The Cake Eaters of the 1920s |

The Cake Eaters of the 1920s


July 13, 2013 by Ville Raivio

‘During the early and middle twenties a sharp, strictly non-college group (called “Cake Eaters”) evolved a style peculiar unto themselves. It was a narrow slope-shouldered coat, closely shaped at the sides and back and trimmed with slim peaked or notched lapels. The pants were narrow to the calf where they spread out into bell-bottoms. “Cake Eaters” wore high soft collars secured either by pins or by buttons on the neckband. Their ties were dark and rarely more than an inch wide. They often topped these outfits with pancake-like eight-quarter caps and wore pointed shoes. “Cake Eaters” went big for hard-finished worsteds, especially in pin stripes, but avoided tweeds and the “ice cream” shades–the mark of “Joe College.”‘

~ Mens Wear magazine’s 75 Years of Fashion edition, 1965


  1. Ville Raivio says:

    Greetings from up North, Jody.

    I am not not a unique and beautiful snowflake, and thus the site is left without a shot. I’m not looking for space for my photos but for my thoughts and words only. These I’ve plenty. I’m sure there’s quite enough of What I Wore Today sites online, so Keikari will remain the thinking and reading man’s style site.

  2. Jody Agerton says:

    I find this website thoroughly amusing and enlightening, yet I am left hanging without a single image of your colorful banterings. I depart never really knowing what it is I am supposed to have envisioned. Please tell the gang in here to share pictures of your tales. Thank you kindily Sincerely a new fan of Keikari, Jody

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