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UCLA Taser incident - are tasers supposed to be used as a come-along method?

I'm not making a judgement on what happened prior to the video I've seen, but it seems as if the cops are using the taser to get him moving - like a cattle prod. Is this appropriate if he is just refusing to move, but not otherwise struggling?

I'd like to hear from law-enforcement. Let's refrain from both the "fascist pig" comments and "fool deserved it" comments.

I'm not sure if I can post a link to the video without getting violated, but you can watch it on the website recently purchased by this website's #1 competitor.

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    Tasers render a person incapable of coming along as with a prod. They are used as a compliance tool and to defuse situations which might escalate into violence against the police.

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    The idiot would not listen ,when are you people going to learn when a Police officer or Security Officer tells you to do something you shut up and do it. You do not scream and yell and carrying on like and A$$ Hole. If you are told to leave just get up and leave. The taser shocks you for couple of seconds and than your fine you can stand up and what not . This big stupid dummy went all ape sh*t. UCLA= Tree- Hugger hippies The students at UCLA don't think they have to follow the rules and laws.

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    The taser is a less than lethal tool used to assist them in their duties. Police have a duty to uphold the laws that govern them. If people refuse to obey the law then a price is paid. The student was given verbal orders to comply but refused. Instead of attempting to place hand restraints on this individual and face a hostile situation they choose to utilize the taser. Perhaps Chemical agents weren't available to them. So they did what they had to do to the law breaker.

    I did want to add that if they did have chemical agents, they would not have been able to use them becuase of 2nd hand exposure. Thanks Spydey

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    The person was not following the instructions of the police officer, he was resisting, and trying to stop the officers from holding on to him.

    They can not use mace inside a building, esp a public one.

    They could take out their ASP and start beating him, till he started listening, but most people would not like that either.

    Yes, as long as he continued to not obey and fight back, the tasser is the proper tool to use, A police officer always uses one step higher than the suspect.

    Refusing to move and not allowing the officers to grap hold of him is fighting back, and yes it was proper, by the book, and a good job.

    The other choices would have hurt him alot worst.

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    If you don't obey the police officer's instructions, you DO deserve what you get!

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