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Dembow is a musical rhythm[1] which originated in Jamaica.[2] When Shabba Ranks released "Dem Bow" in 1990, it did not take long for the dembow genre to form. Riddims were built from the song and the sound became a popular part of reggaeton. From the original song of "Dem Bow" originating in Jamaica, it then reached New York and the genre of dembow moved next to Latin America thanks to the Panamanian artist Nando Boom who released a Spanish version of Dem Bow by Shabba Ranks, the rhythm eventually reached the Dominican Republic.[3][4]


The main element of dembow music is its rhythm, which is somewhat reminiscent of reggaeton and dancehall music, but with a more constant rhythm and faster than reggaeton. Rhythm and melodies in dembow tend to be simple and repetitive.

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