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With Julie and Aria you are sure you'll have fun
pumaye9 September 2003
A pathetic excuse for seeing a lot of naked girls, this Fred Olen Ray apocriph production is a lesbian feast, with several almost always naked female ghosts doing a lot of two-some, three-some and four-some while a team of reporters shoots a documentary on them. Julie Strain appears only in two erotic scenes (both with the porcelain twins, a couple of blondes resembling - but only for the face, as she as definitely better boobs - Italian pornstar Selen), while in the other five you have a couple each with Aria Giovanni (another goddess of this kind of movies), Mia Zottoli (also known as Ava Lake), Felony and Nicole Specht.

The movie starts well, with a pool scene among Julie and the Twins involving a silver dildo, but it becomes almost boring for the rest, apart from a few very good moments (as the sado-maso scene involving again Julie and the Twin and also the final four some, involving all the rest of the female cast), with really annoying fake moans, always out of synchro. Good, yes, for the genre, but could be a lot much better than this
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Effective Enough Soft Core Flick
Theo Robertson6 January 2005
With a title like 13 EROTIC GHOSTS I was under no illusion what sort of film I'd be watching - A rather threadbare plot revolves around a bunch of supernatural investigators finding out about ghostly happenings after a girls school is struck by lightening and burns down in a special effects sequence that wouldn't look out of place in the cheapest DOCTOR WHO production

As you can imagine this threadbare plot is just an excuse to show some lesbian love action and despite the sex scenes not being up to the erotic standard of ALLYSON IS WATCHING the sex scenes are fairly good for this type of genre though to be overly critical there's maybe not enough boy on girl action

13 EROTIC GHOSTS doesn't take itself too seriously and does contain this memorable exchange :

" You know she reminds me of my old Co in 'Nam . Iron underpants we called him "

" Maybe we should call her Iron implants ? "
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Strain, Zottoli, Giovanni - Done deal
Dr. Gore3 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers

A bunch of ghost hunters end up at a haunted house. They are looking for erotic ghosts. They've come to the right place. Every time you see the ghost hunters put on their special horny goggles, you know that the erotic ghosts are up to something. You see, the goggles are the only way they can see the ghosts. Thankfully, the filmmakers have included special 3-D ghost watching glasses with the DVD but strangely enough, the film works fine with or without them.

"13 Erotic Ghosts" is pure lesbian ghost satisfaction. There are no men to get in the way here. To paraphrase what the guy said, if you want to watch naked girls kiss each other, (and who doesn't), this is the movie you seek. I was very pleased.

Some highlights: Julie Strain rolls around with the Porcelain Twinz, (Zen and Zero). The first time is in a pool and the second time they are in bed together. In fact, Strain has been in a couple of flicks with the Twinz. They work well together. The Twinz are just the right height. You have giant black haired Strain in between two short blonde women. It's magic. Zen and Zero. How can you not like naked twins named Zen and Zero?

Mia Zottoli and Aria Giovanni are two other mega babes who show up in this one. Zottoli is a ghost hunter and Giovanni is a ghost. You see where this is heading, don't you? Giovanni has a good scene with another erotic ghost and Zottoli has some fun at the end as she piles on the bed with some ghostly women. Strain, Zottoli and Giovanni make "13 Erotic Ghosts" a must see.

One last thing, the only complaint I have about this one are the ghost hunters. During the sex scenes, the camera would always cut back to the ghost hunters watching. Let's just say they cut back at the most inappropriate times and they cut back way too much. I would have been happier if they had cut them out completely. A horny ghost watcher is not what you want to watch when erotic ghosts are doing what they do best.
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I enjoyed the beauties enjoying each other
pussyandcat200225 February 2003
I haven't seen a lot of soft porn to compare it to, but it did make me wish I was part of the camera crew visiting the old castle. Very beautiful ladies when clothed. Even more beautiful naked. And to watch our reporter watching them. A real turn on. Lots of touching, lots of kissing, lots of sex. I would watch this movie more than once.
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As harmless as ghosts
jgbreezer5 July 2004
Harmless soft fun, although don't expect too much. I'd come across Aria Giovanni before and she's very very beautiful, and her 'talents' are displayed several times in this movie in an erotic way, but nothing more than soft-focus/glamour type shots and action.

If you're looking for her doing something harder, look elsewhere (I've heard the Andrew Blake ones are great). The porcelain twins are another good part to the movie as the earlier reviewer said. Other plot elements are laughable.

If you're an Aria (or other girl from here) fan, watch it (preferably on video - not worth staying up for); but don't expect good links between sessions or complete satisfaction.
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Julie Strain and Mia rock
kbraeger20 November 2003
If you like Julie Strain, then you will love this movie. The movie features plenty of naked chicks in a variety of different scenes. There are only one or two non-pretty ones. As a bonus, the DVD has an in-depth interview with Jule Strain and Mia (also in Mummy's Kiss-not as good). It also features some great behind the scenes footage.
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