Why is Tulane’s education and research so distinctive? Simply stated: our singular history, location and culture, combined with our size and structure, enable us to break down traditional silos between academic fields — all in support of our unique educational and research vision.



Make Way for The Wave and More


Schools and College

Discover the possibilities that await at Tulane’s nine schools and our undergraduate college. A world-class education is awaiting you in the heart of New Orleans.


Majors and Minors

Tulane offers a wide range of majors and minors and encourages cross-disciplinary studies through our schools. Find out how you can build a unique educational experience at Tulane.


Undergraduate Education

No matter which major you choose, all full--time undergraduates enter the university as part of Newcomb-Tulane College. The college will be your academic home during your career here; it’s also where you’ll turn for academic services, including advising, honors, study abroad programs, and other support.


Graduate Education

Our graduate students experience unparalleled access to collaboration, service and opportunity while tackling meaningful work that is both timely and relevant. We offer a variety of doctoral, master’s and graduate certificate programs across our nine schools –all with the flexibility to fit your schedule, whether online or on campus.

Inspired by our motto —not for oneself but for one’s own —all Tulanians, are called to advance our distinguished tradition and relentlessly pursue a better tomorrow. We must task ourselves to seek more, do more, question more and be more —for each other and the world.

With twelve libraries that make up a research network ranked among the top in the nation, Tulane is known for unique and world-renowned collections which draw researchers from around the globe.

Summer with Tulane affords you opportunities for undergraduate research, minors, special programs, and summer institutes throughout Newcomb-Tulane College and its five schools.

Access the tools you’ll need for academic success at Tulane, including advising, course catalogs, the registrar and more.

Faculty Spotlight

Portrait of Michael Wallace from the waist up outdoors on campus


Michael Wallace

Michael Wallace, Ed.D., is a retired military intelligence officer with 20 years active service. His military assignments included Naval Special Warfare, Defense Human Intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Office of Naval Intelligence.