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Unique Baby Names: Rare and Uncommon Names

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Unique baby names are more in demand than ever, with over a quarter of babies now receiving rare names below the Top 1000 most popular names in the US. Cool categories of unique baby names include new word names, place names and nature names, uncommon international names, and rare vintage names ripe for revival.

Unique Nature Names

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Nature is a great place to look for unique baby name inspiration. Flora and fauna, water and sky, and natural phenomena can all spark fresh ideas for your child’s name. For the adventurous parent, a nature name off the beaten track is one of the richest sources of unique baby name inspiration.

Unique Place Names

Unique place names are a cool subset of the unique baby names, inspired by popular place name picks like London, Paris and Brooklyn – only far rarer! Adventurous parents might like to reflect their passion for travel by choosing a unique geographical name for their baby. There's a whole world of possibilities out there, but a few of our favorites are gathered below.


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Unique Traditional Names

Unique traditional names are those with a long history, but very low popularity. They may be overlooked vintage gems ripe for revival, or long established names that have never been overused. If you love strong names with history, but would prefer a less common name for your son or daughter, these unique classic names are the perfect middle ground.

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Unique Hero Names

Unique hero baby names send a powerful message about your values and the qualities you hope your child will one day embody. Civil rights heroes, sports stars, and literary, musical and artistic legends all qualify. What great names inspire you?

Unique Celebrity Baby Names


Celebrities may not have invented unique baby names, but they definitely made them cool. Here, some of the most notable unique celebrity baby names of recent years.

Unique Names from History

Unique names from hundreds or even thousands of years ago can combine the best of all worlds: tradition and meaning with individuality and surprise. Here are some great unique baby names from historic sources.

Unique Invented Baby Names

Unique baby names are being invented by parents all the time. Sometimes these unique invented names are drawn from words or ideas, sometimes they're simply a new arrangement of letters and sounds. Here are some of the unique invented names we've heard recently.

Unique Irish Baby Names


Irish baby names have long been exports throughout the Western World, but there are still many unique Irish names to be found. If you want an Irish name for your baby that goes far beyond Liam and Nora, here are some ideas.

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Check out our blog for up-to-date news, advice and information about unique baby names. Find expert guidance on choosing the perfect unique name, the latest unique baby name news, as well as lists of specific unique names and styles we recommend.

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