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Meaning of cheque in English

Examples of cheque

Here a middle-class business man is figured as country gentry and the fox is the culprit for the crime of theft (birds, cheques).
No institutional cheques can be accepted for special discounted individual or member rates; personal cheque or credit card only.
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The most common item that relatives reported as stolen was clothing (49 cases) followed by money, credit cards and cheques (27).
All this, and the back of the cheque book for noting something overheard in pub or post office!
I will not encounter problems with the cheques or the delivery of yarn.
Informal processes include exchanges of money, signing cheques or providing ' pins ' (identification) to care-givers who access accounts.
He is certainly right about all the spelling variants like defence and monologue (except cheque and tyre).
Passive memberships in cheque-book organizations are relatively individualized acts as well.
When cheques and payingin slips have been passed behind the counter, they are listed on temporary sheets to ensure that they balance against one another.
Cheque-book activism does not rely on intensive and regular face-to-face contact between members, and the organizational model of these organizations no longer stresses voluntary participation in local chapters.
Brokers settled individually with each other, and would either give or receive cheques for the balances due on transactions, or ask or give delivery of the balance of shares.
While everyday transactions requiring immediate payment were conducted in dollars, either in coin, banknotes or credit notes (serving as cheques), book-keeping was frequently done in local pounds.
What would the study of popular music look like if the differences among songs were to drive our investigations, if we allow variety to pick up the cheque?
The survey also asked about theft by colleagues, and over one-half of the respondents reported that they had seen or suspected other employees of stealing money, credit cards and cheques.
Payment has been made for three by sterling cheque.
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