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"No, don't delete that dragon! Instead, give it to someone. Make their day."


Type some offers in the comment section below. Remember to keep it friendly!

Go to Trading to understand how the trading system works.

This page also includes co-hatching offers.

Some Tips in Mind

-Do not cross trade! It is against ROBLOX Terms of Use and we will ban you from the wiki.

-Make sure to leave your username so people can get in contact!

-Try to be as specific as you can when describing your dragons. This includes elements, eye type, materials, and mutations.

-Pictures help a lot!

-Sometimes people just don't want your offer, try lowering your price or bring something else in the trade to make it more interesting!

-Ask people trading baby dragons to grow it to a juvenile to avoid being scammed.

-Arangas, Tosknirs, Skyrix and Faryah are currently not breedable.

Tips to avoid getting scammed

For solids

The easiest way to do this type of trade is telling that person to show you the color palette of the dragon. Example of the Color palette, it can be found in the stats tab of a dragon. It can also be found in the co-op menu, breeding menu, and the auction menu. Like if that person shows you on a co-hatch first, or send you a screenshot of the colors. (However, be warned that filters can be put on the images, to make it seem like a solid dragon.).This method that is more secure is telling that person to show you the parents of the dragon.
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An example

Once you ask a user to Co-Hatch, you can hover over the colors. The same can be said with materials.

For a dragon's information

If you are about to co-hatch or trade with another person's dragons, you can hover over the dragon to see information about it including gender, pedigree, stats, species, and if it is on cooldown or not. However, the colors and materials are not shown so it is advised you use the same trick above (in the solid section) to help you not get ripped off.

For someone trying to take your dragons

Do not trust trade! People who you think can be your friends could steal your dragon that way. Also, do not let people borrow your dragons for stuff. More examples of scams can be found here.

Specified Trading Offers

[For those who don't understand still: About specified trade. ]

Item Trading Offers - Item only trade. (Food, Potions, and Resources)

Rare Dragon Trading Offers - Paukiki, Skelltor, Tosknir, Mother, Fayrah, Radidon, Aranga.

New Dragon Trading Offers - (Valentines/Wasteland/Easter) Fayrah, Neroxide, Venid, Radidon, Skyrix, and Aranga.

Elemental Trading Offers - Dragon’s of specific elements (such as the ones needed to unlock mission worlds or event elements) and element potions can be found here!

Mutated Dragon Trading Offers - Dragons that possess at least ONE mutation and above.

Themed Dragon Trading Offers - Solids, HLs, Defaults, and official color schemes (verified on the Sonar Studios Discord) are to be sold here!

Regular Dragon Trading Offers - Dragons from around regions. Jungle, Tundra, Ocean, Desert etc. with any mutations, and colors.

Egg Trading Offers - Egg only.

Co-Breeding Requests - Specifically to ask for dragons to co breed with.

Trading Games - Fun user-made games you can play for free stuff/dragons.

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