Trailer parks are an interesting phenomenon. They’re like the last bastion of the Wild West in the US, full of red-blooded Americans trying to get by. Then again, other countries also have big trailer park populations, like in Canada.

Life in a trailer park is very isolated and tedious, as most of the people living there are trying to find a way out. But not everyone. In fact, some people even take trips to trailer parks so they can do photoshoots. It’s usually pretty easy to tell the real white trash from the fabricated models, and we’ll have to put you to the test below.

In recent years, with the help of shows like Trailer Park Boys, a romanticized version of this country-living arrangement has been built up, but don’t be fooled. It’s hard work living in a place like this.

Here are 15 hot trailer park girls every guy is going to want to see.

15 Neon Utopia

via Pinterest

This girl standing in the doorway of a trailer is Rachel Yampolsky, a professional model who’s seen here soaking up the sun for the Gypsum “Neon Utopia” Lookbook. She definitely has a great sense of fashion, with her bubble butt tank top that bares her midriff and is in the style of a PBR can. With her shirt, sunglasses, and blonde-pink hair, she definitely has the “trailer park chic” going on, if that’s a thing.

14 It’s Hot Out There

via Pinterest

This girl doesn’t seem too pleased by her predicament—which possibly involves living in this trailer—but we sure are. Even though she has makeup on, she’s a true natural beauty, with that timeless appearance, those high cheekbones, and the long dark hair. The red lipstick is a nice touch, and the bra doesn’t hurt, either. Can anyone read her conspicuously placed tattoo?

13 Airstream Doll

via Briana Morrison

Finally, we have this girl who appears to be another Airstream model trying to get Insta-famous with her white trash looks. Unfortunately, she doesn’t nearly look all that downtrodden. If anything, she makes the whole place look classier, even with the rusted out trailer behind her. The way her shirt is tied, coupled with the pose and the gorgeous face and hair, make this the perfect trailer park girl.

12 Striking A Pose

via Flickr

Okay, it’s usually pretty easy to tell a legit trailer park girl from a model, and this is the case in point. That short summer dress, while cute with the flowers and spaghetti straps, definitely isn’t trailer park attire . . . we think. Also, the pose is a dead giveaway, because we’ve never seen someone so confidently happy living in a steel box before. Which means she probably doesn’t live there.

11 Authentic Trailer Trash Fashion

via DeviantArt

This girl was found on a DeviantArt page that’s literally titled “Trailer Trash Fashion,” but judging by where she’s located, she could’ve fooled us. Yes, she looks a bit rough around the edges, with the low-necked shirt, and the tight pleather leggings, but her surroundings are as authentic as they come. Besides the bed, it’s just about impossible to name a single object surrounding this hot redhead.

10 Lovers Are Square

via Pinterest

This beautiful girl certainly knows how to rock a bathing suit. She has leggings as long as a country road and even a cute kiddie pool that her long-limbed body would never fit into. The floppy hat (as well as the rest of her) definitely gives her away as a model, for the “Lovers are Square” funky fashion photoshoot. Did you even notice that there’s a trailer behind her?

9 Filters For Days

via Pinterest

This All-American looking girl definitely looks quite dazzling posing in the interior of this trailer. She’s thick, as they say, in all the right places, but her hair looks too nice to expect her to have ever spent a night in a trailer park. Plus, her trailer looks a little too clean and un-lived-in. Also, where are those coat hangers hanging from?

8 Hope She Gets Out

via Knuckle Draggin'

Now this actually is a legit trailer park girl, and she looks arguably better than the models. Hopefully she has a future there—anything that will get her out of the rough ‘n’ tumble life of a trailer park person. Her trailer looks rather beat up, so that leads us to believe she’s had better times, but she certainly looks like a treat.

7 Skating Away

via Knuckle Draggin'

Here’s the same woman as above but with her hair down, so we can see those pink extensions that really play well with her bright pink lipstick. There are plenty of questions to ask in this photo, though: where did she get the wings for those pants? And, isn’t it hard to roller skate on grass? It seems counterproductive, but maybe she’s massively experienced.

6 Social Media Famous

via Byron Crawford

Emily Hurley is a popular model—or at least she was, until her page was removed—who knows how to flaunt it all. As it stands, she was discovered here by, as part of their “Rack Radar” series, which is pretty self-explanatory. We have no idea if she won that particular competition, but she definitely should have. Who doesn’t love a good stars-and-stripes bikini?

5 Attitude On The Scooter

via Bicoastalista

The beautiful blonde has enough attitude and poutiness for the whole park. As you probably guessed, she’s more than likely a professional model who chose a trailer park as her place to shoot, but we’re not complaining. She has that vintage vibe, complete with the thigh highs and the short, flowery dress.

4 Lucky Water Cooler

via Pinterest

It’s hard to tell if this redhead is true trailer trash or just a model, but we’re going to guess the latter based on her pouting expression, her striking, gaunt features, and her expertly wavy hair. And because she’s so slender. Then again, she’s sitting on a water cooler, so we can’t be too sure. All we know is that we’re jealous of that water cooler.

3 Vintage Americana

via Me and the Makeup

This girl (and the sheen of the photo) looks straight out of the ‘70s, with her rocker attitude, vintage bikini and sunglasses, and her long hair with the full bangs. She even has a dreamcatcher around her neck, which is a nice addition. Even though she apparently lives in the backwoods, at least she seems spiritual. Maybe that will help her in some way.

2 The Real Deal

via iStockphoto

This is another photoshoot that was taken of trailer park living, which includes real trailer park girls like this inked up redhead with the less-than-ideal frown on her face, as if she isn’t happy about what her man is doing. The girl is usually pictured with a much older man, but he’s luckily absent from this one, so we get a great straight-on shot of her and all her heavy assets.

1 Trailer Pinup

via Pinterest

This appears to be a group of massively inked pinup models, very reminiscent of the Suicide Girls burlesque show. The one in the foreground doesn’t really look like she’s spent a single day in a trailer, thanks to her perfect hair/wig, her high heels, and her pale skin, but who knows? Also, that’s a lot of juice boxes! At least she’s staying hydrated.


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