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Hell's Holiday: Una Vacanza all'Inferno

2011 1 hour 51 minutes

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Married Lorenzo, a modest property developer, Tiziana Gregori (Roberta Gemma) leads a double life in which passion is but a distant memory and dedication to Pauline son all the time and energy available. Despite the disappointment of the marital relationship, Tiziana is still very much in love with her husband and feeding him a feeling of morbid jealousy, generated serious doubt on his loyalty. Lorenzo in fact, secretly entertains an emotional relationship with Martina, a young Romanian girl by the ambiguous identity, which replaces his wife at any time of leisure. As often happens in life, however, fate can play some nasty surprises and turn any certeza into something very different from what it seems.

  • Italian


29th December 2011

12 years ago


1 hour 51 minutes

Finishes at 8:33pm

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Directed by

Mario Salieri

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