Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden Jr.

BIDEN INAUGURATION - Joe Biden is set to be sworn in as the nation's 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as the 49th Vice President of the United States.

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Video Transcript
Up Right here, Oh. Present. Order Set Four. All the way up. A look at Arlington National Cemetery in Northern the tomb of the unknowns, um not typically a stop for the new president on Inauguration Day. This was added this uh this time around as mentioned uh before the importance of uh the military, the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the military, particularly the Biden family uh their late son uh bow had served um when the first. Served as second lady of the United States uh military families uh one of her key areas of interest, something she has pledged to continue in her new role now as first lady and uh a poignant moment uh the president joined by some not all of the previous commanders in chief uh but uh all of them who are there today know the experience whether it was of Bosnia uh Afghanistan, Iraq, all of them know what it is. Descend young men and women into harm's way uh so it was uh poignant moment to see those former commanders in chief gathered today uh to pay tribute to the service women of this country, the one commander in chief who was passed, I should say uh not present today well two the obvious about President Trump who left early this morning and from what we understand is now arrived in Mar Lago and has been there for quite some time but uh. President Jimmy Carter was unable to travel and that was due to his age. He is the oldest living president at 96 years old. He and his wife, Roslyn, uh stayed put because of uh their age and health and of course, Coven uh like a lot of elderly folks out there, they're staying put and uh staying home and uh not doing too much these days uh because of the the pandemic and because of the pandemic we've seen quite a few changes uh. Today's lineup of events not just lunches and parades that have been cancelled or changed in some way that that's what we will be seeing next of virtual parade of sorts is gonna take place uh instead of the usual parade that we see uh on Inauguration day but uh the National Mall uh was closed down and officials were urging people to not attend. Today's ceremonies and celebrations because of covet and instead there's 200000 flags uh up and down the National Mall today when we get those overhead shots. uh maybe we'll see when uh later on uh we've been seeing them all day just a beautiful shot of those flags um and that is supposed to represent uh all of the people of in America Americans who would have loved to have participated today in person but were unable to because of covet um everyone wearing mask of course socially distance. You know an event uh. That usually uh at the capital they give out like 20000 tickets, members of Congress uh get tickets to give out to their guests and the administration and uh incoming and both outgoing invite guests of their own today. Uh there were a little over a thousand uh people there because of coveted and it was really uh just uh a reminder. Real reminder to see every time there was a speaker that got up to the podium or one of the entertainers that got up to sing or the poet or the poet or one of the clergy that got up to do uh a prayer in between every time someone got up with the white kinda wiped it down that dark reminder that we are still in a pandemic and there have been hundreds of thousands of American lives lost as a result of it and. President Biden and uh vice President Harris say that is gonna be one of the main things that they wanna tackle uh right out of the gate as soon as uh they start the work is to start getting getting out those coveted vaccines. What are they saying 10100? 10100000000 a Corona virus vaccines within his first 100 days of uh of president is what he stated that he wants to happen just left the beautiful shot of the Potomac River and the Arlington Memorial Bridge, The Lincoln Memorial. um there it is. Uh the river beautiful on this sunny January day and often the distance underneath the live graphic up top. There is the uh Robert Lee uh memorial uh the cemetery there um and there there they are symbolically uh connected civil war post civil war tidbit. The idea was to have the Lincoln Memorial and the and the Robert who was on the Confederacy uh to have them uh linked to uh the reunification of the North and the. The union and the Confederacy to recreate the United States of America, Beautiful shot that we uh had there uh from uh. The river and the two memorials there uh over to the White House, which is where the president uh is slowly going to be making his way now for uh what uh is coming this afternoon and I and I had asked for this shot. It's kinda hard to make it out. You can see that's the uh south lawn there uh where the helicopter usually lands Marine one the the North Lawn. you that structure. That's the reviewing stand uh in Pennsylvania Avenue where if there had been a conventional parade, it would go that way so the reviewing stand is there and there we go look at. I ask and you shall receive. Here's the opposite view uh that the north lawn of the White House uh where there as we've talked about the flurry of activity that began just as soon as a president, Biden said. I do solemnly swear um or so help me God I guess at the end of the oath uh at that moment uh working feverishly uh the folks who make up the White House staff were busy transforming the uh particularly the residents on the second third floors uh into the private living. Orders of the Biden family uh folks who have occupy the East wing with the first lady and her staff work or the West Wing, of course, but the president his staff work uh move to offices uh figure where the restroom is the cafeteria so on and so forth. So there's a flurry of activity going on at the White House now and the president has said, uh he's gonna have a little downtime uh later today that he plans to head to the Oval Office and take care of some work that he wants to get done. He really wants to hit the ground running so uh we'll be keeping an eye out um as the uh first. Couple makes their way back toward the White House the way they describe it here is they move in that direction. It'll break or it'll it'll um fold and do a little bit of um like a parade at which point we might see the President First Lady Walk just a little bit again. There are no crowds out there to greet them as we've explained. but uh that's what's coming next as they move their way to their new home and that parade they'll be joined by uh the different branches of the military. They'll be represented uh along. Very short parade route, I think it's a couple of blocks to the White House from where they're gonna get dropped off if my notes are correct here and from what I've read um and then for us here and you at home, we're gonna watch it together. There is some sort of sort of a virtual that's that's being produced. That's gonna take place and that program features John Stewart, Earth wind and fire uh to name just a few uh but. Gonna feature different states and I guess they're gonna try to make it as close as possible to what the inaugural parade would look like, which is always all the states are represented with different marching bands um from different schools that our sense and it's always such an honor for the different schools to participate in the inaugural parade so today uh it'll still be an honor. I'm sure but just a little bit different cuz it's gonna be done virtually like so many. Uh these the inauguration has also uh taken a pivot uh the word that we heard so many times over and over and over during twenty because the pandemic. so we'll watch it together and uh and see how that parade unfolds now, not sure the route they're taking and they can take any route. they choose when you're when you're the president, you have it like that but uh ordinarily on a a for the rest of the trip from Arlington over toward the White House could be about a 20 minute drive. Depending on traffic, but don't think that's much of an issue for them today so um once the motorcade gets cooking and they seem to have already already done that they've left uh Arlington uh it's relatively short order for them. Not even you know I've spoke about 1520 minutes, no less than that uh that would be for you well cuz you're not in a in a presidential motorcade. I'm thinking of where I live when I was in Washington. that's 1520 minutes, but the white remember that far back it ain't easy. Let me tell you let me tell you but uh yeah um. Uh so we anticipate they'll they'll get up uh relatively close and I think when you mentioned and it was a tradition and I made the point earlier um up until I think of President Carter before former President Carter um there would be the limousine ride from the squaring of the capital over to the White House and uh President Carter in lots of ways I think taking the temperature of the American people at the time uh wanted to seem less like the Imperial President. I mentioned earlier he didn't want the Valet to carry. He carried his own suitcase. He carried his own briefcase and on inauguration Day, he walked the distance from the United States capital to the White House and that tradition endures President Reagan similarly walked. I don't think heed the whole thing, but he walked a good portion of it uh President Bush did the first one President Clinton did uh I think with secret service getting involved the walks have become shorter and more concentrated, but that dates back to President Carter, who walked the whole thing. Um that day in January 1977, because he wanted to seem like he had more of a common touch. She was more of one of the the people as opposed to this big shot. You know in the big limousine, but it's turned into quite a nice tradition now cuz it's always so nice to see them, walk and wave and it always seems so and I mean, I'm guessing it. It's not fake but it's always so genuine. it appears that it's so genuine their reactions to the people and the. And that moment like wow we are the first family whoever that family may be It's always so interesting. It's interesting to see them in their reactions like just taking that moment that major milestone moment in and you'll you know often times you wonder is it gonna be a blur? Are they gonna remember during the wedding? Yeah. That's what I can only compare to you've been married. Do you remember anything of your I do but I only remember because leading up to it every single. That I know that's ever been married, told me the same thing you know, stay in the moment because you blink and it's over and you'll you won't remember and you know me. I mean nobody knows me better than you, but you know I'm squirrel add over here over there. It's shiny and I tried so hard to stay in the moment but that club I mean that club of presidents is so small that you know how many people may have, said to President Trump or President Obama or President Clinton. Hey stay in the moment. It's gonna blink and it'll be over. I mean I hope somebody gave him that advice because it's just so it's so overwhelming. I can't imagine and while he the president, obviously has the weight of his world, there's so much of the world on his shoulders and the vice president, but I'd I'd be curious in terms of uh the first lady or if any any of the Biden children or grandchildren much of the same way we saw Amy Carter walk with their parents or um the Bush daughters, Barbara and Jenna or the Obama girls. Uh you know their. I mean it had to be a head trip to walk that parade route and the Thrones of people and and you're right. There are so many really neat moments that cameras tend to catch there. There was a fun one. I think it was uh the first first President and his inauguration in 1989 and uh they were the stretch near the White House. They were walking and Barbara Bush coincidentally happened to recognize somebody not far from where there was a camera set up to shoot the parade and she broke from the walk and run up to the rope line. The line, which I'm sure gave the secret service certainly to give this person. I think it was a local reporter from Texas or Houston who she might have remembered or knew and just to run over and give her a hug kiss and hey how you doing and the camera was right there and caught the whole thing and then she ran back as a secret service guy Kind of you know, came up and colored her. I'm like you know probably trying to get used to what it's like now to be the first lady of the United States. You can't just run off and say hi to oh my goodness. it's Craig Channel Seven. I love him from Miami. It's like you gotta take a minute and secret service has to escort you and so a lot to wrap your head around but in in in in in the defense of the president and the first lady now they've been there as BP and um second lady so they know how it is with secret service and everything else and for vice president uh Harris and the second gentleman they've had secret service detail for a while as well. III take it, I imagine they've had a minute to adjust to this new lifestyle and I think almost it's it's it's parallel things you know they're in the same event together they're in the parade together, but for the president think about the odyssey he's been on from you know the the senator at first, the junior senator from Delaware and then serving in a variety of capacities in the United States, Senate leadership roles uh vice president uh you know ran in 1988 didn't do so well run in 2008 line up as the vice president and admittedly said that was the one of the best things he's ever done. And then just this the last 2 years the caucuses the rubber chicken dinners the primaries, the campaign that was almost you know do. when it got to South Carolina, there was some real concerns that he just couldn't go the distance uh and the black vote turned out for him and turned it around for him and the African-American vote helped propel him. you know as as he got closer to the election and help propel him to the White House. I mean so for him, it's to think back back to you know cold days in New Hampshire for the primary, the Iowa caucuses. The country, I mean just how long and hard and strenuous it was and now you're here you're watching this parade route, however, briefly as the president of the United States, that's gotta be uh the third time is definitely been the charm for Joe Biden took a couple of tries, but he's uh he's made it to the White House um but uh we're we'll stay on these pictures and from what we understand the motorcade has left National Cemetery and they are headed back. To uh uh the White as the inauguration day events continue in our nation's capital, we're watching it so uh stick around will take a quick break and be more in a minute. I call a fighter because I need to help with my accident. I didn't know the process and they just made it way easy for me. I love my attorney. I'm very happy and satisfied with the results of my case and now I'm telling everybody I love my attorney Green real fast and they treated me like family. My attorney got me everything I deserve. I love my turn. Ceremonial Day so President Trump could have that moment could have his uh speech before his supporters and to the rest of the country as well uh and then get on air force one for one last time on his trip uh back to Florida, where he will now uh spend his life post presidency uh but really an incredible day uh for Joe Biden, a bittersweet you have to imagine we've heard so much about his relationship with his first born uh Bo Biden his. Sake Joseph are bid in the third um who passed away several years ago from a brain tumor and you have to imagine uh that on his death bed telling his father, I want you to run for president again and for him to be here on this day, despite all the national challenges of covet uh of joblessness of political division uh to be here on this day again with the security concerns of Washington, DC, there were threat. Uh the Washington Monument was shut down, then the entire National Mall was shut down. Uh we've got a ring of security around the capital as Nicole has been talking about uh non scalable eight-foot tall fencing and razor wire around the capital of the United States of America. uh but still Joe Biden uh decided he he wanted to move with the ceremony to do it outside uh to send a message to this country and to the world uh as he would say that. America is back ready to reengage with our allies um and to uh move forward in a time of challenge uh but to try to do that in a United way and something that he says that we have to do we have to unite uh to be able to move forward uh past all of these challenges that we're facing cray Robin. We're hearing that the president uh Trump left a note for President Biden before he left the White House. Have you heard anything about that, which is not unusual. Outgoing presidents leave handwritten notes for their incoming uh counterparts. And that is actually one of the few traditions that President Trump uh decided to continue He did not uh invite President-elect Biden to the White House. Uh Melania Trump did not invite uh the future First lady doctor Joe Biden to the White House either um they did not have the tour today, which you would typically see the president welcoming the president-elect to the White House uh coming in for a moment before leaving together for the capital, we didn't see any of that uh because President Trump elected not to stay for the inauguration. But he did as we are told from a member of the press office, I believe uh that the president uh the outgoing president did leave the incoming president a letter We do not know uh the contents of that letter. We don't know uh how it was characterized uh either, but we do know that President Trump did do that and I have to mention President Trump was actually a quite quite um appreciative of the letter that President Barack Obama left him when he came into office and spoke about how gracious the Obamas were at his. Here 4 years ago, uh so he did maintain that one tradition of reaching out to the president. We'll have to see if a President Biden elect to share that information with the public. What that letter uh was about uh, but we also know that the press Secretary Kelly Mac uh left letters for the incoming uh communication staff as well. So uh we are seeing a lot of bucking of traditions in terms of what we typically see with. An outgoing president and an incoming president uh but we do see that there are some few of those traditions that uh that were maintained with this uh transition from the Trump administration to the now Biden administration. Craig Falcons, a tradition started by the late President Reagan, who is the first to leave uh a letter for his former vice President George Herbert Walker Bush in the desk in the Oval Office. I don't know that the contents of that letter were ever shared, but. That's been shared a good deal, a very sweet letter from uh a prolific letter writer. There have been books dedicated to letters and notes he would write uh former President George Herbert Walker Bush and the note he left for Bill Clinton and uh that if you haven't seen it, I encourage you to look it up, especially in this era of uh you know it difficulties between the Republicans and Democrats uh and the cracks of it was you are our president. Now. We're all rooting for you and it was said I'm rooting for. Hard or something like this, and that was actually the beginning in spite of the campaign in the beginning of what really blossomed into a very special relationship between the late former president and the guy who succeeded him, Bill Clinton um and I and I do think that is Robin mentions the letter that former President Obama left for former President Trump uh mister Trump did also give us a thumbnail of what it included. uh but I don't the only one that comes to mind having actually seen. In the former president's handwriting was the one left behind by President Bush for President Clinton, but it's it's a nice tradition again. It's sort of few people will ever know what it is to sit at this desk I know and you're about to find out and here's a parting thought. Here's best wishes. Here's my phone number If you ever need me uh it's it's it's it's it's a nice tradition uh and again we talk about the continuity of government and and um so you know perhaps Sunday, we'll find out what the contents of this most recent letter left by former president. For President Biden uh what it says, and it's such a small club It's such an exclusive small club view uh are still living that can you know that have been there and done that and the rest of the time there's not many people that can understand what it's like to be the leader of the free world, but but it'll be up to Biden if indeed he wants to release the contents of uh of. Whether or not, but I guess we'll wait and see I wonder if he's even seen it has even been he hasn't made the oval yet. it's theoretically they're putting away his paper clips his stapler his pictures behind his desk so when he goes in there this afternoon and sits down, he opens the drawer and there it is um that's part of the of the of the of the deal that's happening now uh at the White House, the it's we're talking about the transition of power and it's the transition of the of the residents. uh they're getting it set up for its new occupants uh the president and the first lady. And they're out with the old and in with the new items that belong to the new couple and they're setting up a to Z soup to nuts and in the day and age of coveted they started with a very thorough uh coveted cleaning of uh the pandemic and the fact that several uh staffers in the Trump administration administration came down with covet so they wanna make sure it's uh it's nice and clean as we look at the presidential motorcade there, Craig pointed out it's. The same limo that they took this morning on the way to church, but but after they get sworn in the seal is on the license plate is changed and now it is the president's limousine. We also just saw a a second ago shot of a treasury building, which is just across the street from the White House. Uh that's about the area. We think that uh President Biden's gonna get out and take a few steps here we go um not too far from the White House there at all, um, in fact the Treasuries. Across the street, so I mean you can see the everybody's uh set up there ready and waiting for when that happens, so we'll keep an eye on that and we're gonna take time to pay some bills to quick break and we'll be back.