunction with any traditional therapies you may currently be undergoing. That’s why so many big hospitals are now using energy healing.

How Do You Find the Right Energy Healer?

If you are new to energy healing you may be wondering how you can begin. While it is possible to heal your own energy field, it is usually advised that you work with a trained energy healer in the beginning.

To find someone to work with you may want to ask a friend or family member who is knowledgeable about alternative medicine for a referral. If you don’t know anyone personally, you could drop in at your local yoga studio, chiropractor’s office, Acupuncturist or martial arts studio and inquire if they can refer you to anyone.

All you need to begin your energy healing journey is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Sending you love and healing light.


You Are More Than Your Mind

You Are More Than Your Mind

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You Are More Than Your Mind:

What did you think about this morning? What thoughts crossed your mind as you woke up? Good or not so good thoughts?

Your mind is a unique tool and a gift that you have been given to use how you wish. Do you believe this? My upbringing didn’t teach me that my mind was powerful and that I could control my thoughts. When I learned I have this power, this gift and saw the results show up in my life, it was one of those fantastic Aha moments you never forget. I don’t believe I would have learned this without being driven how to save my life from stage 4 cancer. Thank you, cancer.

Do you think your mind is running the show? Did you train your mind to say things that are hurtful, scary, and negative?

Your mind is a tool and can be used in any way you wish. YOU are in control, not your mind. YOU can untrain and restrain your mind.

All those years of your mind running the show can be retrained. Yes, it is the truth; you have the power to change your thoughts. Your current thoughts are just a habit you have created. So, STOP your mind from controlling you. All we have to do is CHANGE the HABIT.

You have control of your current thought. That is it. The old thoughts have gone, and there is nothing you can do about that except watch out for the experience these thoughts have caused. Our future thoughts are not available yet, and we have no idea what they will be.

The thought you are having right now is under your control.

Do you like the thought you have right now? If the answer is no, you have the power to change it right in its tracks.

Your mind may rebel when you start to change your thoughts. It was comfortable just the way it was, and it doesn’t want to be retrained. Remember, it’s just a habit, and when you are focused and believe you want to change your thoughts to improve your life, remember that you are always in control. Within a short time the new you, the new way you want to think about yourself and your life will happen. You will soon see the difference and the wonder in your life.

A Moment Together:

Sit quietly with me right now. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, let all the tension go from your body. Close your eyes and quieten your chattering drunken monkey mind. Let all your thoughts drift away. Say to yourself, “It is easy for me to change my thoughts because I believe in me, and I know I deserve a better life filled with love, peace, joy, and abundance. I am willing to let go and release all anger, fear, guilt, and sadness from my life. I let go of old family toxic beliefs and limitations. I am at peace with who I am; I love myself and how I live my life. I am safe. I am healed.”

Don’t stop now. Try doing this exercise again and again. If sad and depressing thoughts come to mind, just gently let them go up, up, up, and away.

There is no need to struggle or be stressed. Just let go and think better loving thoughts about yourself and the loved ones in your life.

Prue’s quote of the day: “I am flexible and gently move with the changes taking place in my life as best I can. I love myself and approve of the way I live my life. So be it.”

Come join the discussions and start your own over here: It’s a private group – not on FB or any social media platforms:

Love you,


Forming the habit of Self-Love

Forming the HABIT of Self-Love

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Forming the HABIT of Self-Love

Good morning, Lovely You!

As February, the month of LOVE comes to a close, I wanted to end with a post that will help you get into the HABIT of Self-love.

If you’ve ever tried to do something that was good or healthy for you, you know that unless you turn that “thing” into a habit, you won’t stick to the practice. Well self-love, like meditation, is a practice. You must keep working at it and working at it until it becomes natural for you to do it.

This will require you to turn self-love into a habit.

Most of us, when we were 5, couldn’t imagine that someday brushing our teeth and taking a bath or shower would become a daily habit. No one would have to force us to do it we would just do it because it became a habit.

For those of you who have committed to becoming healthier through eating right and exercising X days a week, think about how hard it was in the beginning to eat certain foods or to get to the gym before or after work.

But you committed to the practice of being healthier and before long, what was tough became a habit, and habits, by nature, are easy. Because they’re HABITS!

So right now, I know many of you are living painful lives. They are painful because you really and truly don’t love yourself. You don’t feel you are worthy of love. I hope that last week’s post on recognizing the truth, that you have been lied to by the Goliaths in your life and that the one true creator loves you infinitely and eternally has got you thinking.

But I also know that for many of you, going from not loving yourself to practicing self-love every day will be challenging, to say the least. And that’s why I want to help get you started on forming this new habit of self-love.

Here are some things you can do each day to get you into the habit of self-love.

Be More Mindful of YOU

You’ve heard me talk about being mindful in the moment of ​the moment, but now I also want you to become more mindful of yourself in the moment. People who love themselves acknowledge themselves. They know what they want, feel and need throughout their day.

Base Your Decisions on What You Need Rather Than What You Want

A mother doesn’t let her child have every single thing he wants because she loves him. She doesn’t let him have cake for each meal. She doesn’t let him stay up late every single night. Doesn’t let him drink whiskey or smoke cigarettes.

In the moments when you become aware of your wants and needs, give yourself something you need instead of want. You NEED good health, so go to the gym instead of sleeping in. You need to get the inflammation down in your body so opt for the salmon and a glass of water, not the cheeseburger, fries and large coke!

Start Setting Boundaries

Love means not saying yes to people or activities that are going to deplete you of energy or harm you emotionally or spiritually. Setting boundaries is not only your right, but it is also YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. It gets easier, and even fun, when you get into the habit of setting definite boundaries with people and a habit of loving yourself.

Cut Ties with Toxic People

All of those Goliaths that may be in your life who aren’t loving or respecting you the way you should be loved and respected? They’ve got to go. Now I know cutting ties with certain people may be harder and take longer, but the steps must be taken. PLEASE HEAR ME ON THIS… You cannot love yourself when every single day the lies and programs are being reinstalled into your heart, mind and soul. You MUST break free of these toxic people who will only pull you down and convince you all over again that you aren’t worth a damn.

Forgive Yourself

This was a tough one for me. We are all human and we all make mistakes. But the biggest mistake you can make is to not love yourself. So when I got to the point where I finally started loving myself, my heart ached… I couldn’t believe how horribly I had treated myself in the past and how much of myself I didn’t love or appreciate. I really felt like I had accidentally hit a puppy or something, I just felt so so so awful and I had a hard time forgiving myself for not loving myself.

Do you see the irony in that?

It’s not your fault that people may have sent you the wrong signals growing up, making you feel unworthy of love. But the past is the past, you now know the truth, and there is no use AT ALL in hating yourself all over again.

Whatever mistakes you have made, forgive yourself. Forgiveness and acceptance are the ultimate acts of love.

As we head into spring, which is a time for new life and hope, carry this momentum with you and keep creating the habit of self-love.


It Only Takes is 20 seconds of self talk - prudencesinclair

All it Takes is 20 Seconds of Self-Talk

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Hi, lovely you,

It’s one of those cold and sunny winter mornings here in New England. When you look outside and see the sun shining so bright, you think it is a lot warmer than it is. My hot tea is steaming in front of me, and my beautiful Zuzu girl is right next to me, sleeping soundly. I’m ready to write.

Happy Thursday everyone,

How are you feeling today? Is there anything happening that may cause you to worry? Doctor’s appointment? Test results? What’s happening today?

All it takes is 20 seconds of self-talk to change your state.

Let’s spend 20 seconds together intending our day.

Stop what you are doing right now and sit down – start to breathe – breathe in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, hold 1,2, breathe out 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, (repeat) keep breathing in and out, and become mindful of what you are thinking about right now. Let the negative thoughts drift away. Be still.

We will do some self-talk using second and third-person pronouns as opposed to first-person pronouns. This is an NLP technique that will remove you from a stressful situation.

Ready. Let’s begin:

How are you going to plan this day (________?) (say your name)

Repeat your name (________), e.g.,  Prue; YOU are safe and secure today. YOU are strong. YOU are healed. YOU are at peace. From this moment on, you will only say great things to yourself and others. Everything is beautiful in your world. So be it. So be it. So be it.

During your day today, sit in the stillness and be without thought for a few moments and breathe. If any negative thoughts come to mind, gently release them by saying, “release” or hit the “delete” button in your mind and change the thoughts midstream to something beautiful.

Have a great day, lovely you, and remember you can change your stress levels or your situation in 20 seconds of self-talk.

Stay focused. Stay Strong. Believe in you.

Prue’s Quote of The Day: “The only person you can be better than is the person you were yesterday!”

See you over here in our Private Forum. Bring your questions.

Love you,


Why is self-love so freaking hard?

Why is Self-Love So Freaking Hard?

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Hello, Lovely You,

Why is Self-Love is so freaking hard and HOW to love yourself. It’s easy to pay lip service to this topic. It’s easy to pretend that you love yourself. But it’s NOT easy to actually do it!

Why is Self-Love So Freaking Hard?

It’s harder for some people than others. Some of us were brought up in healthy family environments where we were shown that we were enough – that we were worthy of love.

But others of us, and you know who you are, were not this fortunate. We were not loved unconditionally. We were not loved for who we were. We were not cared for or nurtured. Sadly, our young minds took in this information and filed it away under “THE TRUTH.”

It must be the truth, right? Kids know nothing and adults know everything. We are supposed to look up to our elders and respect them, even when they don’t treat us very well.

And so many of us are simply programmed, and this program runs DEEP. And so as adults, no matter how often we hear we should love ourselves, and we try to love ourselves, it never really takes a hold, because our knew belief is like little David looking up at big, bad Goliath.

But if you know the story of David and Goliath, you know that David actually wins the battle, even though he is a tiny boy with only a stone and slingshot and Goliath is a towering brute of a monster.

How could David have possibly won?

Because that little stone that he hit Goliath with represents truth. And truth ALWAYS wins, no matter HOW BIG the lie is.

The truth is, you have been lied to. Perhaps by your parents, your friends, your teachers, the neighbor across the street growing up, your college professor, your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, your boss and even yourself.

Anyone who has ever made you feel less than worthy of love lied to you about who you are.

You are not just a human being.

You are not the name given to you.

You are not the body given to you.

You are not the race given to you.

You are not the nationality given to you.

You are a creation of the divine creator. The creator made you out of love and loves you eternally and infinitely.

Who are you going to believe: The diving creator, maker of everything that is, was or ever will be? Or a bunch of human beings who, most likely are lacking in the love department themselves?

The one true source of life?

Or Your 9th grade ( where I come from it is Form 4) teacher who told you you were an idiot?

The most powerful and eternal being?

Or your ex-husband who cheated on you?

Your path to self-love must be a path of truth. Until you accept the truth of who and what you REALLY are, your life and worth will be run by lies.

I may have never met you or spoken with you in person, but I can say with 100% certainty that I would NEVER lie to you. And I am telling you from my heart and soul, you are a spark of divinity. You are so BEYOND worthy of love.

If the Creator with a capital C loves you completely and eternally and made you out of divine love, then how can any other human being, including yourself, possibly convince you that you are not worthy of love?

Your Self-Love Homework

I hope that this post at least has you thinking a bit differently. When I first came to the realization that I was beyond worthy of love because I was made by divine love, I remember having this feeling of warmth come over me and I actually laughed out loud.

In an instant something inside me shifted. It was like when Dorothy pulled back that curtain in the Wizard of Oz and saw that the “great and powerful Oz” was just some old feeble guy. I felt like all of the Goliaths in my life that made me feel unworthy were suddenly obliterated when I realized that the divine creator loved me madly.

In the coming weeks I want you to really recognize the truth, and that is if you have trouble loving yourself, it is because a bunch of Goliaths lied to you. But those lies are just feeble, old lies, they have no real power over you once you see through the trick and into the truth – You are loved by the head honcho, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

Spend time in quiet meditation connecting with the divine source that loves you. Once you begin to feel this love, you too will sense an undeniable warmth and you’ll probably laugh out loud, too.

I’ve talked about the power of the Ho’oponopono cleaning practice to remove subconscious programming. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

You. Will. Not. Believe. How. Your. Life. Will. Change. When. You. Love. Yourself!!!

With all my love and then some!


The greatest love of all

The Greatest Love of All

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💝 The Greatest Love of All – Why the Relationship with Yourself is the Most Important

To love one’s self is the beginning
of a lifelong romance.


Good morning, Lovely You!

I mentioned last week that I have recently had work done in my house. I finally built my upstairs sanctuary. It is a project I have been dreaming about for years and now I finally get to live inside my dream. It is an amazing feeling.

I bring up this remodeling project because I was reminded of something very important during the build. You see, even though I was constructing something upstairs in my attic space, what determined what we could and couldn’t do upstairs was how well the foundation had been built downstairs.

To me, this is so incredibly symbolic of how we build the relationships in our lives. Unless the relationship you have with yourself is strong, your other relationships may crumble.

The reality is, how you treat yourself is how you will treat others. Looking at it this way, the most selfless thing you can do is be self-centered. Which, by the way, has NOTHING to do with being selfish!

Only until you can truly love yourself can you truly love others.

What Does Self-Love Really Mean?

If you were to do a search for self-love, chances are Google would return a bunch of articles that include self-care tips. While many of the suggestions, such as taking a hot bath, getting a massage, or relaxing with your favorite tea and music mean well, self-love goes far beyond pampering yourself every once in a while.

So then what is self-love really about?

Loving yourself is about showing yourself true kindness, respect and compassion. Imagine how you would treat a small child in need or a stray dog who came to you for help. Most people would instantly melt and treat these beings with great care, love and gentleness.

But how do you treat yourself when you are in need? Do you chastise yourself for even having needs? Do you constantly put everyone else’s needs first and neglect your own?

How do you talk to yourself on a daily basis? Do you give yourself praise for your accomplishments? Or do you only pay attention to your mistakes and shortcomings?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and, on most occasions (if not all), finding that you just don’t measure up?

At the end of the day, self-love is about loving ALL of you, even the darkest, ugliest parts that only YOU know exist. It’s not about thinking you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread; it’s recognizing that you aren’t and being 100% okay with that.

Why is Self-Love the Most Important Love There Is?

Simply put, how you view yourself is how you view your external world. People who think poorly of themselves often judge others harshly.

Also, we are responsible for teaching others how we should be treated. If you want to surround yourself with people who treat you with kindness, compassion and respect, then you’ll need to know you are worthy of kindness, compassion and respect.

Steps to Building a Loving Relationship with Yourself

As we approach Valentine’s Day and take the time to celebrate the love we feel for others, I invite you to begin the journey toward loving yourself more. Here are some ways you can get started:

Get to Know Yourself

Most of us, from the time we are teenagers, become almost solely focused on the world outside of ourselves. All we know and care about is what others think of us. What do our parents, friends, and teachers think?

Do you really know who you are on a deep, spiritual level? If you did, you would only radiate love toward yourself, because you would KNOW you ARE love.

If you’ve read my blog for any time you know I am a huge believer in meditation. When we meditate, we are able to drown out the noise of the outside world so we can hear our inside world.

I encourage you to start a meditation practice so you can begin to truly know who you REALLY are! You won’t be able to do anything BUT fall in love with yourself!

Set Better Boundaries

Boundaries are healthy. They keep us from becoming enmeshed with toxic people who will suck the life and soul out of us! When we don’t love ourselves, we tend to be doormats for everyone and get stepped on continuously.

Try and be better with setting boundaries. What are your limits? What’s okay with you and not okay with you? How do you want to be spoken to? How do you want to be treated?

It may take some getting used to if you are someone that has never put an emphasis on boundary setting. But practice doing it more and more and setting healthy boundaries will become second nature.

Take Better Care of Yourself

If you are a parent, you most likely do everything in your power to ensure your child or children are always safe. You make sure they eat right and get enough sleep each night.

But how do you care for yourself? Do you burn the candle at both ends? Do you eat garbage at most meals? Do you exercise at all? Do you smoke? Do you drink?

You can’t try and love yourself while treating yourself like sh*t. It’s never going to work. To truly love yourself means treating yourself as you would a precious child, doing your best to never let any harm come your way. That means harm from others and self-harm.

Starting the journey toward loving yourself is the most important thing you can do in your life. And I really don’t say that lightly. You may, at times, feel uncomfortable. After all, if you’re like most people you’ve spent your entire life NOT loving yourself.

Just be patient with the process and yourself. We are all a work in progress. Take baby steps on your journey to better self-love and self-care and remember there is an 80/20 rule. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be 100% perfect at everything.

I am so excited for you to build the greatest relationship you can ever possibly have with YOU.

Love you,


Love Warriors Heal Cancer

Love Warriors Heal Cancer

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Good morning lovely you!

Love Warriors Heal Cancer

My tea is steaming and little Zuzu is sound asleep next to me. It’s a dreary rainy morning here in New England but hearing the birds chirping and little Zuzu purring makes the day that much brighter. All would seem well in my world.

Right outside my door is a world that I don’t control. It is a world that can be painful and scary at times. If I were to switch on the TV and listen to today’s news headlines, I know my peaceful space in my home would slip away.

Yes indeed, life in the “real” world can be fraught with all kinds of unpleasantness. And when something unpleasant is done to us, it’s easy for us to hold hate in our heart for the people who “done us wrong.”

We may be able to forgive people for hurting us. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves. Good people forgive others, and since we are a good person, we do our best to let the pain and anger go.

This sounds great on paper, but letting go of anger and pain is not that easy. We think we have forgiven our coworker for stabbing us in the back to get the promotion or our sister for constantly criticizing us and making us feel bad about ourselves. But then we see them or have an interaction with them, and that anger, resentment, and hatred begin to permeate our heart. It was there all along, we just fooled ourselves into thinking it was gone.

People hurt us, it’s just a fact of life. Some may mean to do it and others may not, but the result is the same – the pain usually turns into hate.

Why You Must Stop Hating Those Who Have Hurt You and Become a Love Warrior

When we allow ourselves to feel hatred toward another, we can eventually become very dark. We all have darkness and the capacity to be negative, but we also have a choice to be of the dark or of the light. Choosing to roll around in your anger and resentment toward someone else, feeling totally justified in doing so, is a recipe for turning into something that you hate – a monster. Have you ever become so angry and full of rage or hatred that you felt like a different person? Like your mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll turned into a shockingly evil Mr. Hyde?

Hate begets more hate, and soon you become a thing created out of hate, and you begin to hate yourself. So you don’t just hate other people, the hatred is turned around on yourself for hating them.

Holding onto hatred also causes us to negatively impact the people we love. We end up taking our anger and resentment out on the wrong people, and they can, in turn, begin to feel anger and resentment toward us. And the vicious cycle continues until the entire world is made up of outraged and resentful people, creating news headlines that are not very uplifting.

When you let go of hate, you heal your life and the health of the planet. You become the Love Warrior and that is the best Cancer Self-Help and Self-Care gift you can give yourself.

How to Love the People You Hate

Admittedly, understanding the WHY you must stop hating and loving those who have hurt you is ultimately easier than the HOW of it.

Here are some ways you can begin to love the people you hate:

Recognize Their Humanity

Generally speaking, the people on this planet who do the most atrocious acts are the ones who are in the most pain themselves and need compassion. The truth is, we are all beautiful, damaged goods in our own way and we generally do the best we can do. Instead of hating people who have hurt you, try to simply recognize that they are in their own pain.

Find the Lesson

Imagine someone gives you a wrapped present. When you unwrap it, you see it is an old, crushed milk carton. “What the hell kind of a gift is this,” you’d think, pretty p*ssed. You might even feel resentful.

But then suppose you decided to keep looking and saw they put a $100 bill in the old crushed milk carton as your real present. Well, you’d be pretty pleased.

Life often gives us the most meaningful gifts inside the crappiest packaging. You simply have to look.

Focus on Loving Yourself More Than Hating Others 

You only have so much energy and hours in the day. You can either spend that time and energy on hating other people or showing yourself kindness and love. When you focus on loving yourself, you begin to innately understand that hatred in all forms is damaging to your body, soul and mind.

Kill them with Kindness because Love Warriors heal cancer

My dear friend who helped me save my life Dr. Bernie Siegel (pioneer of mind-body medicine) told me he went up to a violent young man in public and said this statement to him. “I want you to know I love you and I’m sorry your parents don’t.” The young man stopped screaming turned and walked away.

What happens when you are kind and loving toward someone you have perceived as “doing you wrong?” You tell your subconscious mind through action that they haven’t done anything hateful toward you. Most of us tend to show generosity and kindness and love toward those we love and have positive feelings about. By showing loving actions toward those we “hate” – we rewire our hearts and brains into actually loving them.

Love Warriors Heal Cancer

Life isn’t always easy, and there will always be times when other people hurt us. The key is to not take it so personally all of the time. Most people go through life completely unaware of how their actions affect other people.

By following these tips and becoming a Love Warrior you can begin to love those you hate and start healing your life. This is all part of good cancer self-help and self-care.

Sending love and light.


Love REALLY is the Best Medicine

Love REALLY is the Best Medicine

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Good morning, lovely you!

We got a slight dusting of snow today with some rain which has washed most of the snow away. I am happy to report that so far, this winter has been pretty mild and tolerable. Knock on wood!

My Little Zuzu sleeps peacefully next to me, and with a big sip of my tea, I’m ready to write!

Have you been noticing all the little hearts going up on store windows and new candy displays being set up? Love and chocolate are definitely in the air. While I’ve never been a diehard fan of Valentine’s Day, I have always been a fan of love. And I’ve become more of a fan with age, and the more I’ve realized the health ramifications of love.

You see, love not only makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, there are actual science-backed health benefits of feeling love.

Here are just some of them:

Love Boosts Your Over Health

A report by the Health and Human Services Department suggests that couples who have a loving, healthy relationship tend to be healthier and have less illnesses. While the researchers haven’t pinpointed exactly what causes this phenomena, they speculate that partners in love, real love, tend to encourage each other to take care of themselves, eat right, exercise, meditate, etc.

Love Lowers Your Blood Pressure

According to a study published in the Annals of Behavioural Medicine, couples who were in a happy and loving relationship had lower blood pressure than those who were single. However, couples in an unhappy relationship tended to have higher blood pressure levels, just like their single counterparts. So the key here really is LOVE.

Love Beats Stress

Do you know why it feels so good to be in love with someone? Because when we are, our bodies release feel-good hormones that have the ability to kick our stress to the curb. In addition, these good hormones can lower the levels of bad hormones released in our bodies when we are stressed – hormones like cortisol, that can absolutely wreak havoc on our health.

Love Fights Depression and Anxiety

Those feel good hormones are also a great natural remedy against depression and anxiety. In fact, in a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, scientists took brain scans of people in love as well as those in long-term committed relationships. What they found was that being in love lit up a person’s dopamine-reward area in the brain. This is the same area that lights up when consuming addictive substances like cocaine or even winning the lottery. So being in love makes us feel REALLY good, and that can go along way if we’ve been feeling sad, depressed or anxious.

Love Promotes Healing

It has been scientifically proven that love can heal. In a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, scientists found that wounds heal faster in couples who are in a stable and loving relationship. The reverse was also found to be true. Those individuals in a hostile relationship had slower wound healing capacity.

Scientists believe this phenomenon is due to the pro-inflammatory cytokines pro-inflammatory cytokines released when a person was sad, lonely or the subject of abuse. But the presence of this compound was found to be much lower in people who were in love.

There are Different Ways to Be in Love

Though the studies I’ve cited looked at the health benefits of love in coupledom, you can reap these benefits in your life even if you are single. Because we don’t need a romantic partner to feel in love. We can feel “in love” with our friends, family, pets and even ourselves. We can, if we’re lucky, feel totally and completely in love with our life.

So this month I want you not to focus on love so much in a romantic way, but find ways you can feel intense love every day of your life, no matter what your relationship status is.

Every day look for the things in your life that you’re grateful for. Find ways you can show the people in your life how much you love and appreciate them.

Being in love means being in a state of love – you can be a living state of love, which is a divine expression of the creator.

Start with yourself. Find ways to love yourself more, because if you don’t truly love yourself, you can’t truly love another.

The more filled with love you are for yourself, the more love you have to give. The more you have to give, the more love you receive. And the beautiful cycle repeats itself. This is really being in a state of constant love. Watch your health and life improve when this happens!

This February, commit to becoming more loving in all that you do and see. You will be amazed at how your life and health will transform.

Much love,


I'm NOT sick. I'm HEALTHY.

I’m NOT sick. I’m HEALTHY

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Dear friends,

Good morning, lovely you, and welcome to this magical Tuesday.

I’m NOT sick. I’m HEALTHY.

Last night, Dave asked me what I was going to write about today because I signed off Monday’s post with this statement. ” More L.O.V.E. is coming your way tomorrow. Stay tuned!” I told Dave that I had no idea what I was going to write about, but that I know something great will happen.

This morning at 8:55 AM, I get a text from Heather. If you are new to Prue’s Place or do not remember the serendipitous story of how Heather and I met, then you are in for a real treat today.

I have had a dream for over a decade to blow out my attic and create a sanctuary for my work. The old attic had a tiny window that I could look out and see the beautiful ocean and the city of Boston in the distance. I would go to the attic often and dream.

For most of 2019, I interviewed and met with architects and builders. I became frustrated because I couldn’t find someone I liked. I promised myself that I would not build until I found the right people.

A friend of mine from our spiritualist church introduced me to a builder named Justin. As soon as we met, I knew he was the right guy to do the job. Justin said he would set up an appointment for me to meet a local architect named Heather.

When Heather knocked on my door, I put my hand out to shake her hand, and I said. “Hi, Heather I’m Prue.” She nearly fell off my front steps. Tears started rolling down her cheeks, and she could barely speak. All she could say was, “OMG! OMG! You are Prue.” “Yes, that’s right, I’m Prue Sinclair,” I said. Heather responded, “My admin couldn’t remember the name of the person I was coming to visit today, so she just gave me your address.” “You are Prue from Prue’s Place, right?” I can’t believe it. I saw your interview on YouTube with Chris Wark from Chris Beat Cancer, and I have been in awe of how you saved your life. I have stage 3 c Melanoma.”

Heather and I sat down, and she shared her whole story with me. Justin, the contractor who introduced us, sat down and was dumbfounded listening to our stories. He never knew his friend, Heather, had cancer. Heather and I shed a few tears. Heather said, “You told me in Prue’s Place Daily to let it go and go with the flow and that everything would work out.” And now I meet you, and I’m at your house!” Little Zuzu walks passed her, and she can’t believe it. “That’s Zuzu, right.” More tears! Then she goes out the back to my garden and sees my sanctuary and says, “OMG! I know this place from your photos.” She kept saying,” I can’t wait to tell my husband I’ve met you.

I will never forget the day Heather and I met. It was one of those glorious Ah-ha moments in life when you know you are loved and cared for by a Divine source far more powerful than you can ever understand.

Here is more L.O.V.E. (Living on Vibrant Energy) coming your way today!

I’m honored to share Heather’s letter with you all.

Dear Oncologists, Dermatologists, and Surgeons, 

Thank you for everything that you have done in trying to help me cure my disease. I understand that you have had the best of intentions coming from western medicine and conventional medicine world. I will not be needing your services anymore.

I originally put all my trust and power with you. I now know that I needed to listen to my gut, my soul, and learn to think what was best for myself.

I am going to be okay. It has not been an easy journey, but it has been worthwhile and one that I don’t regret.

When I started to think about the medicines that you had to offer, it didn’t feel right. I went along with some of it and realized after multiple surgeries, immunotherapy and hospitalizations that this was not the right path for me.

I practice and try anything that boosts my immune system: diet, exercise, rebounding, acupuncture, hypnosis, infrared sauna, yoga, meditation, supplements, IVC, juicing, energy healing, TuiNa,  gratitude and love for life.

I needed to listen to my gut and feel what was right. Working with doctors that listen to me, I could boost my immune system and I’ve never felt better in my life. When you told me that food didn’t make a difference for my healing, my mind questioned that statement. I did learn that food is medicine. I learned that cutting out gluten and dairy and sugar has reduced my inflammation and my lymphedema. 

I learned from Dr. Barry Sears that fish oil and maqui berry is instrumental in inflammation and chronic disease. I learned from Dr. Deszynski that diet and exercise are extremely important in boosting the immune system. I learned from Dr. Eyink that it is what you believe in and that energy medicine can be a very important component in healing. I learned from Anita Moorjani that life is more than what it seems and that we are all special people with a soul’s purpose. I learned from Esther hicks to always go in the direction of good feeling thoughts. I learned from Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden about environmental influences and consciousness. I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza about meditation and thoughts, and healing.

My best mentor and coach has been Prue Sinclair who has helped me to gain confidence in myself and to listen to myself.

I have a wonderful family that has supported me and backed me up with every alternative direction that I’ve chosen. 

My metastatic melanoma was not caused by the sun. It was caused from me not aligning with my soul’s purpose. It’s taking me two years of the best journey of my life to figure it out.

I will not be contacting you for any visits, scans, chemotherapy, immune therapy, or anything that is detrimental to my body.

Cancer is a wake-up call, not a death sentence. I’m not sick, I’m healthy!


Heather Deschenes 

I was only Heather’s guide. She did all the hard work and has turned a significant corner on her healing path. As she says and what she truly believes is, I’m NOT sick. I’m HEALTHY. They are powerful words my friends. Keep saying Heather’s words today as a mantra and start believing in the powerful YOU.

I’m NOT sick. I’m HEALTHY.

I’m NOT sick. I’m HEALTHY.

With love,

Prue and Heather.

P.S. 💝 With Heather by my side my dream sanctuary is now a reality!