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Meaning of new wave in English

Examples of new wave

new wave
Oddly, even some of those who object to the new wave of testing-friendly legislation adhere to the genetic view.
Instead, "new wave" reductionism1 is the horse on which increasing numbers of philosophers are placing their bets.
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This was a period in which rising unemployment interacted with increased political expectations to stimulate a new wave of worker agitation.
If the standards do encourage a new wave of new-build, this is likely to result in larger homes.
This has included a new wave theory to third-order approximation.
For all of its strengths and increasing momentum, the new wave of autobiographically oriented historiography is marked by temporal and geographical unevenness.
The leaders of this movement were influenced by the do-it-yourself ideals emerging with new wave and punk, but did not necessarily play those musical styles.
The goal is to find new wave modes and the criteria for instability.
Not all the effects of the recent new wave have been happy.
He there continued working on the description of aperiodic phenomena in the new wave mechanics.
Alternatively, as the histological appearances suggest, some may arrive in a new wave of migration from the ventral thalamus or ganglionic eminence.
This implies consolidating the achievements mentioned and enhancing a new wave of reform.
Several theories have been offered for the new wave.
It is ironic that the new wave of ' structural proteomics ' projects have a major bottleneck in the empirical and capricious science of crystal growth.
Soon it was obvious that gritty plays about violence dominated this new wave.

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時裝, (藝術、音樂、影視、政治等方面打破傳統觀念的)新浪潮(運動), 群眾…
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nowa fala, młode pokolenie…
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yeni akım/dalga…
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nova onda…
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时装, (艺术、音乐、影视、政治等方面打破传统观念的)新浪潮(运动), 群众…
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новое поколение…
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