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Silvia Bulgheresi and Ulrich Technau elected to EMBO Membership

In EMBO's 60th anniversary year, 100 new Members and 20 Associate Members from 37 countries and territories join the community. The EMBO Membership is an honour that celebrates research excellence and outstanding achievements.

09.07.2024 | [more]

Press releases

Family tree research for species conservation

What is the exact nature of the kinship between sharks, rays and skates and what is their evolutionary history? Up to now, the answers researchers had to these questions were full of gaps.

08.07.2024 | [more]


Joint Symposium on Global Health 2024

The Joint Symposium between Kyoto University and the University of Vienna took place from June 18 to 20, 2024. The symposium brought together university leadership and researchers in the field of global health.

08.07.2024 | [more]


Bewildering beetroot

Beetroot stores particularly high levels of nitrate from the soil. For a long time, the substance was suspected of being carcinogenic.

01.07.2024 | [more]

Press releases

START Award winner Yurii Malitskyi

Yurii Malitskyi is studying the mathematics behind better algorithms to find faster solutions.

28.06.2024 | [more]


Start of the PhaNuSpo Podcast

Welcome to Lifesciences Sciencelife, a podcast which presents current advances in science while exploring the challenges and triumphs of PhD life.

20.06.2024 | [more]


Panel discussion "War against Ukraine" (video review)

The Russian War against Ukraine: Humanitarian, Legal, Political Aspects

17.06.2024 | [more]

Press releases

Expanding the Chemical Space of Azaparacyclophanes

This report on a one-step catalyst-transfer macrocyclization reaction, based on the Pd-catalyzed Buchwald–Hartwig cross-coupling reaction, selectively affording only cyclic structures.

13.06.2024 | [more]


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