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Empathy and virtue triumph again!
Lary930 May 2000
OK so this one was a rather pedestrian quasi-knock-off...and maybe the characters were a touch low key. Yet, oddly I found myself watching this one for a second time. Why? It could be because I have been a Dennis Hopper fan since 'Easy Rider' and I feel like I've been growing up with him ever since. (Our long lost brother Peter Fonda, having only shown up recently,dropped out of sight and missed our formative years.) But I digress. I confess to being a fan of Michael Madsen as well...and I date that awareness back to his horrifically twisted Funky Chicken while slicing and dicing and immolating the cop to the tune "Stuck in the Middle with You" in 'Resevoir Dogs'. Nobody does "watch-out-I'm-crazy" like Michael Madsen! Darryl Hannah was competent but replaceable with any SAG journeyman but is to be commended for the choice of role. Kiefer Sutherland is Kiefer Sutherland...have you noticed ever since 'Freeway' he has a penchant for having his facial parts removed? This film is about Frankie and his contradictory little ways. Frankie the Fly is an empathetic wise guy and the film plays off against these two poles. Oddly, the message is that empathy is strength. Hopper plays him well and we are all rescued in the end. I have always liked movies about the seamier side of human social discourse...the side with pool rooms, gambling addictions, hookers,and guns without permits. ( Is Dennis Hopper the King of the Seamier Side or what? I envision him as a Jedi Knight with a pool cue and a Camel in transition to the Dark Side.) I am drawn to these flirtations with the street life like a moth to flame. If you are to, this movie could be fun for you too.
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"Why you call him a fly? Cause flies eat sh...t!!"
PredragReviews22 July 2016
This is a little off-beat gem as it deals with all of the dark issues about the mob but never in a heart attack manner. It is a comedy & to my mind better written that a lot of them. A good cast plus a good plot equals a better than you think movie. Dennis Hopper delivers one of his most effective performances in this made for video film. This isn't the Godfather or Thief. It is the Godfather on gas. A funny quirky story, with a bit of heart in it. Think of a more serious 8 Heads in a Duffle Bag. So it's not exactly noir per se, but on the other hand it's decent. Hopper falls in love with Hannah, who's a lot more intelligent than the typical porn actress, constantly berated by Sutherland, who's a gambling addict, in hock to Sal (Madsen) to the tune of more than 100 G's. Hopper agrees to place some bets for Sutherland at the track provided that Hopper can write and direct a film for Hannah. Sal complicates things by being brutal and nasty, ably abetted by his henchman Vic, played by Damon Callie, who also wrote the script. OK, sure, this is not a cinematic masterpiece. The most fun is watching the four leads do their thing; especially in the early part of the film, Sutherland is hilarious with his rapid fire sarcastic jabs.

The performances are what saves the film. Madsen actually acts rather than rely on tough guy bravado, Sutherland overacts shamelessly but is still entertaining, Hannah makes Margaret sympathetic and she looks great dolled up as Bettie Page. This is Hopper's movie though and he's excellent. For years he's made crap films that demand nothing more of him than to redo his crazy 'Blue Velvet' performance but here he plays it scared and sensitive. It's a very impressive performance. A must see for Hopper fans and worth a look for fans of Hannah, Madsen, or Sutherland.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.
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Story of a revolt on 60's music background.
Cescotto28 August 2002
Frankie ‘The Fly' (Dennis Hopper) has decided he had enough that everyone calls him ‘The Fly' since the day Sal (Michael Madsen), his boss, humiliated the porn actress he's in love with. At the same time, Sal blinds Joey (Kiefer Sutherland) in one eye, a small porn films director who's tried to rip Sal off. Afterwards Frankie asks Joey to film him killing Sal, in order to be avenged and by the same way make a good «snuff movie»…

The screenplay of this excellent movie («Frankie», not the snuff !), indeed quite more tricky than this brief summary, don't miss to be striking and reminds us Gary Felder's cruelty in «Things to do in Denver when you're dead», or even the gangsters little stories in «Pulp Fiction». You must see Frankie now playing it «cool-styled» with his sunglasses, his three-piece suit and his sports car, now being totally old-fashioned when he bluntly barks at his car parker because he's driving too fast.

But besides, Frankie is an engaging character. He can fairly well talk to girls but he's rather wimpy when Sal or one of his henchmen totally ticks him off !

Michael Madsen («Kill me Again» ; «Reservoir dogs») takes himself very seriously in his little mafioso part. I enjoyed one of my favorite actors once again ! For once, Kiefer Sutherland doesn't play a too twisted character like in «Freeway» or «Truth or Consequences, N.M.». As for Dennis Hopper, he has already become a legend since «Easy Rider» and later, «Blue Velvet» and `Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2'…

The dialogs have got a black sense of humor and even sometimes a particular subtlety. I just love the original soundtrack, the songs fit very well to the sequences. So, I recommend this terrific movie to crime films and black humor fans.
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Pleasantly surprised
jennymcclintock-126 March 2007
I rented this after finding out that it was written by Dayton Callie, who plays Charlie Utter, my favorite character in David Milch's superb HBO series Deadwood. I wasn't sure what to expect, since I had never heard of the film...and after the first 10 minutes I thought I was going to hate it. It started out rather slowly and the dialog seemed a little stiff. However, I stuck with it and was glad I did! The story is really kind of sweet and well-written.

Dennis Hopper plays bullied mob flunky, Frankie, who is nicknamed "The Fly" because, as hit-man Vic (played by Dayton Callie) teases, "Flys eat sh*t!" And it appears likely that Frankie would do just that if told to do so by local wise-guy boss Sal (Madsen) -- Sal is a sadistic madman who keep his enemies' severed testicles in mason jars. Frankie seems to be almost happy with his sheepish role, until he falls for a porn actress and reformed junkie, Margaret (Darryl Hannah) and his life changes forever.

So, rent this sweet and quirky film and see for yourself what happens as Frankie seeks to change his "fly" image for the girl he loves.
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why frankie the fly doesn't fly
mr pink24 September 1998
The Last Days of Frankie the Fly is at best watchable. I watched it because the box described it as a crime movie in the style fo Pulp Fiction, a style I'm very fond of. This film failed to live up to its billing. It was very unPulp Fiction. The story line to Frankie was drab and lacking depth, the characters were unoriginal and uninteresting. They fail to develop anyone beyond the fact they are either protagonist or antagonist. Keifer Sutherland's character is the only that has any inspiration to it, the rest are acted blandly. However I can't blame the actors and actress for this, they did thier best with this cheap knock off script. It's no wonder to me why it went straight to video. Even with this all star cast the story is becoming so common and had nothing to set it apart from the rest and would have failed terribly in theatres. I'd only recommend this to someone who is a fan of one of the stars or film-makers....3.5 outta 10 on my scale.

mr pink
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Hopper as the good guy?
gridoon11 February 2004
Casually violent "crime comedy" about a verbally abused small-time "errand man" who decides he can't take it anymore, and plots an elaborate revenge against his boss, a sadistic gangster. Michael Madsen does what he does best (looking cool and being baaaaad) and Kiefer Sutherland is amusing as a desperate porn director, but Dennis Hopper is fatally miscast as the criminal with a heart of gold: hey, casting director, Hopper never begs for respect - he demands it, and makes life miserable for anyone who doesn't play along. The film is not without its moments, but the story (low-lifes looking to "get out" and "start over") is one big cliche from start to finish. (**)
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Quite Enjoyable
captainpat29 September 2000
Contrary to what others have posted I quite liked this film. I felt there were some cute twists, turns and surprise moments that made me keep watching. Dennis Hopper had a great part but I felt Kiefer Sutherland's role didn't grow at all. I thought the surprise ending worked well. I rate it much higher that the current films (Sep00) I am seeing at the moment.
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Tyrell-1016 February 2000
This movie definitely got the blues. I was really pleased by the sophisticated balance of humour and tragedy, not quite common for a Hollywood Film. Except the last minutes, that's where Hollywood returns, always the game err the same - what a pity. Do yourself a favour and switch it off when the girl sits in front of the TV. Then it's an 8 out of 10.
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Not for everyone, but fun for the rest of us
tnsmoke29 July 2002
Daryl Hannah has always been a terrible actress, but this is her best role, maybe because she should have chosen to be a porn star instead of a legit star. This is a fun movie, full of campy, over the top performances. Dennis Hopper and Michael Masden are great and Kiefer Sutherland is a foul-mouthed hoot. A guilty pleasure.
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Good Straight To Video Film
Theo Robertson8 December 2002
THE LAST DAYS OF FRANKIE THE FLY is an entertaining film . It`s by no means a classic but everyone plays their parts well enough especially Michael Madsen and I`m somewhat surprised as to why it went straight to video . Think about it for a moment if Martin Scorsese had directed this instead of Peter Markle it`d be called a brilliant romantic comedy thriller , and it does have an extremely Scorsese feel to it . Watch it and you`ll see what I mean
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This film in one word: "Quirky"
Serenity Lady15 November 2001
Is this a great movie? No. Is it a bad movie? No.

Michael Madsen and his henchmen are the mob guys you love to hate. Daryl Hannah is very believable. I was quite impressed with Frankie's ability to pull off a complicated "job;" I didn't think he was smart enough, and he master minded the entire thing! I witnessed Kiefer Sutherland in a role like I've never seen him before (although he was rather annoying), and he played it very well! This movie is not as good as "Pulp Fiction," but it does have a little of that flavor.

As other reviewers have said, this shows the seamier side of life. If you like that, rent it. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend this movie. But if you like "all things quirky," DEFINITELY rent it.
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Shining example of talent and creativity....
merklekranz10 February 2008
A veteran cast tears into the wonderfully creative script of "The Last Days of Frankie the Fly" and never lets up. Dennis Hopper plays against type as the mob "gofor", and his Frankie Fly is every bit as good as you might expect from such an under-appreciated talent. Michael Madsen is his intimidating self, and puts on a good show of the "nastys". Kiefer Sutherland resurrects what looks like his character from "Freeway", including the bandages and tears up the screen. Only Daryl Hannah is unremarkable as the porn star aspiring actress. Highly recommended both for the outstanding performances and clever script. Not to be missed. Rent, buy, borrow, but see it. - MERK
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Better Than Average Street Mug Film
arthur_tafero27 October 2018
There are a lot of good things, and some bad things about this film. Let's look at the good things first: Dennis Hopper can do anything and was a great actor. He carries this off as well as anyone else cast in this role could have. Hannah is very good and convincing as a hooker; she seemed to really enjoy her role, which is important for an actor to do. Madsen is very good as well, as is the supporting cast. The story of a lifetime loser turning into a sharpie at the end really stretches real street life credibility, but then again, so did Tarrentino, and if he could do it, why not a legitimate entertainer like Hopper? I knew a guy just like this in Union City who was a bookie. He is deceased now, but he let lots of guys off the hook because he was a bit of a softie. Frankie is a guy like that. I enjoyed the film, and I am kind of picky about gangster flicks. They have to be different to keep my interest (like The Departed, and Goodfellas). This film is not as good as those, but it is better than most of the crap passing for street films these days.
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SmallJon3 November 1998
The Last Days of Frankie the Fly is possibly the most overblown mess of a film produced this decade. Lacking coherent structure, decent acting, plot or direction, the whole thing rolls on for what seems like a lifetime whilst lurching from one shoddy scene to the next. Dennis Hopper acts against type but never convinces, Keifer Sutherland just shouts a lot (though he does get the best of what lines there are) and the rest of the cast look like they've stumbled onto the set and are looking for the fastest route out. Simply put, this film is a nightmare. Avoid.
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This isn't as bad as i thought it would be.
hu6756 October 2010
A low-level mob associate named Frankie (The late Dennis Hopper), who is actually good hearted and he is known for his inability to harm people, when he is assigned to collect debts for his low-life sleazy Gangster boss named Sal (Michael Madsen). When Frankie thinks, it is an good idea to write an movie. He asks an pathetic, often scared filmmaker named Joey (Kiefer Sutherland), who is directing porn for a living. He wants Joey to teach him the basics of filmmaking. But since Joey is in a bad debt with Sal, he wants Frankie to bet money for him at the race track to pay off his debts. Since Frankie thinks, it is an risky idea but at the same time, he is in love with an porn actress named Margaret (Daryl Hannah). Who has an tough time keeping off drugs.

Direvted by Peter Markle (Bat 21, Hot Dog...The Movie, Wagons East) made an sometimes, amusing dark comedy set in a harsh, violent world of crime. It is nice to see the late Hopper playing an sympathetic character in this movie. Almost every character are over the top but it is entertaining to see Sutherland as a nervous, long-suffering porn director. Although it was made for theaters, the movie made its debut on TV before being released on video.

DVD has an decent Pan & Scan (1.33:1) transfer and an good Dolby Stereo 2.0 Surround Sound. This DVD is a triple Gangster movie, along with "Abel Ferrara's The Funeral" and "The Immortals" with Eric Roberts, Tia Carrere and Tony Curtis. "The Last Days of Frankie the Fly" does have its moments with an nice performance by Hopper. It is certainly worth a look, thanks to him. Written by Dayton Callie (Who appears as Vic in the movie). Look for Adam Scott in a bit part, who shares an humorous sequence with Hopper. (****/*****).
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Only good thing is Kiefer
vexred_freak9 March 2005
***** I have to agree with Mr pink that the only enthusiastic performance was Kiefer Sutherlands, comic and tragic all in one big lovable and hate able bundle. An exceptional performance of an eccentric director, the frustration and comedy seems just too real at some points. Masden almost lived up to the nastiness he showed in Reservoir Dogs, he was portrayed as being quite evil just not evil enough. The Script was good but could have been much better.

And I liked the idea of the dark side of Hollywood but apart from those few things, this film overall was an 'OK'... i guess.

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It's dung fly
leplatypus22 July 2010
Well, again LA, again crooks, again violence… Maybe Samuel Barber is right when he writes that mcWorld is only American videology! Whatever your choices, you can't escape the power of Hollywood and you watch only what it wants to produce. Unfortunately, I have enough of those crappy movies that mean nothing and take on my time instead of enhance it.

In addition, I knew From the start that it would be an ordeal for me. If everybody has personalities he likes (Spielberg, Pacino, Pailhas for instance), the opposite is true: you can't stand some: late Hooper, Madsen, Sutherland –the son- exasperate me and this trio being reunited here, I thank very much the inventor of fast-forward. Watching it on x4 shortens the pain!

Well, I hear you saying I'm a jerk: Nobody urges me to watch it, there wasn't a threat so I could drop it. Well, my reason to watch it was that I support Hannah. Here, she plays a lost woman who falls into drugs, porn movie but without losing her fragile flame for a better tomorrow! Even being tall, she appears reserved and soft and she really made me stop the fast-forward.

In conclusion, when you are in cheap DVDs store and you find unknown movies about your favorites, well, let them here and just go! If they are cheap and unknown, that's for a reason!
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Good Stuff.
mr_pivac198524 February 2003
I think It is so Amazing how many movies Michael Madsen And Dennis Hopper have done togther, they are a good team up.

Frankie The Fly was an amazing film, I am surprized that it dident make it to the theatre.

In the future I hope to see these two actors in more movies togther.

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One Great Gangster Movie
badboyjohn-3818926 April 2020
This movie was really enjoyable to watch as it had a superbly written script that had an outstanding mixture of action, comedic and dramatic scenes along with a great ending. The actors all did an outstanding job in their roles especially Daryl Hannah who had a really demanding role and Michael Madson who really went over the top in playing his role. The cinematography was also outstanding with some great visual effects plus the soundtrack really added to the feel of the movie and was awesome to listen to.
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russ52117 April 2019
What a waste of my time. Typical Hopper, over the top Sutherland, stupid and tasteless.
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Not Pretty Fly for a White Guy
wes-connors18 January 2010
Overdressed Los Angeles locations come between harmless Dennis Hopper (as Frankie), porn star Darryl Hannah (as Margaret), her director Kiefer Sutherland (as Joey), and everybody's mob boss Michael Madsen (as Sal). Uncharacteristically, Mr. Hopper is called "Fly" because he wouldn't hurt one. He plays re-recordings on his jukebox, is called an ugly waitress, and falls in love with Ms. Hannah. She alternately appears blonde and brunette for adult audiences (note, no nudity), and tries not to shoot up. Flailing and jumping around on the set, Mr. Sutherland is mercifully gagged and tied up during the second half.

** The Last Days of Frankie the Fly (10/24/96) Peter Markle ~ Dennis Hopper, Darryl Hannah, Kiefer Sutherland, Michael Madsen
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