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A mask is a covering worn on the face.

Mask may also refer to:

Computing and technology[edit]

  • Affinity mask, a bit mask indicating what processor a thread or process should be run on
  • Mask (computing), in computer science, a bit pattern used to extract information from another bit pattern
  • Photomask, used to create the circuit layers in IC fabrication
  • Front-end mask, an automobile accessory
  • Image mask, applied to digital images to "cut-out" the background or other unwanted features
  • Respirator, an air filter worn as a mask over nose and mouth
  • Shadow mask, a technology used to manufacture cathode ray tube televisions that produce color images
  • Spectral mask, a mathematically defined set of lines applied to the levels of radio transmissions in telecommunications
  • umask, the default permission setting for new files on UNIX systems

Film and television[edit]



Other uses[edit]

  • Anti-mask laws, regulations against covering the face
  • Cloth face mask, used for source control in epidemics
  • Facial mask, applied to the face and used for cosmetic skin treatment
  • Masking (art), materials used to protect portions of a work from unintended change, such as masking tape, frisket, and stencils
  • Masking (illustration), a drawing technique that originated in Japan
  • "Mask", nickname of Charles Lewis Jr. (1963–2009), co-founder of clothing line TapouT
  • MASK, an MI5 operation (1934–1937) that decrypted Communist International radio communications
  • Mask, Mazandaran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran
  • Mask, South Khorasan, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Surgical mask, personal protective equipment
  • MASK, an acronym for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, A French 1985-1986 Japanese animated television series produced by DIC Enterprises and ICC TV Productions, Ltd.

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