Top 15 MUST-TRY Famous Food in Spain

Top 15 MUST-TRY Famous Food in Spain

This write-up on delish national food in Spain will give you a head start to your exploration of Spanish dishes while you are vacationing in Spain.

Move on from the sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, stunning islands that food in Spain has to offer! Go a little easy on your calorie count and feast on the delicacies of Spanish cuisine.

Spanish food culture has everything to offer, from fried meat varieties to yummy sweet dishes from quick snacks called tapas to mouth-watering soups.

Without wasting time any further, allow us to give a list of our favorite and toothy food in Spain just for you!

Top 15 Famous Food in Spain

1. Tortilla de patatas

Tortilla de patatas
via Wikimedia Commons|Tamorlan

You can safely call Tortilla de patatas, the pizza of Italy. What started as a poor person’s food became one of the famous Spanish dishes around the world. Also known as a Spanish omelet, the omelet is cooked with minimal ingredients like eggs (of course!), potatoes, onions, olive oil, and a little salt.

Toss the sliced potatoes and onion in oil, add the seasonings and add them to your whisked eggs and finally make an omelet. Bingo! You have a lip-smacking dish that is ready in minutes.

2. Paella

via Pxhere

Your trip to Spain is not complete without savoring Paella or Paella Valenciana. As the name suggests, this popular food in Spain originates from Valencia. It comes in two flavors – seafood paella and white meat paella.

While this traditional Spanish dish calls for white rice, there is something called black paella, which uses black rice. Be it traditional or experimental, be it seafood or meat-based, paella is something that you MUST HAVE!

Tip: If you’re visiting anywhere where a beach is close by, the seafood is generally fresher!

3. Gazpacho

via Wikimedia Commons|Paul Goyette

Does something piping hot ring a bell when you hear the name, soup? Then let us introduce gazpacho, which will change the soup notion of yours forever.

Gazpacho is a soup formed by blending peppers, cucumbers, garlic, tomatoes, and herbs. It is served with toasted bread. This cold soup will chill you down instantly. You will understand why it is one of the national dishes in Spain after feasting on it!

4. Jamón Iberico

Food in Spain: Jamón Iberico
via Flickr|Zachary Leetch

There needs no guessing why Jamón is a Spanish national food of the country. This melt-in-mouth dry ham will make anyone a fan of Spanish cuisine.

The best quality of Jamón Iberico comes from Black Iberian pigs, which are fed nothing less than chestnuts, olives, etc. Once cut, ham is salted and dried for a minimum of two weeks.

The ham is then cut into wafer-thin slices and just enjoyed. Oh! Don’t forget fat. It adds a whole new level to the melt-in-mouth experience.

5. Churros

via Wikimedia Commons| Krista

If you think street food in Spain is not as dashing as the expensive ones, then you are so very wrong. Hit out the streets, and we assure you Spanish cuisine will blow your mind. Don’t let your eyes fool you when you see churros.

They may look like sausages, but they are vegan! Made from pastry dough fried in oil with generous drizzling of powdered sugar, this Spanish dish will make you forget your count of calories.

6. Pan con Tomate

Pan con Tomate
via Flickr|Ewan Munro

Simplicity and typical Spanish food go hand in hand. It may not be an exaggeration if we say that traditional Spanish food is delectable yet convenient to make. With tomatoes, bread, garlic, olive oil, and salt, this dish barely takes 10 minutes.

Broil the bread, grate the tomatoes, discard the skin, apply garlic on the broiled bread, and finally spread the pureed tomatoes on the bread with an addition of a dash of kosher salt. Voila! The national dish of Spain is on your table.

7. Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas
via Flickr|Jessica Rossi

Hungry for some snacks? Spain dishes have you covered. This is usually served in typical Spanish tapas bars. It is a combination of double-fried potatoes and fiery, bright red bravas sauce, which elevates the taste of this dish.

This simple dish can be given a twist anytime by adding chicken, fish, or chorizo. You can go traditional or may want to have it with a slight surprise addition. It will mesmerize you.

8. Chorizo

via Wikimedia Commons|Asturnut at English Wikipedia

If you think chorizo is no different from other regular sausages, then you are so wrong! This traditional Spanish food is dried and cured sausage. The chorizo comes in two different flavors – sweet and spicy.

It was made from a few ingredients like garlic, oregano, pimentón paprika, and of course, the star of the dish – pork. It has a touch of Roman antiquity because the casings used for chorizo are made from intestines. This is a delicacy that will be etched in your heart forever.

9. Pisto

via Wikimedia Commons|Boca Dorada

If ratatouille is something that you love, then no one can stop you from falling in love with pisto. Pisto is the Spanish version of ratatouille.

Unlike the above said mouth-watering dishes from Spain, this one takes a little more time. But, hey, you won’t stop licking your fingers once you taste it. This famous Spanish dish includes a wide variety of vegetables sauteed in olive oil separately.

Finally, these sauteed vegetables are added to the freshly made tomato sauce and allowed to simmer for a few minutes. After all the efforts of cooking, the result is luscious.

10. Croquetas

via Flickr|Jonathan Pincas

Don’t allow these finger-licking tapas fool you! It may appear as a boiled potato at the best, but go on, take the risk, take a spoonful in your mouth and let the tastes explode in your mouth.

You will not stop until you finish the dish. Croquetas are made from minced ham, chicken broth, milk, gram flour, nutmeg, pepper, and olive oil.

Then they are dipped in batter, breaded lightly and fried. It goes well on almost every occasion – as an afternoon or an evening snack, with a glass of wine or beer. They are simply amazing.

11. Fabada Astruiana

Fabada Astruiana
via Wikimedia Commons|Flavio Lorenzo Sánchez from Gijón, España

This dish is also called Asturian pork and beans. Informally called one of the national dishes of Spain, this recipe uses fabe-beans and pork as main ingredients.

It also uses chorizo, bacon, Spanish blood sausage, etc. to make it rich. It is a one-pot meal which will fill your belly, and you will beg for more. It is one of the recipes that you need to eat so that your taste buds can take a delectable ride.

12. Empanada


If you have hots for something like apple pie but with meat and seafood in it, then empanada will be the dish for you. The bottom and crust are made of leavened dough. The filling majorly consists of tuna, meat, chorizo and is spiced with peppers and onions.

This comes in two different shapes – a square or a circle. It can be served hot or chilled. You can give a twist to this dish, and still, it would be one of the best Spanish foods you will ever savor.

13. Calamares a la Andaluza

Calamares a la Andaluza
via Wikimedia Commons|demi

Fried fish or fried seafood is simply heavenly. Calamares a la Andaluza or Andalusian squid will take this heavenly experience to a whole new level. Staying simple and Spanish in style, it uses very few ingredients.

The squid is first cut in rings, mix cornstarch and chickpea flour, dab the rings in flour. Fry the rings till golden and drizzle salt and lemon on it. There you have the most delicious and luscious fried squid ever tasted in your life.

14. Pimientos de Padron

Pimientos de Padron
via Wikimedia Commons|Jessica Spengler

Every time you pop in Pimientos de Padron, you will be waiting for a surprise of some fiery hot pepper in a batch
of sweet and mild green peppers. You read it right. The bright green peppers come from the lush northwest of Spain, Galicia.

The green peppers are fried in canola oil and drizzled with coarse salt and little extra virgin olive oil to make these famous tapas. There you have it. The surprise attack of fiery green pepper just increases the level of excitement of devouring this dish.

15. Albondigas

Imagen de Bella RaKo en Pixabay

Another classic tapas item from Spain. In simpler terms, albondigas are meatballs in tomato sauce. The meatball recipe was introduced by Arabs. It uses veggies like potatoes and carrots, peppers, celery, onion, and of course, tomatoes! The meatballs, mostly made of pork and beef, are fried.

The veggies are sautéed along with condiments and tomato puree and sauce is added and stirred. Add the fried meatballs and cook for about 10 minutes, and the recipe is ready to be served. This is one of the best dishes of Spain without a doubt. Try it if you don’t believe it.


We know, it is quite impossible to compile a list of delectable and appetizing Spanish dishes in one article. This list includes a few of the most popular dishes in Spain and the ones you can’t afford to miss. Trust us! Give each (and many other recipes of Spain) a try, and you will thank us later.

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