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Top 10 Elemental Powers

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1 Air

I think air is the most underestimated. Air is obviously the most powerful and convenient but often it's seen as trivial. I would definitely choose to control air. With fire the most I'd probably use it for is to light a candle, for earth I have no idea what I'd do, with water I'd probably go to my neighbour's pool and have fun there but with air you can use it for so many things. Levitating things towards you, flying, jumping higher, running faster, scoring better in sports like tennis, netball and so much more. Plus, when you look at the media, for instance Avatar the Last Airbender... air is literally in the name and has so much proof air is the most powerful. And there's a reason the Ancient Greeks gave their most powerful god control over the sky domain. I don't want to turn this into a rant because I am known in my friendship group for that but air is 100% the most powerful, plus it can be used anywhere and for everyday things.

Air is VERY powerful. You could use it as a telekinesis, suffocation, sportsy stuff, and a way better invisibility; no one can see you or feel you, and for flight. Remove oxygen from some elements and they go bye-bye. Air can also help people. They can make helpful air bubbles if you are drowning, shields if attacked, stop bullets in the AIR if attacked, or circulate air in your lungs so you can never suffocate.

Air controls water (ocean), fire (oxygen), making shapes to many rocks (earth), brings cold/hot weather, and a medium to a lightning. It also appears in darkness and it helps you see a light with moving dusts. Air/wind controls everything.

Where is the best element because air contains every Air is the best element because air contains every single element in it.

2 Fire

Here is the reason why I believe fire is the best element. Fire destroys anything in its path. Fire can evaporate water with intensive training. Fire is also a form of explosion which causes earth users to be useless. Fire is also stronger than wind in general due to the chemical reaction in order for Fire to heat or burn it needs oxygen. Wind has the oxygen if there is a lot of that the fire will; be bigger and stronger which causes wind users to perish. Now, if this doesn't help, Fire is also a form of electricity. Electricity is OP it cannot be blown away, nor that it can be blocked it is invisible. Say for example a water user was fighting a Lightning user. The water user is dead, with one shot water will be electrocuted and anyone in it will die. Lightning can one shot any earth defenses or offences. Finally, wind users they cannot blow away electricity but it may oppose to it if they have the right moves. Still, lightning is shown to have immense power over the main elements. ...more

I think fire is not the strongest. WAIT WAIT WAIT! Don't kill me, let me explain it. Fire may not be the strongest because it can't adapt with oxygen loss and you can easily put it out with both water and earth. But let me tell you something. Tsunami and earthquake both are very dangerous disaster, and so is hurricane. But we don't even know that fire is our most common element that can kill people in even a small amount. Can you be killed by your friend who is spraying water on you or wind which we need to breath with? Or even we walk on earth. I'm talking about the small amount people, not the disaster type. Yes, Forest fire can also wipe out many animals even kill endangered species, so don't underestimate elements people! Because the small fire that looks cute in front of you can kill you anytime!

I believe that fire is the strongest in my opinion. In basic knowledge though it all just depends on what the person/thing can do with it. For example most people might think that someone who holds fire just throw fire balls but their are many other things you can do with fire. A person with enough skill could even turn the fire into a substance that can go through something or they can make wing out of fire and fly. Even though I believe that fire is stronger there is no really logical answer on which element is stronger unless you give examples on what each element can do.

PEOPLE! Fire is not the strongest element! It is dependent on air, water can put it out easily, earth as well. In Avatar, I don't think lightning should be part of fire. Like aren't air molecules produced in AIR! Oh and also you can only make fireballs and burn stuff. With air, you can control winds, smoke, you can choke someone, glide and I think lightning should be part of air. With water you can control ice, and freeze stuff, bloodbend, make water into any shape, and make big waves. Earth can control rocks and metal, make amazing shields, control the ground beneath you and I think it should also control plants

3 Water

The most powerful element because water weakens fire, water uses water molecules in earth or turns it to mud and controls it that way, it uses water vapor in air to defeat air. If any fire fan wants to come at me with some proof that fire could win, my ears are open, I looked through the fire part, and obviously they should know that water boils in fire, it doesn't really evaporate, even if it did it could become vapor, use that vapor in oxygen, deprive the fire of oxygen, then there is no fire burning.

Water I would say is the most powerful element you could have as a power. There is so much more you could have that involves water. Communicate with with water related animals, control water, control people through the liquids in their body, control the clouds/weather, etc.
Water is more powerful then Fire cause it is its weakness. Air cause there are water molecules in air. Earth cause there are water molecules in the earth. Weather cause 90% of weather involves water like thunderstorms, rain, Tsunamis, Floods, Hurricanes.
Plus if you had water related powers than you could have the powers of Percy Jackson, Aquaman, Aqualad, and so many more.

Water is the best/most powerful element. Earth and fire, and air would not exist without it. Without water, earth and plants will die, resulting in herbivores not being able to eat. Without the plants, oxygen would not exist, because there is no plant, there is no process of photosynthesis. Without air, no flames will exist because oxygen would not exist, so there goes fire. Water can easily defeat every one of the main four elements. Simply, nothing would live if there was no water. Water is by far the best element.

Water is peaceful and calm, just like life. But it also has a destructive side to it as well which is cool. It is just an unpredictable force of Nature.

4 Electricity

Lightning is such a freaking awesome element and needs more attention.
Lightning creates distanced fighting to help you fight far away from your enemy, Lightning is also so unique and powerful creating destructive and dangerous shock waves, Electricity blasts and much more which can burn you to pieces if struck by it. It is also much more powerful than many elements and can shock and mess with people's minds Also, Water is weak against lightning and is so powerful and destructive.
Lightning is the most powerful and underrated element that needs to be at the top!

Electricity is is just like water, an unpredictable force of Nature. The only difference is that water has more power, but lightning is just cool and powerful.

I'm surprised this isn't higher. Electricity is literally the fastest element, you can't react to it and will get hit instantly

Assume lightning is the power to harness electricity, or to manipulate electrons, electricity, and lightning itself. Lightning is a force that unlike all other basic elements: fire, water, earth, even air or nature, cannot be thwarted. Fire is an unpredictable element, but still weak, to all others�"even air, which is intended to power it, can extinguish fire. Water is versatile, but that does not mean it isn't just as easily stopped. And air is supposedly the strongest element, and yet to become so, the wielder would need to be the most powerful in the universe. It is an invincible force wielding unimaginably dangerous power. Electricity in the smallest amounts can pass a current so powerful it can be commonly associated with death. Lightning itself can contain 1,000,000,000 V of electricity. Air may gather resistance, but air resistance can be easily disregarded by this element. Even more resistance to the point of humans falling like slips of paper would do nothing. The ...more

5 Earth

With earth you could literally control the whole planet. You could destroy it and everything on it as a result of that. With earth, you could basically control everything around you. Water wouldn't be able to do anything, because earth is sturdier and them planet is at your command, fire wouldn't either, because fire can be put out with earth, wind is powerful, but against earth there is not much it can do, and lightning is also a good power, but remember, with earth you could basically control planets

Earth is a powerful and peaceful element. Earth is gentle and filled with life and is equally dangerous to Air but more power.

Earth is probably also a really good element, but in my eyes I only see exactly what it said. I can't see more. There are so many opportunities in the other powers, but earth is just earth. You can evolve your power but earth is just earth and I think nature and earth is to close to each other to be different elements. But I would rather have nature as my element than earth.

I read the wind/air comments...EARTH IS USEFUL sure you have the ability to fly in the air cause your a wind/air elemental but earth can use sand from the ground to the way up so can make sand fists and punch the living heck out of people. Anyways, I LOVE EARTH there are so much possibilities you could do with this elemental power, like when you create a rock barrier from the ground to defend yourself but after you defend yourself smash the rock barrier so then it will create shards that will fly at your opponents!

6 Ice

It is born of the element of water. Freezing the world around us forming crystals and raining down snowflakes. It's not only magical but also beautiful which is why ice should be in the top 5 because it is stronger than electricity which can only shock when exposed to water but ice can be formed through particles freezing in the air which causes icicles and snowflakes. I hear by rest my case that is ice is not only gorgeous but it is also a season which we must recognize.

Ice because It's a Freeze water if is a water I think is must be in top 4 Because I Think it can beat lighting! is Not very good when fight with Fire but! it can also beat lighting steel I think

Ice is by far one of the most powerful elements yet. If none of you guys have ever heard or played Mortal Kombat, you should and learn about Sub-Zero. Ice can not only freeze fire but can also find the air molecules that might be used against you by someone who controls air and freeze them, automatically taking air and fire off the chart for rivalries. Next is earth. If rocks or vines are thrown at you you can instantly freeze them and crush them with your mind. Next is lightning. Though lightning could easily crack through an ice block, you can use your abilities to freeze lightning in time to redirect it anyone/anything you want. Not to mention you can create sculptures, weapons, and even buildings with ice. And if you forgot, ice also leads to black ice. Black ice is practically an instant kill. You freeze something or someone and all you have to do is touch it to destroy anything inside of it. For example normal ice usage doesn't destroy something once you break it after it was ...more

Ice/Frost can do many things, You can manipulate water to turn into ice meaning that you can control water. This means that you can have ice anywhere on earth because there are water molecules in the air. Also if it is raining, you will have complete control over the entire area. Also with frost you could freeze people to death and/or create barriers to block attacks such as lightning and fire. Frost also means that it will be harder for anybody to hit you because you can either freeze the ground causing it to be a frozen floor or freeze them to slow them down and eventually kill them of hypothermia. If you could manipulate water that means that you can control human beings. Water molecules are inside our bodies, so if we can manipulate it, we can move it allowing us to control them. (Sorry about too much avatar references but it is true). And with Ice you could potentially fly because if you could control water, you could make ice particles around your body and move with the ice ...more

7 Dark

Darkness is the most powerful. You can escape guards my turning yourself into a shadow. You can create life forms and other living things like a shadow wolf, dragon, etc. You can easily steal or break in the most secured place in the world. You can even see the secret recipe in Coca-Cola unnoticed. You can manipulate black holes, create dark matter and energy, that means you can manipulate space and even time. The only thing faster than light is darkness. It is existent, but also non-existent. So practically it is very hard to kill. You can create anything with shadow powers, even extra lives!

You leave the world in complete darkness. Shadow Travel like Nico and summon ghosts. You could steal anything you want because you stay hidden in the shadows.

Darkness should be, by far the strongest. Due to the endless amount of supply one could use to fuel their abilities, whether it be the physical absence of light or someone's shadow, or even drawing upon the vast darkness that occupies the area between planets. And if one is able to control darkness, it would be able to ignore the limitations, weaknesses, and strengths, since it isn't a "normal" element of nature, rather the embodiment of nature's destructive side.

I'm sorry, but darkness is the best by far (my opinion only); you can see in the dark, become invisible, teleport to other shadows and manipulate shadows. Say if you were trying to get into a big warehouse, and there were guards everywhere. Make their shadows rise up, become spears and kill their owners. Then, to avoid the cameras, you teleport past or just go invisible and walk. It's extremely effective simply because there is so much darkness everywhere.

8 Life

The power to create anything and control the state between life and death literally puts you on par with a God. Forget natural elements like air/wind, water or fire, you could literally kill the person using said elements just by thinking it. You could create a more powerful duplicate of your enemy to fight for you. Or even a nuclear explosion that vaporizes ONLY your enemies and leaves everyone else untouched... A God is not to be underestimated... ever.

You ARE life right?
The wind/air is nature, water is nature, fire is nature, water is nature, earth is nature.
So basically almost every element is nature so therefore, nature is the most powerful one.

I must say that I really love this power. It's strong, energetic, nice- You know what I mean. This power is holding so much hidden. Just think about the way this power is able to create healing-stuff. (Sorry- bad English).

The nature/life element is very important as we practically live off of it. Nature provides us with oxygen, beauty, resources whereas life provides us to live, it's our souls, our personalities. Both combined into one element is risky and comes with lots of responsibility. This element is very vital as it's practically everywhere, everything and everyone. This is perhaps one of the most dangerously powerful elements to own.

9 Time

Super convinient! Freezing time would so useful! If you are late work or wanna sleep longer, just stop time.
If you are asked a question you don't know the answer too, just stop time and look it up.
Then going back in time, in case you failed a test, you could just go back and try again. If you are in a horrible accident or a loved one is, just turn back time.

To control time, that is to control everything!

Stopping time, speeding or slowing time and seeing the future. 1. Stopping time. You can stop time and move away if you're in danger. You can stop time and steal something, hurt someone... it's kinda crazy honestly. 2. You can make anyone die in an instant or skip through a boring lesson easily! 3. You could always see what was going to happen and pick out the best future for yourself. Honestly, the best and most OP power, except from space.

Time is...well, time is just broken, no two ways about it. If we're judging these powers based on fighting ability, than you have to realize that being able to react before your enemy is just busted, lol. Example! Ahem...How to Win a Fight when you can control time! Step 1: Stop Time. Step 2: Stab someone in the eye with literally anything! Step 3: Grab popcorn and then unfreeze time.

I know that was kinda graphic and cruel, but that's the really scary thing about time travel. Traceless crime. Stop time, rewinding either at will or upon death or something, traveling through, if someone has that ability and you don't, you lose. The only way you win is if they let you beat them, or they decide that killing you is either not worth the energy, or if they're a sadist, has gotten boring.

I think that time is very over powered because you can stop things from existing. It is also good when fighting because when freeze time you can hurt your opponent without them knowing. You would also be able to go back in time and get some old stuff and become rich. In addition time is everything because time plays a very important roles in our lives and without it nothing would be possible.

10 Energy

I actually created a character for my own liking who controls energy as an element. At first he is only able to control psi energy, but he is able to convert other types of energy into psi and manipulate them that way. But when he has a near-death experience in Limbo with Nature, he gets extra divine powers: now he can tap into the universe's limitless stores of cosmic energy, so he can generate force fields, levitate my altering gravitational potential energy, use telekinesis by altering kinetic energy, suck the chi out of others to kill them...he is basically overpowered! And I love the element of energy for that: because of its limitless possibilities. You can even absorb energy into your own body and become immortal!

Energy could start fires & redirect ice, wind AND earth. You'd never run out of stamina & you could control lighting. You could even kill someone by taking away their energy, or bring them back to life, by giving them energy. You'd also be able to control a person, by controlling the atoms in their body. And I'm only naming some of the things you could do with energy. Overall, there's no question that energy is the most powerful element

Energy is basically everything. Space, time, aura, and so on. I think it's just a category/type of magic, which has many different ways your magic can develop.

energy is Basically everything because when you move you have energy.
you could also use every power because he like fire users use fire the also make fire energy and powers have there owned energy, so you could control every power at your will

The Contenders
11 Light

Light has many different prosperities that can be abused. Scientifically speaking you can manipulate part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which means several things like manipulating radio waves (you can listen into people who use devices that taps in to this); blinding people; starting something on fire; fly; move at the speed of light; and if you could "harden" light - like what Green Lantern does - you'd have an arsenal of kinetic weapons/armor you could summon at will. But let's be real here: blinding people pretty much screws over a great deal of people who still require eyesight in order to use their abilities effectively, and is probably the most effective if also the most crude usage of this ability.

On a fantasy note it's the obvious counter to darkness-based abilities. Also, fire users are screwed against you since you can manipulate their own power if they try to start you or something else on fire due to how photons work.

Listen. This has to be the best. Light is a force. It is carried by a force carrier called a photon. This photon takes control in making electrostatics and magnetism and light. So you could manipulate these things. And also. Spirit is a lively and heavenly objective that can be used in many ways. Since light is involved, I'm assuming this is angelic powers. Angels have the power to protect one another and use light to keep away bad things. They can manipulate clouds and even emotions and dreams. So in this case Light/Spirit is the best.

Light is my favorite! You can turn into light, travel at the speed of light, control and create light, can overpower darkness, and so much more!

If you had the powers of light, you could run at the speed of light. Light is also almost everywhere so it would be a good source of power and you could fight people without even being at their location if you knew where they were. A blast of light would travel extremely fast.

12 Telekinesis/Mind Control

This really sounds like a cool element, I would have this because you can literally bring stuff from a far distance with your MIND. You also can control people and make them do weird stuff for either payback or as a prank. This element takes a lot of skill and practice and it takes a long time to get the hang of. I would also know the answers to every test question just from reading a teachers mind :). If it was anything I would have this element! But, if it was between 100 trillion dollars then no I'd pick 100 trillion dollars. I LIKE DAT MORE!

I can feel the flow from this power. X-men inspired me to dick a little deeper down into this power. Wauw! That's an amazing power! The way Charles Xavier, from the movie
X-men, works with his power is unbelievable! I love the way the power is so powerful, but! I don't believe it's the strongest.

Not much to say, not that it´s really needed lol. If you control your foes mind, you can just force them to commit suicide and boom case closed. Plus Telekinesis if trained to it´s peak allows you to manipulate EVERYTHING on an atomic level. You can master practically all other Elements and Powers, including the Forces of the Universe itself with your mind. What else is there to say ?

Having this skill could be a miracle! You could make people do what you want and if you had the gut even kill could see there thoughts if you were well trained,you could even see where they live and see what they live through at home you could see that there getting abused or having a bad life you could use this skill to make a person's life better!

13 Gravity

In my opinion, gravity has to be one of the best. You can increase or decrease a person's weight, create black holes, and, because gravity can alter spacetime, you can speed up or slow down your enemies, or even yourself. You can also fly (technically). I suppose that would just be falling, just not downwards.

If you are a expert using this abiltity you can alter the weight of an object meaning you can control all of the solid material around including human then when you fight, the result is predictable bacause gravity is the key to make heavy or light in every circumtances. Tnx

You can control gravity. So you can fly. So it is kind of like the force. You can raise an enemy army over 100 feet and bring them crashing down.

Gravity manipulation would be an extremely useful superpower, in both combat, and everyday life.

14 Death

Honestly, any form of element manipulation is dangerous, just because you control fire doesn't mean you are immune to it, powers close to omnipotence are always too dangerous, you stop time and you basically stop air from flowing into your lungs, stop light from entering your eyes and electricity from running, you create a big black void and NOT expect to be sucked into it? Also, it would possibly be highly dependent on how far you can see. Lightning would be like detonating a huge bomb right beside you,loud enough to make you deaf, bright enough to blind you, and that's not even considering what is needed to cause lightning... I could go on like this for ages, but I advise you carefully consider science before using any superpower

In my opinion, death goes both ways. So you not only can kill people by touching them but also bring people back from the dead. So you have control over life and death.

You can bring people back from the dead or kill people my saying a incantation or by just touching them.

Good to see none of us want to kill people. This is last place.

15 Space

I think that this is the most powerful element as there are many abilities to space such as: Space, supernova, hypernova, Meteors, Gravity, Wormholes, Blackholes, Whiteholes, Energy, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, Electricity, Sun, Moon, Time, etc;

Space = Time.

So then you could freeze time.


You could also have the power to manipulate space, supernovae, hypernovae, meteors, gravity, wormholes, black holes, white holes, energy, fire, water, earth, air etc.


everything in space is what you can control.


you could create nothing and destroy all atoms.

or you could create strange matter.



when I think of the best element I think of the best element in the long term, not just for fun, but you can do other stuff as well.

there is a known planet which is made out of water, except from its core. You could manipulate gravity and use that to your advantage.

You could teleport anywhere or turn invisible (by making the stuff you are made out of, more thinner). or fly (air).


think of every single thing in the known universe and you could use it to your advantage




Elements which might be ...more

You can control space objects and space events, probably the weakest thing space can do is to send a doomsday asteroid, comet or even a planet to collide to earth. Maybe you can control stars, black holes neutron stars and maybe galaxies. You can control events like supernova and even Gamma Ray bursts.

Space can overcome anything. It can control the night and stars. Fight your own enemies. Be a free spirit with rocking' outfits. You can teleports anywhere and do whatever you wish because everyone and everything has a little bit of darkness in it.

16 Sound

Sound is actually pretty cool! In psychics sound is a vibration through matter in the form of a sound wave. Sound can travel through air, water and solids. Ever feel the bass of loud music? That's a sound wave traveling through you! And most of the jilting that happens in earthquakes is from a massive sound wave traveling through the earth!

Sound is also the key to communication. Speech is just a complex pattern of air pressure waves. So having sound as an ability you'd be able to distinguish multiple air pressure patterns in speech to understand and possibly mimic it to communicate back. Also in many animals they can growl at such low frequencies not as a warning but to instill fear in prey momentarily. There is a such thing as a sound wave that triggers the emotion of fear!

Sound can also be destructive. Throwback to how it can travel through land and is a vibration. Yeah we'll rocket launch pads are flooded with water after launches not to subdue the flames and heat ...more

With sound you can go supersonic speeds, create shockwaves, make a room completely quiet, or make it possible for no one to hear you. You can also make deafening screeches or high frequency that will blown someone's head. You can use echolocation and communicate with animals.

Actually sound is absorbed by wind because sound travels through air.

Watch "Lost Song" anime... if you sang a song and the power will go blow things upp

17 Magnetism

I think Magentism would be as amazing elemental power because you could control the magnetic field and control metal. It's like a mixture of Metal and Gravity.

Evangeline Samos is all I have to say. If you don't know who she is please read Red Queen or look her up.

18 Shadow Magic
19 Weather

Thunder is already in sound / electricity. Sorry but thunder is only sound. Also note that thunder is the sound lightning makes. Completely in sound with electrical background

For me thunder is the superior form of lightning why because it can destroy such as country when it gain to much electrons.

This is the best element if in this world if we all have element power.

You will be a trailblazer like Zeus except better.

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