Many people don't own vehicles because they prefer not to drive or they can't afford to own one. It can be expensive to own a car; paying for gas, insurance, maintenance, and many other things make a car more expensive than its initial cost. Many cities also have great public transportation systems or are small enough that one can get anywhere they need to go simply by walking or riding a bike. There are even people who choose not to own a vehicle because they want to have more motivation to exercise, and riding a bike provides an excellent opportunity to burn some calories. While San Diego is known for being more of a car-friendly city, there are still places to live that a person can get around without owning a car. Those don't own a car and are thinking of where to live in San Diego should check out some of these places as they are the most pedestrian and biker friendly.

Where to Live in San Diego Without a Car

La Jolla

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La Jolla is one of the best places to live for people who are thinking about moving to San Diego and don't want to buy a car. This is because the area is on the beach, and there are plenty of other things to do in this area besides visiting the water. La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores are some of the most popular beach locations to visit because they are always full of people--even at night time. Also, it's possible to get there by taking a short bus ride or walking. Those who live in La Jolla find that they can always make it to the beach when they want to get there. There are also plenty of stores, restaurants, and sources of entertainment that can be found in La Jolla as well. This community provides pretty much everything a person needs to survive and get the most of out life, which is why many people choose to live there. The public transportation in San Diego is also very affordable. Most one-way bus trips cost $2.25, express buses cost $2.50, and rapid express buses cost $5. Considering how quickly one can get to their destination by taking the more expensive buses, it is well worth the money. Also, someone may have trouble finding parking if they are new to the area. Parking enforcement is out in full and will gladly write someone a ticket if they are parked in the wrong area for too long. San Diego also has trolleys, which cost $2.50 and the ticket allows someone to use the system for a full two hours. There are many places the trolley travels to and this is one of the best ways to get some errands done for those who don't own a vehicle; the small fare of $2.50 allows them to get to the grocery store and back home. La Jolla also has a rec center, a library, a museum of contemporary art, the Open Aire Market, the La Jolla Caves, and so many other things that can keep someone entertained for a very long time. Even the people who have lived in La Jolla for years say that there are things they haven't got around to doing yet. However, when they do decide to go out and do something, most people prefer to take the bus anyway.

Downtown San Diego (also known as City Centre)

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The central area of San Diego is home to almost 30,000 people and is very easy to get around in. The buses run frequently in the downtown area of San Diego, and they are also priced the same as the other areas of town. People who live and work in the City Centre frequently take the bus to work because they can get there in a reasonable amount of time and save their gas for trips to other areas of town. Even if someone needs to make two or even three transfers, they will be able to get to their destination in reasonable time because most buses in the downtown area run every fifteen minutes. People who are going to be using the public transportation system regularly should consider getting a day pass, which is $5, or even a monthly pass, which is $72. This is reasonable considering that most people spend that amount of money in gas for their car every single week. Seniors, youths, and students are eligible for some hefty discounts when purchasing monthly passes, so be sure to keep that in mind. Little Italy is also in the downtown area, and it provides so much entertainment for the locals. There are some excellent places to eat and drink in this part of town, and there are also markets and other things that people may need. There are also plenty of bars in the City Centre, which makes the public transportation systems even more attractive.

Chula Vista

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Chula Vista is located 7 miles south of the City Centre and is also the same distance North of the American-Mexican border. There are some amazing things to do in this region of town. The water park and Sleep Train Amphitheatre provide plenty of entertainment, the Otay Ranch Town Center provides great places to shop, and there is also the Rice Canyon Trail that provides beauty and serenity. Anything that a person wants to do is possible in this area, whether they want to relax with Mother Nature, see a movie, go out for a drink, or experience a unique restaurant. The best part about Chula Vista is that it has a classic downtown-style layout, which makes getting around very easy to do. The grid network of streets makes it easy to locate any place you're trying to find, and it also makes it easy to get there. The buses also run quite often, with the remote areas of town running every thirty minutes and the central area of town running every fifteen. People who live in this region have no problem getting around because of the busses, but it's also possible to walk to most places as well. Check out some of these locations if you have been searching for where to live in San Diego without a car.