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Lisa Rinna and Marcia Gay Harden in So Help Me Todd
Lisa Rinna and Marcia Gay Harden in So Help Me Todd (Image credit: Michael Courtney/CBS)

So Help Me Todd season 2 kicks off with Margaret (Marcia Gay Harden) waking up in bed with Gus (Jeffrey Nordling). Once she has her bearings and Gus wakes up, they start kissing and fall back down into bed.

Meanwhile, in his apartment, Todd (Skylar Astin) throws open the curtains and wakes Allison (Madeline Wise), who is sleeping on the couch. They bicker in the way that siblings often do before he cheerfully heads off to work.

At the law firm, Margaret sneaks in wearing the same clothes she left in. Francey (Rosa Arredondo) meets her with a garment bag, having gone to Margaret's place to get her a work outfit. On their way to the elevator, Margaret tells Francey she spent the weekend with Gus and asks if Harry (Mark Moses) was still at her condo. Francey says he was there, vacuuming and making scones. 

The new managing partner

Now wearing the fancy suit Francey brought her, Margaret stops by Todd's office to find he's set up shop for his private investigation business. They talk over each other as Margaret tells him he cannot use the law office for his business. Margaret breaks off the mother/son bickering because she has to attend a breakfast meeting with the other partners. 

In the conference room, a fancy breakfast spread has been laid out and Margaret meets with Beverly (Leslie Silva) while the other partner conferences in. After a quick congratulations, Beverly tells Margaret the firm is going under because the previous partner embezzled a lot of client money. The firm has about six months left and, as managing partner, Margaret needs to fire 16 people that day. Beverly hands her a list of people to fire, including Todd.

Margaret asks what clients they have lost. On the list is KOLP, a client Margaret brought in. Coincidentally, just that morning the anchor of KOLP, Margaret's old friend Jennifer Gianola (Lisa Rinna), was arrested for killing her co-host. With her arrest being covered on TV, Jennifer claims she's innocent and that the police need to find intern Roy Dobbs, who was sleeping with her co-host.

Find Roy Dobbs

Margaret can't fire the 16 employees. Instead, she goes to the station to talk to Jennifer, who agrees to hire Margaret's firm if they can find Roy Dobbs.

Margaret brings on Todd to help with this. But they're still arguing about Todd running his business out of the law office when a young man comes to the door looking for a PI. Ironically, it's Roy Dobbs. Roy tells Todd and Margaret he didn't kill James. James had broken up with Roy, but they made up the morning James died. Roy was hoping Todd could help him find the real killer.

Todd and Margaret go to KOLP together to investigate. Jennifer tells Margaret she could have sworn she heard the music from the Phantom of the Opera softly coming from the rafters in the studio about 10 minutes before the murder. Margaret and Todd find there are a lot more suspects than just Jennifer and Roy.

Let's get awkward 

There are a couple of awkward moments in the episode. First, Susan (Inga Schlingmann) comes back to work after getting married. She sits down with Francey to show Francey photos from the honeymoon. Todd brings Susan a gravy boat filled with flowers. He tells her she deserves all the happiness in the world, an armada of gravy boats. Susan holds the gravy boat, looking shocked, as Todd awkwardly kisses her on the forehead, tells her congratulations, and leaves.

Later, the investigation takes a break for a family birthday party for Lawrence (Matthew Wilkas). While Harry dishes cake, the family asks Margaret why Harry's there. To make things more awkward, Gus shows up with roses for Margaret. After a lot of family chaos Gus leaves. Allison, meanwhile, gets called to the hospital.

The real killer

Syklar Astin and Marcia Gay Harden in So Help Me Todd

Syklar Astin and Marcia Gay Harden in So Help Me Todd (Image credit: Michael Courtney/CBS)

Allison's patient is Jennifer, who was electrocuted. Jennifer will recover but someone tried to kill her. Roy Dobbs was on Jennifer's security camera. Todd confronts Roy, who is in jail. 

Roy explains that Jennifer told him to come over, also adding that James had a burner phone. Todd tracks down the phone, but it's in a safe in James' dressing room. Todd finds the combination in the anchor's desk but gets stuck on the stage during filming.

He is sneaking off the stage when the camera pans to him. He uses the opportunity of being on camera to announce the combination numbers so that Margaret, in the dressing room, can open the safe. Then he hears the Phantom of the Opera music that Jennifer heard. Todd realizes the lighting director, standing on the catwalk, is the killer. His phone is playing the Phantom of the Opera ringtone.

The lighting director had been having a relationship with James, but killed him after James broke up with him.

Moving forward

At the law firm, Margaret tells Todd he can work from there, but she's cutting his salary in half. 

Todd goes home and has dinner with Allison. They talk about their futures and agree that they're both going to get it together.

Margaret and Harry have a frank talk. Margaret tells him she's been doing great since he left. Because he's sick, she will draw up a fair settlement but that's it, he has to leave. She gives him some cash and shuts the door on him.

So Help Me Todd airs on Thursdays on CBS, with latest episodes available to stream on-demand on Paramount Plus the next day. Here's all the info on how to watch So Help Me Todd season 2.

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