Oh look, life found a way and we now have our very own meme ecosystem on the internet for Jurassic Park. It can't be helped; in the face of Michael Crichton's mere literary greatness and Steven Spielberg's film genius, were are but mere bacteria; but boy do we know how to form a culture, as all bacteria do.

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So, this is the end result of all the running, screaming, and clever girl casualties from the Jurassic Park franchise, memes. So far at the very least.

Over the years, Jurassic Park has accumulated its own glorious memes-- some of which dissect the film's logic while others simply poke fun at the characters and the dialog. Here are 10 of them that words cannot describe but we'll try anyway.


Well look at that, it's one of the rare instances where Jurassic Parkwas meme-able. It only happened in one of the longest scenes of human terror in said film. As for the meme, that would be you while watching Jurassic Park and eating chips; you're so preoccupied with the film you didn't stop to think whether you should grab those chips without looking.

This right here is where the deliberately idiotic homo sapien herd was culled in half by a very hungry Spinosaurus which is totally not a T-Rex. Too bad not many things are as memorable past this scene in the third Jurassic Park movie.


It's a film about reincarnated mutant dinosaurs so it's safe to say that it doesn't care about puny human conventions. In that regard, Jurassic Park and even Jurassic World films just don't like stable relationships or families. In fact, every film involves family troubles and a broken family or couple to a certain degree.

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This was most notable and apparent in Jurassic World where Owen and Claire just couldn't catch a break. Meanwhile, troubled relationships were even quite crucial to the plot in Jurassic Park, particularly with John Hammond and his son.


Speaking of which, we have here the guy directly responsible for all the events in Jurassic Park. Dennis Nedry, who also happens to be Hammond's stepson, was tasked to overlook the cyber functions of Jurassic Park itself... singlehandedly it seems.

Obviously, Hammond lied and did cut some costs when it comes to the I.T. department. That or he probably still has some faith left in his stepson so he let him be in charge. Either way, the two had unresolved father-son issues and Nedry thought that Hammond was being cheap on him.


The world is a beautiful place full of diverse intelligent species and then there are human beings. Sometimes some members of our species just make us ashamed, such is the case when someone made a satirical fake call-to-action caption about Spielberg poaching a Triceratops. Mind you, this meme generated a serious internet buzz; people actually thought Spielberg was some rich game hunter.

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The post even gained more than 30,000 shares, some of which were serious, whereas the others were making fun of all the gullible and dense humans in the comments who didn't get the joke. In any case, Spielberg really shouldn't have killed that poor Triceratops, now we'll never see his movies the same way again.


The real star of Jurassic Park was never the humans, the park, nor Jeff Goldblum's sweaty abdomen; it's the raptors. Point is, you are alive when they start to eat you because they are deadly clever. Funny enough, the films reiterate this over and over and over again as if they are Velociraptor fanboys, which is understandable.

In what seems to be a final coup de grace for these intelligent raptors is how two of them outsmarted the veteran hunter Hammond handpicked for Jurassic Park. You could see the admiration he has for the creature's mere moments before they ate his face.


One thing to note about Jurassic Park films is that if the character is not likable or quirky, then they're dino-chow. All films have done this with all characters but the most notable first casualty ever remains the bloodsucking lawyer, Donald Gennaro.

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Hey, no one said all lawyers are logical and level-headed. Gennaro, however, seems to be the worst of them; he has no protective or parental instincts whatsoever and went to save himself first instead of the two children he's with. As a reward, a T-Rex ate him while he was on the toilet. Justice is served!


Long ago, the herbivores lived in harmony, then everything changed when the carnivores attacked. Thank you, John Hammond. The man basically built an aquarium, got bored with the goldfish, and then introduced some piranhas in the tank. That's quite a bad business plan.

Though, we suppose people would be a lot more attracted to Jurassic Park's carnivores than the herbivores seeing as the herbivores are pretty much just rhinos with more horns or elephants with long necks instead of trunks. Then again, it wasn't really Hammond's fault, now was it?


As for Hammond's proposition to Dr. Sattler and Dr. Grant, they really should have thought about the economy of it a lot more. This meme does encompass the repercussions of Hammond's endeavors on Dr. Grant's life's work. Imagine spending half of your life digging up ancient hidden corpses only for an arrogant rich man to show you that he revived them.

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Of course, in Dr. Grant's defense, he just couldn't pass up a chance to be face-to-face with some dinosaurs, even if they were a little fake. Well, thanks to Nedry's butterfingers, Grant gets to keep his job and Hammond was stopped from playing god further.


Speaking of Nedry, again, his demise was sort of well-deserved though he did set off another chain of events that would catalyze the reproduction of the genetically modified dinosaurs. Funny enough, it's hard to find a person who would feel sad upon seeing the manner of Nedry's death.

Perhaps this was due to his hilarious banter and interaction with the weird petite dinosaur that killed him. Apparently, the Dilophosaurus Nedry encountered could understand the insults thrown its way after it failed to understand how to play fetch. At least we got a meme for our showering woes thanks to Nedry panicking after venom was spat on his face.


Spielberg did right by us when he included one of the world's most prominent walking memes. Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure... for nerds at least. To this day, Ian Malcolm remains Goldblum's most iconic role ever based on the references and the fan favor alone. He's also reprised the role numerous times in both films and video games as well.

The way he plays a cynical mathematician who would never pass up an opportunity to flirt using Chaos Theory. Oh, and it just so happens that he's the most reasonable person in Jurassic Park despite also being the most eccentric. Really, no one else could have pulled that off.

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