Sometimes when there are so many titles being released at a constant rate some will inevitably be left behind. No matter how good they are, if all the moving parts aren't in place for the launch it's likely the game will nose dive.

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In a genre as crowded as first person shooters, there are bound to be many games that didn't get their fair time in the sun. Luckily, these games take their time to stagnate and the replay value is always high, leaving the player that initially missed out some time to try out some of these unsung titles.

10 Bulletstorm (2011)

From the creators of Fortnite and Gears Of War comes epic games less talked about shooter. Taking a heavy lean toward the more adult side of gaming, Bulletstorm is the perfect shooter to unwind with. While the rest of the FPS community was focusing on realism and K:D ratios, Bulletstorm rebelled.

Granting you more points as the kills got more inventive and wild, it gives us the much-needed break from reality we're all looking for. To be the best you have to use the always effective energy leash given to you, dragging enemies towards you or sending them into the sky is the perfect set up for a combo shot.

9 The Darkness 2 (2012)

For those who are unfamiliar, this isn't your everyday FPS. The writhing tentacles when you start the game might be a giveaway. As much as you're using guns, the go-to execution method will always be the "Creeping Dark." As the head of an organized crime family, they will come in useful.

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As players look to settle the freshly started gang war, the combination of good executions and found treasure will allow you to unlock new abilities as the game progresses. The unique combination of gritty crime boss noir and fantasy world is what makes The Darkness stand out as a series.

8 Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger (2013)

Every kid at some point in their life has thought about living in the Wild West, with no rules and a lot of room to cause trouble. Gunslinger gives us an outlet as it guides players through some of the best gunfights available, especially at the time.

Specializing in dual pistols, shotguns, or rifles is your main choice throughout the game. With an option to dodge incoming bullets if your reflexes are quick enough, it's a long road to become the quickest draw in the West. As a bounty hunter, you'll need those skills to protect yourself and hunt down criminals, all while discovering secrets about the land.

7 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (2010)

Battlefield was really setting the standard for realistic environments and combat back during its initial outings. Having a mostly interactive environment, even large portions of buildings can be taken out with the right explosives. This opens up a lot of options for pathing the way for you and your team through battle.

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Speaking of the team, this game keeps you invested in the story by creating an internal bond with your squad. Holding your attention with witty dialogue and intense cut scenes, Battlefield will give you a reason to keep smashing through, whether it be the smooth gameplay or keeping the boys alive.

6 BioShock 2: Minerva's Den (2010)

The entirety of Bioshock 2 is a great FPS, but it's hard to call it a hidden gem. However, the DLC chapter Minerva's Den is an especially exciting chunk to the game. Playing as a Big Daddy and being guided through the high tech district creates an intense and rather isolated feeling.

Minerva's Den is the last DLC created for Bioshock 2, and has a much more personal feel to it. As you progress through the story it gets more and more apparent, until finally, you're left focused more on the disturbing plot than the progressively challenging level.

5  Titanfall 2 (2016)

The overlooked successor of the franchise, Titanfall 2, was a victim of circumstance. With a release date sandwiched between other games and an underfunded marketing campaign, Titanfall 2 didn't get off to the best start in life.

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Controlling a 10-foot tall mech suit, players can jump and parkour their way through the environment. Splitting off into different classes, each suit has unique abilities (like cloaking devices) and even incredible movement options catered to specific play styles. While this is brought up quite often now, Titanfall went through its phase of being slept on for such a great FPS.

4 Dusk (2018)

Coming out of the gates with an incredibly unique style, Dusk will have the old school players among us dancing with joy. It has a big emphasis on movement speed and weapon selection, making the hide and aim shooters of today feel like quite a bore in comparison.

Players try to make their way through a small town that has been put on lockdown due to a failed attempt to steal power from runes by the military. This has left an array of possessed and demented life forms that are just waiting to go on the offensive. You'd better have a steady hand and fast feet if your character is going to make it through.

3 S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call Of Pripyat (2009)

If you know anything about radiation, there's a good chance you'll know nothing good comes of it. So the concept of wandering through the grounds of Chernobyl with roaming gangs is not the most appealing concept. Luckily the player is heavily armed and government trained.

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Making your way through the subsequent zones will prove risky as every so often a psychic burst will occur and kill everything that isn't in a shelter. Players have to be careful with the choices they make and who they keep alive as it all effects the final outcome of the game.

2 Insurgency (2014)

While the story mode is non-existent for this, there are 9 online modes to hone your shooting skills. With so many different modes and bare-bones display, this game is only for the hardcore among us. Playing it very close to real life, one clean shot will take a player down and ups the difficulty level considerably.

If you're used to the generous damage and health systems of other games then it will take a few rounds to adjust. The reason it wasn't brought into the spotlight was probably that it doesn't appeal to the average player, but for those looking to step the game up, Insurgency is king.

1 Shadow Warrior 2 (2016)

Instead of the linear path that the first game followed, Shadow Warrior 2 gives you the freedom to bounce through missions as you please. As players bounce through the missions, a progressive system will let you take off body parts as you break them down.

Working through the orders of the Yakuza, you'll make your way through the underbelly and go up against the Zillacorps organization. Using the massive 70 weapon arsenal in the game, including blades and machine guns, players will level up the weapons and abilities of hilariously sassy protagonist Lo Wang.

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