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Mentoring for female postdoctoral researchers

The call for the career development program postdoc:muv for the promotion of female postdoctoral researchers of all disciplines and faculties is open until 9 October.

13.09.2023 | [more]


Battling biological invasion

Invasive alien species are one of the greatest threats to biodiversity. In this article, ecologist Bernd Lenzner explains the whys and hows.

12.09.2023 | [more]


CeMESS Secures €2.1M FFG Funding for Advanced Microbiome Imaging Equipment

The Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science (CeMESS) secured approximately 2.1 million Euros in funding from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) Infrastructure Call 2022.

12.09.2023 | [more]

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New handbook: Ethical media governance

The handbook contains guidelines for establishing ethics and quality standards, assurances of transparency and independence of media and journalists.

08.09.2023 | [more]

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Exploring the foundations of the quantum world

In a new Cluster of Excellence, a team of researchers join forces to solve unresolved mysteries from the world of quanta and to jointly drive innovation.

05.09.2023 | [more]

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New research enables more targeted therapies

Scientists at CeMM, the Max Perutz Labs, and St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute have achieved a significant advancement in the research of rare immune system disorders.

04.09.2023 | [more]


HUJI - UNIVIE Joint Research Grant 2023

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Vienna are pleased to announce the launch of a new grant program for a joint research project. The call is open to applicants from all disciplines except Austrian Studies.

01.09.2023 | [more]

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Cluster of Excellence "Knowledge in Crisis"

An interdisciplinary team addresses the threats to the knowledge claims due to rapidly advancing technological developments.

31.08.2023 | [more]


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