John Debney And Christophe Beck ‎– The Tuxedo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)



John Debney Jimmy's Tux 2:49
John Debney Skateboard Chase 1:59
John Debney Mad Bike Messenger 1:03
John Debney Jimmy's Dream 0:48
Christophe Beck "The Tuxedo" Main Title 3:01
Christophe Beck First Mission 2:53
Christophe Beck Swallow The Queen 2:24
Christophe Beck Demolition 1:19
John Debney Putting On Tux 1:58
John Debney Demolition Program 1:03
John Debney Rope Fight 2:58
Christophe Beck Rope Fight 2:13
Christophe Beck Superhuman 1:38
Christophe Beck Walter Strider 1:22
Christophe Beck High Noon 0:48
John Debney Banning Opens The Pods 2:29
John Debney Banning Swallows Queen 0:49
John Debney Jimmy Saves Blaine 1:49
James Brown Get Up (I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine) 3:19