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Meaning of domesticated in English

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(動物)馴化的, (植物)人工培養的, 能做家務的…
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evcilleştirilmiş, evcimen, ev işi yapan…
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domestiqué, d’intérieur…
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zdomácnělý, domestikovaný, domácký…
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tam, tæmmet, kultiveret…
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jinak, yang ditanam, rajin…
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ทำให้เชื่อง, ที่เป็นสัตว์เลี้ยง, ที่เพาะปลูกพืชผล…
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đã được thuần dưỡng, làm cho thích công việc gia đình…
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udomowiony, oswojony, lubiący prace domowe…
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ternak, ditanam, gemar melakukan kerja rumah…
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gezähmt, domestiziert, an das häusliche Leben gewöhnt…
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tam, temmet, hustjent…
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domesticado, caseiro…
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(动物)驯化的, (植物)人工培养的, 能做家务的…
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одомашненный, прирученный, занимающийся хозяйством…
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addomesticato, (esperto nelle faccende domestiche)…
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domesticado, Cultivado, casero…
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