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The cabin in the woods. [A hells ranch story]


The Cabin In The Woods

My name is Scott Wellington, five years ago I moved to a ranch on the Utah desert. It was here I met my girlfriend of three years Laura and my neighbors Matt and Mark Stump.

There was a large age difference between myself and the brothers but after going through a rather harrowing experience with Matt and subsequently hiring them to help restore the dilapidated cabin and out buildings on the ranch we became good friends.

Matt owned an automotive repair shop that specialized in off-road vehicles while Mark stayed with the family goat farm where he and his mother harvested meat and made their own cheese.

When Matt opened his shop I came on as a silent partner, you see I had been blessed with a large sum of money while living on the Oregon Coast. That was how I was able to move out this way and purchase the ranch, it also meant I was more or less what you would consider retired.

So when I was talking with Matt at his shop one day and he brought up heading to the near by mountain for a day away with our girlfriends I couldn’t think of any reason not to go. “I know this gorgeous trail that leads to an open meadow” said Matt “it would be the perfect place for popping the question”. He winked.

I had mentioned once a few months before that I was thinking about proposing to Laura and he wasn’t letting me forget it. Grabbing a beer from the mini fridge I took a deep swig before jabbing back “I think you’re looking for a place to pop the question on Sarah”. Matt and Sarah had been dating since they were sixteen, if anyone was ready to get married it was them.

Matt walked over to his tool box, fishing a key from his pocket he unlocked a small drawer at the top. Opening it he turned to reveal a small black velvet box. I choked on my beer in surprise “wait, seriously?!” I asked. Grinning ear to ear Matt nodded “and I want you to be my best man, not only did you save my life you gave me the ability to build this” he waved his arm around the four bay garage.

Of course I accepted and congratulated him, I asked him what the plan was. Going to his office Matt showed me a trail on a large map he had pinned to the wall. “This is a back way to hogs canyon, you can’t pass this time of year due to the snow. But I know of an off shoot that circles back near an old mine claim” Matt explained “the neat thing about it is there’s a meadow at the top with a pretty good view, it’ll take some snow wheeling to get there but nothing my jeep or your truck can’t handle”.

We decided the next weekend would work best as it was forecasted to be clear, that gave us five days to prepare. After another hour of talking I let Matt get back to work. I had just bought a new Chevy Trailboss two months ago and was excited to see how it would handle the snow, Matt had a white 1994 two door Jeep Cherokee that was heavily modified. By taking two rigs we wouldn't have any trouble pulling the other out if one of us got stuck.

After arriving home I gave Laura a call “hey babe, what's up?” she asked. “I was just with Matt and we had this idea to go out snow wheeling and have a picnic this Saturday, how does that sound?” “Sounds great!” she said with enthusiasm. “It’s a bit of a drive so let’s meet at Matt’s shop at seven” I told her. After saying our goodbyes I hung up and began packing for the day trip.

Matt was under a Dodge Durango fighting with rusted suspension bolts when his brother Mark walked into the shop. “Sup Mattie?” he asked while leaning nonchalantly against the SUV. Matt slid out from below the vehicle, Mark gave him a hand up. Dusting himself off Matt answered “me, Scott and the girls are heading up to Cass Creek Meadow this Saturday, wanna tag along?” “The same place dad proposed to mom?” Mark asked. Matt nodded. “Any chance you got something similar in mind?” Mark asked and Matt nodded again before breaking into a grin.

Mark laughed “shoot, yeah I'll tag along. You'll need someone there when she rejects your ugly face”. Matt threw an oily rag at Mark “be here before seven this Saturday”.

Before I knew it the weekend was upon me, my blaring alarm clock read 5:45AM. Not being a morning person I had loaded my pickup the night before. I even had coffee scheduled to brew right as I got up. After a quick shower and shave I grabbed the cup of black warmth and headed out the door.

It was normally a half hour drive to Matt's shop but it had snowed last night and the road I lived on was less than ideal at the best of times. “I'm going to have to get this thing resurfaced” I said to myself as I settled into the familiar ruts that led through the ranch and into town.

By the time I got to Matt's shop Laura and Sarah were already there, the girls stayed inside the heated office while Matt finished loading up traction boards and a kinetic tow strap into the back of his Jeep. “Worried we might run into trouble?” I asked him after parking my truck.

Matt shrugged “no, but if I don't pack it then I'll end up needing it for sure”. I laughed “funny how that always works out”. It wasn't long before Mark arrived in his rusted out 80’s single cab Chevy. Hearing him drive up the girls came out of the office, Laura was dressed in black snow pants with a white jacket and pink stocking cap. Laura was nearly my height while Sarah was a foot shorter, Sarah had opted for jeans and a plaid jacket despite the temperatures hovering around the negatives.

Matt slammed the rear hatch shut “let's load up!” he announced “are you riding with me or Scott?” he asked Mark. Mark replied “let's see, brand new crew cab truck with heated seats or 30 year old Jeep on one tons?”

seating figured out we loaded up and headed for the mountains. Looking at the sky Laura commented “I’m not sure I like the looks of those clouds”. Looking up at the black tumultuous sky above and couldn't disagree “the forecast says it's not supposed to snow until Monday morning, maybe it'll clear up some more once the sun starts warming things up” I suggested.

We continued down the highway for a little over an hour before Matt indicated that we needed to turn off. We went from nicely plowed asphalt to three feet of snow instantly, luckily it was fresh and light so Matt's Jeep had no trouble pushing through it.

Switching into four wheel drive I followed behind at a safe distance. Despite Matt clearing the trail my trucks lack of clearance meant I had push through plenty of snow. Laura looked a little nervous and I couldn't blame her, growing up on the Oregon Coast I didn't have much experience driving in the snow. But the trucks brand new tires and traction control were making easy work of it.

We had traveled twenty miles before there was any signs of trouble, we had dipped into a valley and there was a layer of ice under the snow. Matt's Jeep was sliding to the left and right as he continued to push his way along the trail. “Uh no” Laura gasped as the back of Matt's Jeep slid off the road and buried itself in a shallow ditch.

I stopped my truck and watched while Matt attempted to rock himself out of the hole he had dug. It was no use, his tires couldn't get any purchase on the slick ice. Giving up Matt got out and walked towards my truck “looks like I need a little tug” he said with an embarrassed grin. We attached one end of the tow rope to Matt's hitch and the other to the front of my truck “when I put it in reverse go ahead and give me a pull” Matt explained.

Leaving a couple feet of slack in the rope I waited for Matt to get back into his Jeep. When his reverse lights came in I took my foot off the brake pedal and gave the truck some throttle. I ended up accelerating a lot faster than I intended to, the rope became taunt but rather than pull Matt out of the ditch it yanked my truck into it! “Shit!” I cursed.

My truck was tilted at a forty-five degree angle now, I tried going to drive and then back to reverse but the truck wouldn't budge. Laura, myself and Mark climbed out the passenger side as the drivers side was buried in snow to the top of the doors. With snow supporting the body of my truck the tires spun freely.

Matt walked over once again “that's less than ideal” he said as he looked at my truck. Deciding his Jeep was the less stuck of the two we began shoveling snow out from around it. The plan was to use traction boards to get him back onto the road. Everyone was working so intently that we didn't notice the snow fall until it was nearly white out conditions. With the boards placed under Matt’s tires and the snow cleared from under his axles he climbed back into the driver's seat.

The jeep crawled forwards a couple inches before kicking the boards out, but he was moving! All four tires spinning Matt sawed the steering wheel left and right searching for traction. He was plowing a nice trail up the ditch, just when it looked like he was going to get back onto the road the front of the Jeep disappeared straight down.

Mark and myself ran to Matt, only the rear bumper and back hatch were visible above the snow. Just as I slid down into the ditch the rear hatch raised up. I helped hold it open while Matt climbed out. Mark gave him a hand up then we inspected the situation. “Looks like I found a culvert” said Matt.

“What now?” asked Mark. Looking back I couldn't see my truck or the girls through the snow. “I thought it wasn't supposed to snow until Monday?” I said. Shielding our faces from the now howling wind we walked back down the road to where my truck was buried. In the time we had been gone a foot of snow had built up on my truck, Matt quickly cleared the snow away from the tailpipe then we all piled into the cab.

Starting the engine I turned up the heat to full blasting us with warm air. My face and fingers were tingling painfully as they warmed up. If we had spent much longer out there we might have gotten frost bite. As we warmed up Matt asked a very important question “does anyone have cell service?” everyone checked the their phones then answered with chorus of “no’s”. “Well shit” I said. “no one knows where exactly we decided to go either”.

The group fell silent, it was during this silence I heard a knocking noise coming from the engine. Scanning the gauges I saw the check engine light was flashing, then I saw the oil pressure gauge was at zero. Before I could get my hand up to the key the engine shut off with a popping sound. “That didn’t sound good” commented Mark. I sighed in frustration “no it didn’t, we lost oil pressure” I informed the group. “How?” asked Sarah “the truck's brand new!”

I shrugged “too much angle maybe, or we punched a hole in the pan when it went off the road. Either way we just lost our only source of heat”. Glancing at the rearview mirror I saw the outside temp was now at 3°F. Matt spoke up “we need a plan, our body heat will keep us warm for awhile but no one is coming for us before tomorrow and with the wind chill it’s going to get well below zero tonight”. “you’re not suggesting we try and walk out of here are you?” asked Laura.

Matt shook his head “it’s already to cold for that, we don’t have the proper clothes to make it to where we would have service”. Mark spoke up “it’s a long shot but I have an idea”. “lets hear it” I said. Mark reached past Laura and dug a map out of the glove box, unfolding it he pointed to a spot “I’m nearly certain we are right here, there’s only one creek that crosses the road in this area and Matt found it with the Jeep”.

Tracing his finger up about an inch Mark pointed to a spot to the north of us “if we go straight up the hill to our left we should run into Scooter McCrea’s mining claim. It’s been abandoned since he went missing but there’s a cabin there where we can take shelter”. I glanced at Matt and shrugged. It was Sarah that spoke up first “When you’re lost you’re supposed to stay put and wait for help”. “That’s assuming someone knows where to start looking, even if we make it through the night this storm is going to keep any search parties from finding us”.

“That’s assuming anyone notices we’re missing before Monday rolls around” I added. “I don’t like it” Sarah insisted. Laura spoke up “I’m not sure I agree with staying but what are the odds we can even find the claim in these conditions?” she had a good point, visibility was down to less than twenty feet and light would start fading in two hours.

“Maybe if we…” Matt began to say when there was a massive crashing sound, we were instantly blinded by shattered glass and wind whipped snow. Sarah screamed and I heard cursing from Matt and Mark. “Is everyone ok?” I shouted above the howling wind. Laura grabbed my wrist “all good here” she yelled. Matt, Mark and Sarah also confirmed they were ok.

A massive branch had landed on the truck shattering both side windows, we all carefully navigated around the broken glass and jagged wood. Once everyone was out of the truck we huddled together both to shield our faces from the wind and so we could hear one another. “I think staying in the truck is out of the question” Matt shouted over the wind.

I nodded in agreement, even Sarah agreed we needed better shelter. There was no way to fit five of us in the Jeep with it sitting on its nose, even if we could fit we wouldn’t be able to start it so we would freeze. I could feel the could biting into my ear lobes painfully. “Lets get what we can from the vehicles and then head for the mine” I said decidedly.

No one argued, Matt made his way to his Jeep with Sarah following close behind. Mark volunteered to climbed into the truck, he immerged with our cooler of food. Movement down the road caught my eye, peering intently through the blinding snow I thought I could make out a figure standing there.

Was it Matt? I thought, no he should be in the other direction. Unless I got turned around, glancing at the truck I confirmed that the figure was definitely to our rear, the opposite direction Matt had gone in. I took a step closer squinting in an attempt to see more clearly. The figure side stepped towards the edge of the road, still just a faint outline against the blinding whiteness. “Hey Scott” yelled Mark causing me to jump, I looked over to him and he tossed me a flashlight.

Catching it I quickly looked back down the road, there was nothing there. I felt an icy chill slide down my back. Instinctively my right hand dropped to the comforting bulge on my hip, after my previous experiences in the Utah wilds I never left home without my .44 revolver. Laura placed a hand on my shoulder “what are you looking at?” she asked.

I shook my head “nothing” smiling at her I asked “are you ready for an adventure?” she laughed “I’d better be, looks like we don’t have a choice”. Matt returned with a back pack and the tow strap “everyone keep a tight hold of this while we go, we’ll also do check ins to make sure no one gets left behind”.

With Mark leading the way we began our scramble up the embankment. The snow and ice slowing us greatly. On the bright side now that we had more trees surrounding us the wind wasn’t as bad. One foot after another I drug my boots through the heavy snow, Laura and Sarah were behind me with Matt taking up the rear. After what felt like hours we hit a shear rock face, Mark followed it for a short while before whooping in triumph. “Down here!” he yelled.

Sure enough, the rock face split revealing a canyon forty yards wide and longer than we could see. Built into the side of the cliff was a Scandinavian style two room log cabin with a large covered front porch. Enjoying the shelter of the porch Matt and I began inspecting the front door, first Matt knocked on it. The thick spider webs covering the entrance showed it was likely empty but it still felt wrong to just barge in.

We tried pushing the door then pulling but it wouldn't budge. It was Laura that notice the cord first, it hung down six inches above the door. “Maybe that does something?” she suggested. Matt reached up and pulled it down a foot. He then released it and there was a loud thump on the other side of the door. I pushed but the door still didn’t move. Matt pulled the string again and this time I pushed the door while he held it. It moved inwards slightly, pushing harder it began to swing.

It was hung with leather hinges that had grown stiff with age. With Mark’s help I opened the door fully. We all rushed in to escape the cold. Matt closed the door behind us, a large board fell into place automatically locking the door as soon as it was fully closed. With the door shut it was too dark to see, we pulled out our phones and used the lights to search the interior.

It was dusty but uncluttered, in the center of the room was a large wood burning cooking stove. There was a couch against the far wall along with a rocking chair. The main room was a kitchen and living room all in one with a back room carved into the rock just large enough for a single cot and a small safe. I went through the cabinets finding the expected pots and pans.

I struck the jackpot under the sink, two lamps and a gallon of kerosene. While I struggled to get them trimmed and lit Mark worked on freeing up the chimney flue and Matt was splitting wood with his camp knife. Before long were all sitting back enjoying the warmth of the wood stove and the light from one of the lamps.

Laura had divided the food up into two days worth of meals. With the snow outside water wouldn’t be an issue and the wood box was stocked with a week’s worth of firewood. “How long do think it’ll take someone to find us?” asked Sarah.

Matt answered “no one will notice I’m gone until I don’t show up at the shop on Monday”. “Mom will figure somethings wrong when she sees I haven’t fed the animals in the morning” Mark said. “So one night for sure before anyone starts looking” I said. “be a couple days after that before they figure out where we went, more if the storm keeps the choppers grounded” I added.

Laura pulled out a deck of cards “well then let’s keep ourselves occupied, poker anyone?” she asked. “strip poker?” Suggested Mark earning himself a kick to the shin from Matt. A few hours went by, I was entertaining myself with the Google dinosaur game while Laura and Matt battled to see who was the Texas hold’em champion.

I new noise caught my attention, the wind had died away awhile ago leaving us in near silence. The noise repeated it’s self, straining my ears I listened closely. It had sounded like a board on the front porch had creaked, similar to how it would sound if someone had stepped on it.

I jumped as Matt slammed his hand on the table “full house! Read and them and weep!” he yelled. “Not bad” said Laura, then while placing each of her cards facing up on the table she added “not as good as a straight flush, but not bad”. “No way!” yelled Matt, sure enough she had beaten each of us with ease.

With all the commotion distracting me I almost didn’t notice the lock bar on the door slowly raising, heart racing I jumped from my chair and slammed the bar back into it’s slot then pulled the cord into the cabin. Immediately there was an enraged roar from outside the door followed by two thunderous blows rocking the door on its hinges!

I drew my revolver and aimed it at the door while backing away. Heavy footsteps led across the porch followed by silence, a few minutes later a distant roar could be heard. “Ok what the hell was that?” asked Mark in a terrified voice. “And don’t anyone say a bear, bears don’t open doors and walk around on two legs” he added.

Laura glanced at me “unless it’s like the bear you and Matt dealt with on the ranch” she said. The thought of that night sent an icy shiver down my spine “I really doubt it” I told her. “Better not be” said Matt “we don’t have the fire power to bring something like that down”. “Maybe it’s the ghost of Scooter McCrea, coming back to punish us for trespassing on his claim” suggested Mark.

Sarah shook her head “first off ghosts don’t exist, and secondly Scooter was the sweetest old man ever”. “What ever it was it left and now we know to keep the door locked” I said. “Lets get some rest and sleep in shifts” I suggested, the others agreed and I took first watch.

Laura stayed to keep me company for awhile before I sent her off to get some sleep. Her and Sarah shared the cot in the back room covered with a wool blanket. Matt was dozing in the rocking chair knife in hand while Mark was gently snoring on the couch. Eye lids heavy I walked around the room. Despite the long day my brain was working overtime trying to decipher what had happened.

Could the figure I had seen down the road been responsible for the roars? The cabin itself seemed well fortified, the floor was stone and the walls over a foot thick, there was two windows but they were barely six inches tall and only a foot wide. The weakest point was by far the front door and it was anything but flimsy. Feeling the fatigue settling in I shook Matt so he could take over while I slept.

Yawning Matt stood up from the chair “anything happen?” he asked. I shook my head and sat down in the rocking chair. Matt glanced at his watch “another eight hours until the sun is up, let’s pray it stays quiet”. As soon as I settled into the chair sleep overtook me. It felt like I had just closed my eyes when I felt a sharp pain in my shin, jumping to my feet I saw Matt standing there preparing to kick me again.

Before I could angrily yell at him he held a finger to his lips in the international sign for quiet. Freezing I felt for my revolver, it was still on my hip.

Matt pointed a finger to the roof, listening intently I heard a dull thud. Some dust drifted down, two more thuds could be heard. Something very heavy was sneaking across the roof. Like the rest of the cabin the roof was over built, the builder used six inch thick logs cabled side by side then covered it in thatch. I rose to my feet and unholstered the revolver. The muffled footfalls made their way to the peak of the roof.

Waiting in the chilly darkness my focus shifted to the door, peering through the limited light it looked to be moving ever so slightly. Quickly but quietly I rushed to it, the wood groaned softly and the door bowed inwards. Something was testing it, the lock bar held true but the thought of something strong enough to flex a door that thick terrified me.

“Hey!” yelled Matt as a thunderous crash rang out from the rooftop! Sarah’s scream could be heard above the splintering wood and angry growls. Matt snatched a small hatchet from next to the wood stove and backed towards the room the girls were in “stay in here!” he commanded.

Slamming the bedroom door shut he threw a fire poker to Mark. “What hell is up there?” demanded Mark. “There’s another at the door!” I warned them, as if to emphasize my point the door was rattled by multiple blows! Roars and snarls could be heard all around the cabin. “I think there’s more than just two” Mark said quietly gripping the fire poker with white knuckles.

Dust filled the air as the cabin was rocked by impact after impact, the walls shook with each blow. The door was cracked and splinters flew of off it but it held strong. Snow fell as a hole was opened in the roof! An arm like appendage covered in fur reached through and began clawing about leaving deep gashes in the logs. I aimed my pistol and fired! The .44 caliber round striking the intruding wrist sending bloody bone fragments and fur flying!

There was an ear piercing howl followed by a tumbling sound as something heavy fell from the roof. Retreating footsteps echoed into the distance, a far off wolf like howl rose into the night sending chills down my back. The bedroom door opened and Laura stepped through it “are they gone?” she asked. I nodded “for now at least”.

Behind Laura Sarah was sitting on the cot sobbing, Matt rushed to her side and tried to comfort her. Laura looked up at the hole in the roof “any idea what we're dealing with?” she asked. “I haven't a clue” I told her. “Two legged mutated wolf man hybrids on steroids is my guess” offered Mark. Despite the situation Laura couldn't help but smile at his description. After seeing that arm I couldn’t think of a better guess.

Matt lead Sarah out of the bedroom and joined us. Laura put an arm around her shoulders and gave her a comforting squeeze. “anyone have a plan?” Matt asked. Glancing at his watch he added “we've got at least three hours until daylight, judging by the snow coming through our new roof vent I would say the storm hasn't let up”. “What ever they are they bleed and don't like getting shot, I just wish we had more ammo” I said.

“You've handled things like this before, right Matt?” Sarah asked and I noticed there was a hint of panic in her voice. Matt shook his head “not really, that was something different and we were as prepared as we could possibly be”. Mark shivered “first things first, let's build the fire up a little bit” he said.

Seeing the wisdom of his suggestion I threw a couple more logs in the stove and opened up the vents. “I'm just glad we didn't stay in the truck” said Laura “those things would have torn right through it”. As the wood stove chased away winters icy grasp I began planning for the next attack “we can't really reinforce the roof and the walls seemed to hold up fine so I think we should focus on barricading the door” I suggested.

Matt agreed and added “we can use the bedroom as a place to fall back, if the door falls there's no other way out anyways”. That made sense, the bedroom was carved into the rock face with a decently thick door separating it from the main room.

Laura turned to Matt “I would appreciate it if you didn't tell me to stay put like a dog and lock me away next time”. Matt looked annoyed, he was about to snap back but instead took a breath and apologized “sorry about that, I was acting without thinking. I just wanted to make sure both of you were safe”. Laura gave him a brief hug “I know but I'm an adult that can make that decision for myself”.

Mark was over in the kitchen slamming cupboards and drawers “could I get a light over here?” grabbing one of the kerosene lanterns I turned it up and brought it to him “what are you up to?” I asked. He pointed to a small pile of knives “looking for things that we can use to fend off the Roidwolves” he answered.

Matt grabbed a broom and snapped off the head, Mark tossed him a large chefs knife and a roll of duct tape. The brothers worked together flawlessly without saying a word to construct a half dozen makeshift weapons. Sarah screamed as a hairy arm burst through one of the windows, it swung around blindly narrowly missing her head!

Laura grabbed Sarah’s jacket and yanked her out of harms way. Matt threw a small steak knife and despite it being a kitchen knife it flew true stabbing into the back of the clawed hand. The arm withdrew and angry snarls could be heard outside.

Sarah rushed into the back room and slammed the door shut. “Quick! Barricade the door!” I yelled. Matt and Mark started to drag the ancient couch towards the door but it was too late, with a loud crash the lock bar split in half! A second crash sounded and the door flew inward revealing a creature that I couldn't have dreamed up in my worst nightmare!

It had to stoop slightly to stand in the doorway, the head was that of a wolf but with a shorter stockier snout and glowing yellow eyes. Below the head was a pair of massive shoulders rippling with muscle, it had narrow hips and backwards canine like knees but all I could focus on was the nearly three inch long claws it had on the end of its almost human like fingers.

I fired a shot without aiming and grazed it's ribs! The creature growled than fast as lightning it snatched Mark by the foot and darted out the doorway. “No!” yelled Matt before he ran after them! I tried to grab him but he got out the door before I could, I was right behind Matt when he leapt from the top step of the porch.

One of the beasts jumped from the roof and crushed Matt into the snow! The creature bent down jaws opening wide, no doubt intending to consume Matt's head in a single bite!

Without thinking I shoved the barrel of my pistol into the creatures butthole and pulled the trigger. The wolf man arched it's back releasing Matt, letting out a whimper it dropped to all fours and hobbled into the woods. I pulled Matt to his feet just in time to see Mark sprinting towards us from the woods “fucking shoot it!” he screamed as he dived past us.

In hot pursuit was the wolf man that had drug him from the house! I fired once, twice, three times! The first two shots hit it in the torso leaving bloody wounds but the third went high and caught the creature in the left eye.

The beast dropped to it’s knees sliding in the snow, it then batted at it’s head with a clawed hand. A voice behind me yelled out “Scott duck!” I hit the ground and Laura threw one of the lanterns over my head, it struck a wolf man that had been stalking me from the side!

The lantern shattered engulfing the creature in flames! It screamed and howled as it’s fur ignited and it flesh began to boil off! Matt and myself stumbled back into the cabin, Mark slid the couch into the door way. Matt, Laura and I piled everything we could on top of it.

Breathing hard we each clutched one of the homemade spears and pressed our backs to the barricade. Every snap of a twig caused us to tense up, but even as the sun began to rise no attack came. By noon we relaxed some, the storm had dissipated leaving behind blue skies.

Mark had lost a boot to the wolf man’s jaws but had only sustained a few scratches and bruises. Sarah eventually ventured out from the back room and joined us. As we stood around the wood stove eating the last of our food Mark perked up “do you guys hear that?” He asked. Listening closely I thought I could make out an engine!

We all scrambled to open up an exit in the barricade. Matt was first out still wielding his hatchet, soon we all joined him on the porch. We kept a cautious eye out as the engine grew closer. A snowmobile bearing the sheriff’s badge on the side approached us, when it reached the porch the rider cut the engine and pulled off his helmet.

It was the county sheriff Bruce Wells “looks like you lot have had a hell of a night” he commented. “That’s putting it lightly” I said as I stepped down to shake his hand. Bruce called the rest of the search and rescue party and told them our location.

Soon two more snowmobiles and a snowcat showed up “how did you manage to find us?” Laura asked. “OnStar” said Bruce “your truck sent out a message that it was in an accident and had engine failure, when they couldn’t get ahold of Scott they called us. We came as soon as the storm let up”.

The blizzard had wiped away all traces of the battle, the creatures must have collected their dead as there was no bodies. We decided it would be best to keep the story of what happened between ourselves. It took a few days for everyone to return to normal, both vehicles were recovered a week later and I got mine repaired.

No proposals were made, I think we all had enough excitement for awhile. Mark has brought up the idea of hunting the wolf creatures, we know at least one survived. The rest of us are against the idea and with good reason. His argument is that we would be at fault if the creatures killed someone. I honestly believe we drove them back to where ever they came from. At least I pray that is the case.

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Can’t wait for part 2!

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Also in case you didn't know this story fits between the series "The mystery of redskin butte" and "Marco Polo"

I didn’t! Thanks for letting me know! I’ll definitely go read those!

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It would appear it didn't upload properly the first time, should be fixed now 🙂

Thank you for letting me know! Now I’m really excited for part two!

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