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WWF Divas "Sex On The Beach"(Yawn)

By Bane Backbreaker
                                                            Did anyone see the WWF DivasSex On The Beach” special on UPN?  This was an “interesting” spectacle to say the least.   I normally would not waste my time watching this for two reasons.  ONE, how much truly “revealing “ material can UPN show on tv.  TWO, the photo shoots with the “WWF Divas” shows  nothing that I haven't seen before on RAW.   Anyway, I became a sucker for the opening promo and kept the tv on.  Let me get right to the point. DO ALL FEMALES IN THE WWF NEED TO BE ON THIS PROGRAM!!??!??! Trish Stratus, Sharmell, Torrie Wilson  and  Stacy Keibler all had legitimate spots on this program.   It is simple  T & A , but millions of people will watch that and walk away smiling.  My mouth dropped when I saw Sara being introduced as a “Diva”.   What f*cking idiot decided to put Sara on this show?    That’s right folks…SARA… the Undertaker’s hideous wife.   Sara absolutely has no place on this show. 

 (And yes, I still think that Sara is Jeff Jarrett with a sex change)

I guess that at one point Vince thought  Sara was going to become  a popular attraction in the WWF.   She needs to continue to be unseen in the backroom.  I would have almost rather seen Stephanie on the show than the Jarrett-troll Sara.  This tells me that this show must be a "signing bonus” as a part of all female wrestler’s contracts.   


The show was a “decent” flesh expose’ with little entertainment value.   It does nothing to make me believe that these are truly intelligent athletes.  You don’t believe me huh?   Well let me give you a sample of some of the things that we learned about the “Divas” on this show.

-Lita (who already has implants) would like “bigger boobs”

-Trish thinks that she has “big toes”

-Stacy Keibler's legs are 41.5 inches long (Hmm ..I wonder which Baltimore Raven measured them)

-Lita was  “shocked” to see that other wrestlers performed the Litacanrana before it was called the Litacanrana.(What a f*cking idiot!)


Although some would disagree with me, I thought that it was refreshing to see Ivory and Terri Runnels on the show.   They are both in their forties and still look hot.  That’s remakable (even with Terri’s surgical enhancements)!  I am glad that “Molly Holly” was included as well, as she is one of my favorite wrestlers.   In closing, I am disappointed that Mae Young was not included and sincerely hope that the WWF puts her in more storylines.  (By the way, did I tell you guys that I am a product of inbreeding in south Alabama)  

As always I will return when something else angers me……


Bane Backbreaker

PS- Ms Jones, I miss you!!!!! Please call me!


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