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25 There's Something About Mary Trivia Questions & Answers

There's Something About Mary
This category is for trivia questions and answers related to There's Something About Mary, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com.

There are 25 questions on this topic. Last updated May 26 2023.
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1 In the beginning of the movie, what part of Rhode Island did Ted say he and Mary were living in?
Answer: Cumberland

The movie began in the year 1985. Ted narrated that Mary had just moved to his Cumberland, Rhode Island town from Minnesota. Her father was in the Army and he got transferred there.
trivia question Quick Question
Here it is the final question. What is Mary eating when she goes out to lunch with her friends?

2 What kind of test does Ted bring up when asking the girl to prom?
Answer: Bio

'Wow, what did you think of that Bio test?'
3 What was Mary's old boyfriend's name?
Answer: Woogie

She was going out with Dom Wooginowski. He was from Barrington High and was an all-American boy. They broke up because he was getting "weird on her". He later became Ted's best friend.
4 What was Warren really looking for?
Answer: baseball

'Have you seen my wiener?' Poor Warren!
5 Why did Mary ask Ted to the prom?
Answer: He helped break up a fight between Warren and a bully

Mary's brother, Warren, was looking for his baseball. Some jerk told him a girl had it but she called it a "weiner". Her boyfriend picked a fight with him and Ted went to break it up but got pushed down for his trouble. Mary was so impressed by this she asked him to the prom.
6 What is Mary's favorite football team?
Answer: 49 er's

' It's the 49er's all the way.'
7 When a guy takes Mary to a baseball game, what does she like him to buy her?
Answer: hot dogs and beer

While Mary was having lunch with her friends, they were writing up a personal ad in the paper, to meet a new boyfriend. In addition to this, she said he also has to be self-employed.
8 When what is on TV will Warren sit there content all day?
Answer: MTV

9 Why did Pat Healy say he was moving to Florida?
Answer: He got a job with the Rice-A-Roni company

Pat Healy was the private investigator Ted hired to track down Mary, who had moved to Florida after high school. Pat developed a crush on Mary, and in order to get her for herself, he told Ted a bunch of lies about her, to discourage Ted from pursuing her.
10 What can you not touch on Warren if he doesn't know you?
Answer: ears

One word...earmuffs
11 What lie did Norm/Tucker tell Mary about Pat?
Answer: He was a murderer

Norm was another one of Mary's suitors. He told her his name was Tucker and that he was an architect. He told her that Brett, Mary's old boyfriend, didn't like Warren. Woogie told her Ted was stalking her. Pat wasn't an architect so he didn't really lie about that.
12 What is Tucker's real name?
Answer: Norm

' Name's Norm'
13 What did Mary change her last name to?
Answer: Matthews

Mary's last name was Jensen. She changed it after college because Woogie wouldn't leave her alone.
14 What must Magda eat after a passionate night?
Answer: banana split

15 What does Magda have after a night of intimacy?
Answer: banana split

Magda was Mary's next door neighbor. She told her this while Mary was waiting for Ted to pick her up for a date.
16 What tv show does Mary tend to watch at night?
Answer: Sports Center

'I think I'll stop while I'm ahead, you're not that far ahead Ted.'
17 What kind of dog was Puffy?
Answer: border terrier

Puffy was Mary's dog. Pat and Norm/Tucker were throwing spiked treats at him through the window to drive Mary from Ted. He got over energetic so Magda put him in the bathroom. He attacked Ted when he came over and somehow fell out the window. Fortunately, he was okay.
18 Pat says he has a house where?
Answer: Nepal

19 Who does Mary pick at the end?
Answer: Ted

When Ted told her he wanted her to be happy, she decided she would be happiest with him.
20 What is Mary's original last name?
Answer: Jenson & Jensen

Remember she had to change it after Woogie starting stalking her.
21 What show was Ted on after he stopped at the rest stop?
Answer: COPS

I was just peeing!
22 What sport does Mary play frequently?
Answer: golf

23 What does Warren not like on his burgers?
Answer: onions

24 What does Mary's mom do for a living?
Answer: Dental Hygienist

' Sheila will know what to do she's a dental hygienist' (The fatal zipper scene!)
25 Here it is the final question. What is Mary eating when she goes out to lunch with her friends?
Answer: Salad

This is when Pat over hears what she looks for in a guy.