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New England

Where was the first settlement in New England?


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Plymouth, Massachusetts.


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Plymouth Plantation was the first permanent settlement in New England. The pilgrims settled here.

New England was first used as the name for the new English settlement in Massachusetts in 1620.

Boston was the major Puritan settlement in New England.

The colony of Virginia was founded first out of the New England settlement in 1607.

The first permanent settlement in New England was started by King James I of Britain chartered the two Virginia Companies, of London and Plymouth and established Jamestown Settlement in May 1607.

"What was the first settlement in New York?" "What was the first permanent settlement in New York?"

The founder of the New England colonies were the English Pilgrims who moved to the New World from England. The first English settlement later became the colony known as Jamestown.

The Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts, was the FIRST in the New England region, but the second successful English colony in North America following Jamestown, Virginia. The Jamestown colony was Britain's first permanent settlement in the Americas.


The first settlement in New France was Quebec

A congregation of Puritan Separatists was the first European settlement in New England. The Pilgrims landed near Plymouth in 1620 and large numbers of other Puritans arrived in Massachusetts between 1630 and 1641. The earlier Jamestown settlement is one of the Southern colonies.

They were expecting a large settlement from the lawsuit. The settlement in New England is quaint.

Colonists came from England in many different groups. The most famous ones were the settlement of Jamestown and the Settlement of New England.

New South Wales is a state of Australia. It was the site of Australia's first settlement, back in 1788, and was first claimed for England by James Cook in 1770.

The name of the first dutch settlement was New Amsterdam

England was responsible for establishing the first white settlement in Australia.

Roanoke was the first settlement, but the people disappeared and the settelemnt was abandoned. Jamestown was the first permanant English settlement. It was named for King James I of England, and was founded in the Virginia Colony on May 14, 1607.

the first European settlement was the french they called it new France

The first permanent French settlement was in France.

The first permanent settlement in NZ was in 1839.

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