San Diego is one of the most popular cities in California, because it provides an excellent coastal lifestyle and so many opportunities. People want to live in or near San Diego so they can have fun and enjoy the things the city has to offer. However, living directly in the city can be quite expensive, which is why many people look for nearby cities where they can live close to San Diego but avoid the cost of actually living there. Plenty of nearby cities offer great employment opportunities while allowing someone to live close to their friends and family in San Diego. Here are some of the best places to live and work around San Diego.

1. Carlsbad

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Carlsbad is one of the most popular places to vacation near San Diego because it has amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, and many other fun things to do. Because of this, the job opportunities are vast. People can find jobs in any of these tourist attractions that will help them sustain their life in California. The unemployment rate in Carlsbad is 4.2%, and the median household income is just above $90,000. An average home in Carlsbad costs somewhere around $700,000, which isn't bad considering the cost of living in some Southern California cities. Plenty of sports-related jobs can be found in this city as well. Many resorts and golf clubs are looking for employees, and more than half of the action sports jobs in San Diego County are in Carlsbad. Life sciences jobs can also be found in abundance here; Carlsbad is all about physical activities and the study of them.

2. Chula Vista

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The unemployment rate in Chula Vista is 6%, which is fairly high for this region. However, this doesn't mean that quality jobs can't be found here. There are plenty of warehouse jobs available; WIS International is always looking for skilled workers that can handle heavy lifting. Many administrative jobs can be found as well. Chula Vista has several schools and colleges that need teachers who know how to properly educate young people. The average income for people living in Chula Vista is $65,000 per year, and the average home is priced around $570,000. This is exceptional, and the relatively low cost of living for the San Diego area is what attracts many people to Chula Vista. It's also close enough that many people live in Chula Vista yet work in downtown San Diego or other more expensive areas.

3. Oceanside

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Oceanside is another city in San Diego County that has a slightly higher unemployment rate of 4.9%. While this may be scary to some people, there are still plenty of employment opportunities in Oceanside. People can always find jobs in travel, hospitality, and tourism here, as well as transportation and warehousing.


4. Escondido

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Many of the available jobs in Escondido are similar to those in Oceanside. Retail, wholesale trade, transportation, warehouse, hospitality and tourism, and travel jobs are common here. The unemployment rate is 4.8%, which is slightly better than Oceanside, but the cost of living is a little bit higher. An average home in Escondido costs about $520,000, which is quite a bit more than what can be found in Oceanside. Most of the people who live in Escondido make about $50,000 per year. Many people who drive trucks for a living live in Escondido, as there are several transportation companies based in this area and they are always in need of professional drivers. Truck drivers undergo extensive but relatively quick training, and it also pays very well. If someone doesn't like driving trucks, they can surely find a job in store or restaurant management, which pays pretty well also.

5. Del Mar

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Del Mar is a city in San Diego that has an unemployment rate of 6%. However, this is projected to change over the next 10 years, as the projected job growth is 36.1%. Media and telecommunications jobs are becoming more and more popular here -- Kingfisher Systems and Experian are always in need of telecommunications specialists -- and the city is rapidly becoming more populated. This is why the cost of living in Del Mar is the highest on this list; an average home costs about $1.5 million. When an area is becoming popular very fast, the cost of living and home values are going to skyrocket. The majority of Del Mar residents make $100,000 or more, which is appropriate considering the high cost of living.

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