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Americans Warned Are Unaware Of Looming “Political Earthquake” Plot

NATO Religious Cult Nears “Moment Of Truth” After Russia Warns “The Countdown Begins

Insane American Warmongers Are Going To Be Bitten Very Hard By The Real World

Russian Nuke Blast Provokes Panicked Biden Plea To Keep War Agreement Secret

Destruction Of The World” Forecasted Thanks To “Amazing Stupidity” of Americans

Fear Stalking America Awakens Europe To True Terror


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They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

Conspiracy Theories Can’t Be Stopped—And Some Scientists Think We Wouldn’t Want To Even If We Could


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Top World News Now


January 25, 2022



United States

Judicial Watch sues CIA for communications targeting Trump

NATO Announces Major New Deployment

F-35 Stealth Jet Crashes On US Carrier In South China Sea, 7 Injured

New York Supreme Court Strikes Down Statewide Mask Mandate

Federal Court Asked To Block Punishment Of All Navy Members Seeking Religious Exemptions From Mandate

Bush Appointed Judge Sentences #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka to 3 Months Home Detention for Protesting Outside US Capitol — After a Year of Leftists Silencing Him

Wisconsin Judge Amazingly Rules 7 Health Care Workers Cannot Switch Jobs

Amazon, Facebook Spend Millions Lobbying Congress for More Legal Immigration, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

New Mexico Governor Calling in the National Guard as Substitute Teachers

7 Virginia School Boards Sue Gov. Youngkin Over Executive Order Allowing for Optional Masking in Schools

INSANE: Masked Karens Attack Unmasked Black Man In Elevator And Scream “Black Lives Matter” Repeatedly (VIDEO)




Kremlin: Putin, Cuba's Diaz-Canel Bermudez Discuss Coordination of Actions as Part of Strategic Partnership

Group of NATO countries, including UK, threaten Russia with ‘unprecedented’ sanctions

Zakharova Castigates US Department Of State’s ‘Strange And Unwise’ Information Agenda

Kremlin: Ukraine Amassing Troops on Contact Line in Donbass in Apparent Preparation for Attack

Russian Navy Warships Embark On ‘Long-Distance’ Mission Amid NATO Tensions (VIDEO)

Russia Will Stage 'Unwelcome' Live-Fire Naval Drills Off Coast Of Ireland

Leading US Vaccine Scientist Explains Why Sputnik V Beats Pfizer Against Omicron

We know everything, ready for everything, hope for the best: Zelensky’s address after Defense Council meeting

Inside Kiev, Mood Is Calm, Skeptical Of Invasion: 'It Looks Like A Political Game,' Soldier Says

Top Ukrainian Says Americans 'Safer In Kyiv Than Los Angeles' After State Department Withdrawal

Politician Named By Britain As Future Ukrainian Leader Responds To Claims, Threatens Legal Action




Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases Live Map

Xi, Israeli leader hail 30 years of diplomatic relations

‘Sheer fiction’: China denies Xi asked Putin not to invade Ukraine during Beijing Winter Olympics

US to study Chinese military’s recruitment to assess battle readiness

China drafts new rules to allow gene edited crops

China's Tencent fires 70 staff, blacklists 13 firms in anti-graft campaign

Fighting COVID, solemn-faced Hong Kong leader explains maskless appearances

Foreign Executives in Isolated Hong Kong Head for the Exit

Hong Kong - Desperate owners flying pets out of country as thousands of animals euthanized over Covid-19 transmission fears

North Korea appears to have fired two cruise missiles

At least 18 dead after clash, fire at club in Indonesia's West Papua



United Kingdom

Party Gate Part 2 - Boris Johnson's wife threw him a birthday party at 10 Downing Street while the rest of the UK was on COVID-19 lockdown  

Johnson Orders Inquiry Into MP Nasrat Ghani Claims She Was Sacked for Her 'Muslimness'

British ministers have been warned that the UK may face record gas and petrol prices if sanctions are placed on Russia

Boris Johnson 'reassembles leadership team' as he tackles backbench revolt

Anti-lockdown protesters smash EU diplomatic service HQ (VIDEOS)

UK University finds novel 1984 ‘offensive and upsetting’

Boris Johnson Claps Back Against Calls To Resign Amid 'Partygate' Scandal

Boris Johnson Announcement: Covid Vaccine Passports Axed As Plan B Restrictions Set To Be Lifted



European Union

Lithuania Prepares to Sell Former CIA ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ Site Where Abu Zubaydah Was Tortured

Thousands Protest COVID-19 Restrictions In European Capitals

Czech Republic Abandons Plan to Mandate COVID Vaccines

Austria Makes Covid Vaccines Mandatory

Environmental Lawyers Threaten Action Over New EU Gas And Nuclear Rules

Poland Won’t Antagonize China To Please US

Italy to Grant Baby Bonus Cash to Migrants with Short-Term Work Permits

The European Parliament's new President immediately faced questions on her views on abortion

Italy - Senate meeting interrupted by Final Fantasy porn




One Student Dead And Three Injured After A Lone Gunman Opens Fire In A German University

Taliban's 'Luxury' Visit to Norway Blasted as 'Disrespectful to Taxpayers', 'Mockery of the Fallen'

German navy chief resigns over Crimea & Putin comments

German Government “Concerned” About Massive Anti-COVID Restriction Protests

German chancellor snubs Joe Biden’s Ukraine-themed invite

Psychiatrist Says She Cannot Recommend Parole of Norwegian Terrorist Breivik

‘Political’ crime on rise in Germany as ranks of disaffected grow

UK planes took a long detour around Germany to deliver weapons to Ukraine in case Russia invades





France Says Russia And Ukraine To Meet Soon, Sees ‘Path To De-Escalation’

France officially recognizes China's treatment of Uyghurs as 'genocide' in parliamentary resolution

Macron calls for new 'European order'

Will the European presidency help Macron secure a second term?

Louvre threatens to sue Marine Le Pen

“No Vaccine, No French Open” – French Officials Threaten to Ban World’s Number One Player Novak Djokovic from Tournament

France OK's law banning unvaccinated from restaurants, sports arenas as COVID cases surge

Teachers in France Stage Walkout Over Covid Rules in Schools



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Syria - Dozens killed in fighting after ISIS attack on prison

Russian, Syrian pilots conduct joint air patrol mission along Golan Heights

Yemen - Hundreds injured & killed in Saudi strikes

Saudi-led coalition denies Yemen air raid; UN, US call for calm

US Navy Bares Teeth With Rare Publication of Cruise Missile Submarine’s Cyprus Stopover

US Reportedly Dropped Massive Bomb on Syrian Dam Marked as 'No-Go' Target in 2017

EU to Establish Physical Presence in Afghanistan

Russian Military Says Militants Planning Terrorist Attacks in Syrian Ports of Tartus, Latakia


Interesting Developments

Trump 'TRUTH Social' developing content moderation practices to ensure 'family-friendly' community

Roscosmos Reveals Carnage Of Tonga Eruption In Before & After Photos

Fourth Turning 2022: Bad-Moon Rising, Part 2

WHO Envoy Hoping For New Covid Variants  - “We Must Go On Treating It As Though It Is Full Of Surprises, Very Nasty And Rather Cunning”

A&E Documentary Series Accuses ‘Depraved’ Playboy Founder Of Bestiality And Grooming

This Is The Epitome Of What's Wrong In The World Right Now

Bwaahahaha… Climate change activist suffers electric car calamity

Transgender Prof Misgenders Students On Purpose if They Don’t Comply with Woke Sex Disclosure




Netanyahu Refuses to Accept Israeli AG's 'Moral Turpitude' Clause in Corruption Case Plea Deal

Israel Probes Allegations Police Cyber-Spied on Citizens

Israeli Military Complete ‘Desert Falcon’ Aerial Drills With US in Apparent Show of Force to Iran

Netanyahu Expected to Make Plea Deal Banning Him From Politics for Seven Years

Bennett Expects War Soon in Either Gaza or Lebanon

Power Outages Sweep All of Lebanon

'You're Pissing Me Off!': Meeting of European, Israeli Officials Allegedly Turns Into Verbal Brawl

Israel-UAE Trade Expected to Hit $2 Billion in 2022, But Might the Honeymoon Be Disrupted?




UAE, Turkey to bolster ties with new agreements, renew commitments

Powerful Explosion Reported at Turkey's Kirkuk-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline

'Brave Knight' Blocks Major International Waterway

PKK Terrorists Torture Man In Switzerland, Flee Country

Turkey Kills 12 YPG Kurds After Three Soldiers Slain

Erdogan Tells Banks To Snoop On Dollar Buyers, "Deter" Clients From Hedging Lira Collapse

Traders Puzzled By Bizarre Mystery As Turkish Central Bank Inexplicably Posts "Unprecedented" $10 Billion Profit On Last Day Of 2021

Turkish lira just had its worst year in 2 decades




UAE to launch first Space Economic Zone at Masdar City

El Sisi raises Egypt's minimum monthly wage by 12.5%

UAE bans unvaccinated from leaving it

South Africa

Mali Says Uninvited Foreign Troops Must Leave

At Least 6 Dead After Stadium Crush Unfolds in Cameroon Before African Cup of Nations Match

Military Claims Power In Burkina Faso Coup




Iran regains UN voting rights

Russia proposed interim nuclear deal to Iran, with U.S. knowledge, sources say

Iran Holding Talks With Russia on Constructing New Units of Bushehr NPP

'40 Years of Resistance': Raisi Says Moscow & Tehran Can Fight Back Together Against US

Iran & Saudi Arabia to re-establish diplomatic ties, lawmaker says

Iran Threatens to Assassinate Top Trump Administration Officials

French FM: Iran Nuclear Talks Still Far From a Deal




Venezuela ramps up gasoline, food supply to Cuba

Venezuela’s U.S.-Backed Opposition Frays as Nicolás Maduro Tightens Grip

Over Dozen People Killed in Clashes in Eastern Colombia, Arauquita Mayor Says

UK court: Guaidó is Venezuela interim president, in case involving country's gold

'Attack' plunges Venezuela's Caracas, 15 states into darkness

Key leader Borges quits Venezuela’s US-backed ‘interim government’

Maduro Reaches Out to Elected Opposition Leaders, Calls for Unity




Brazil delays Carnival as Omicron spreads

Nine staff infected with Covid-19 evacuated from Argentina’s Antarctic research base

Argentine FM holds meetings in DC as planned

Brazil sees coffee crop growing less than expected; deficit looms

Gigantic Canyon Rock Slide Hits Tourist Boats, Killing At Least 5 People (VIDEOS)

Bolsonaro will not need surgery on gut blockage linked to stabbing

After 6 verified ‘flurona’ cases, Brazil probing more possible co-infections




Mexican Journalist Killed in Tijuana, 3rd Instance of 2022

Mexico’s Duplicitous ‘Ant Operation’ Moved Tens of Thousands to the U.S. Border Sight Unseen — and Will Again Through 2022

Guatemalan Government Clashes with Migrants in First Caravan of 2022

Mexican Cartel Drops Bombs from Drone onto Rival Smugglers (Video)

Fully vaccinated and boosted President Andrés Manuel López Obrador gets Covid again

Mexico Unveils Warrants in ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Scandal

Mexico Auto Production Plunges To Lowest Annual Level Since 2014 Amid Chip Shortage




US Federal Judge Releases Puerto Rico From Bankruptcy, Slashes Municipal Debt by 80%

Jamaican Police Detain Another Moise Murder Suspect

Prime Minister of Haiti Survives Assassination Attempt Near Gonaives Church

Battered Cuban Political Prisoners Call for More Protests from Within Prison

Remaining Members Of U.S. Missionary Group Kidnapped Two Months Ago In Haiti Have Been Freed

US Coast Guard Detains Smuggler, Repatriates 51 Cubans to Cuba

Media’s Propaganda Services for Idol Fidel Castrol Continue—Five Years After His Death



United Nations

UN Chief Warns Millions Of Afghans Are On ‘Verge Of Death’

India's TS Tirumurti assumes new chair of United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee

PURE EVIL: The United Nations Unveils a Statue at its NYC Headquarters that Resembles the Beast from the Book of Revelation

Taliban and Myanmar junta remain out of UN after key meeting

UN Committee To Decide Who Gets Afghanistan's Seat Amid Rival Claims

Secretary-General Strongly Condemns Attack by Central African Republic Presidential Guard on Unarmed United Nations Peacekeepers in Bangui

UN reports world's first famine due to climate change




Biden, Kishida talk China, North Korea, Russia in first formal meeting

Kishida says virus measures, defense top priorities

Date of Russian top diplomat’s possible visit to Japan not set yet

Japan Faces Three Meter High Tsunami Threat After Undersea Volcano Eruption In South Pacific

Japan seeks restrictions on US troops after COVID-19 surge

Kishida lays out new contigency plan against Omicron risk

Three Boeing 747 Freighters Packed With Potatoes Head To Japan Amid French Fry Shortage

Japan agrees to pay more for hosting US troops




Massive Fire at British-Era Secunderabad Club in India's Telangana, Police Probe Started

Thousands Left Homeless As Fire Ravages Rohingya Refugee Camp

Omicron spreads in India's big cities but hospitalizations still low


Pakistan Sentences Pastor Serving Longest-Ever Prison Sentence for ‘Blasphemy’ to Death

Taliban Admit Tensions With Pakistan On Border Issue After Massive Clash Along Durand Line

Pakistan organizes international meeting to discuss aid for Afghanistan




Australia-China relations won’t change even if Labor Party wins power: opposition leader

Australia accuses China of ‘foreign interference’ after Morrison’s WeChat blocked

Anti-Vaxxers Cause Major Public Transport Delays, Traffic Chaos

Tonga's Outlying Islands Hit by 49-Foot Wall of Water, Most Structures Destroyed

Images reveal devastation inflicted on Tonga by volcano and tsunami

Water crisis looms for tsunami-hit Tonga; New Zealand help on the way

Damage In Tsunami-Hit Tonga Hampering Relief Efforts







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